Alternate video player than the regular kodi video player

  • Hi,

    I really love Libreelec.

    However, my opinion is that it's missing a real high end video player that it would be possible to switch to VS the default kodi video player.

    It would be really great that Libreelec could enable the ones who has high end hardware configuration to be able to get the related quality image.

    Under windows, you can find pre build configuration that optimize the set up of a set of satellites softwares (renderer, filter etc) linked to Kodi, in order to get the best quality according to the harware you have.
    It's even available on some linux OS (Unbuntu).

    Why wouldn't it be possible to have something like this under Libreelec ? It is worth to ask.



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  • Much depends on the GPU drivers. Windows drivers are generally better written (over a wide range of hardware) and can be fiddled with extensively due to the potentially wider range of use cases on a general purpose OS ~ drivers are shipped with a very safe configuration so a major tweaks are needed to get decent performance for Kodi. Hence such packs/add-ons exist. Linux GPU drivers expose dramatically fewer things to fiddle with but tend to run optimised out of the box. However, that's all moot because there is a choice of Kodi VideoPlayer or Kodi VideoPlayer. If you find a better player you need to suggest it to Kodi developers as their app needs to include support before we can bundle anything. Good luck in making the suggestion :) .. do you have a crash helmet and earplugs?

  • Nothing against chewitts comment, but Kodi itself is able to add any available player you want. Of course not for any OS. So my point would be, if I'm not satisfied with the current way LE plays my stuff and if I would have something better at hand, I would use that. And if I have to use something else than LE, I could deal with it. But for (I guess) 98% of all users the internal Kodi player is fine.
    As chewitt said...I don't think any other player will be added soon ;)

    To add additional/external players, read: External players - Official Kodi Wiki

    That's not for LE, as you can't install any additional sofware (beside addons) except you compile LE yourself and add what you want.