Kodi reacts sluggish after wake up from S5 on Apollo Lake based systems

  • Myself and other users are facing this issue with Apollo Lake based systems in conjunction with LE 8.2.1. Once the system gets woken up from S5 the Kodi interface reacts sluggish. It seems that the CPU/GPU remains in some kind of low level state and therefore the interface reacts so sluggish.

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  • Please retest with a current milhouse build which has current kernel/drivers etc.

  • Hello,

    im facing the same issue with my J3455-ITX Apollo Lake board (offical 1.40 and 1.40H beta BIOS) and both of my DVBSky T982 and Hauppauge wintv-quad TV-tuners.

    I have also already tryed with milhouse LE9 alpha builds, last time yesterday with #1217 17-Dec-2017.

    The issue occurs only when all of these three conditions are met:

    a) Powersaving is activated in the TV / PVR LE-settings.

    b) At least one upcoming recording is configured.

    c) The system get manualy wake up from spuspend mode. (The issue don't occurs if the system gets wake up by a configured recording.)

    Please let me know if you need more information or some logs.

  • i also have Apollo Lake Board.Same problem.Only when Energieoptions in PVR are activated and i sleep and resume ,then the 100% CPU load comes

    But if i Disable ACPI HPET Table in Bios.All runs fine....no cpu load after resume.

    Recording timers in PVR also Works.

    I have the ASROCK J3455 Board.

    perhaps its only at this Board...or perhaps all Apollo Lake Chips...

    DISABLE ACPI HPET TABLE fixed the problem.

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