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    Dear all,

    I changed my internet provider today.

    My libreelec device is connected to wired network and his streaming from a Synology NAS, with a shared librady.

    With the provider change, the IP adress of the NAS has changed, causing the advanced setting file not uptodate.

    I was expecting to loose my source but now, my libreelec device is completely frozen on Kodi leia welcome page.

    I don't know what to do: It bothers me to do a fresh install from scratch...

    Can anyone help?




    Dear all,

    Thanks for your feedbacks...

    Yes indeed I run Libreelec 9.2.2

    I found where the issue comes from, so I give it here in case someone else has the issue:

    You need to uncheck the option Sync Playback to display. I wouldn't have bet on this one, but it says clearly that activating this option will bypass passthrough even if it's enabled in the next below options.



    Dear all,

    I'm using Libreelec on Linux on an intel NUC HTPC since several years, and have recently migrated from an old version to the newest one.

    My HTPC is connected to a Pioneer AV amplifier (SC-LX79) which is compatible with all decoding format and I want the AV amp to decode.

    So, I activated in Libreelec the passthrough option and check all the format to indicate my AV Amp can decode it.

    Despite this, the HTPC is decoding every thing and delivers only PCM format to my AV Amp :@.

    I didn't have this issue before the upgrate.

    Can someone point me to the set up I missed :idea: or enlight me about this?

    I read somes issues with can happen but with android devices.

    Thanks very much in advance :)

    Best regards


    Hi There,

    I'm wondering about this API creation : When creating credentials , which plateform should we choose for Libreelec ?

    If anyone has ever successfully done it on Libreelec

    _ Web site

    _ Web serveur

    _ Android

    _ Ios

    _ Chrome application

    _ Other app with user interface (windows)

    _ Other app without user interface (Crone, Deamon)

    I'm not sure wich one to choose.

    Currently, I still have an API number error whereas I checked the key several times as well the two other references.

    Any help would be appreciated.




    Thanks for your answer.

    Indeed blueribb, I agree with you : harware issue is a good idea.

    I will though install the latest version and see if the issue still exists.

    Because harware can be from a fan, can also be from the SSD drive, can be memory related.

    Honnestly I have no clue to identify which piece of harware is the origin of the issue.

    Thanks for orientation both of you



    Hi ,

    Thanks for your interest.

    The computer is a intel NUC.

    Network is wired with very good connection.

    I stream my content which are through a Synology NAS.

    I kept it on the welcome page, just for testing, and it keeps restarting even though there is no activity.

    The exact duration between each retart is 14 minutes.

    You are right this version is very old, and I kept this one, just because so far, well, I had no issue. Just as simple as that.

    I've been using it for year and never faced this kind of issue, and I'm wondering why now all of the suden...

    Any ideas?

    If more information are required, don't hesitate to ask.



    Hi All,

    I have an issue since today with my Libreelec 7.0.3 (Kodi 16.1).

    It keeps restarting while watching a content every around 10 Minutes.

    I have no error message.

    It display my content for around 10 minutes then black screen with juste mouse arrow, then welcome page.

    I can't figure out why ... and it's very annoying !

    If someone has an idea, I'll take it.

    Thanks all.



    Hi ,

    I'm getting back to this issue, I got no positive resolution with.

    I noticed that there has been an update on the intel HD graphic 4000 that was released a few months ago, and wanted to apply it to my system.

    The issue being that I have Libreelec as the only system on this computer.

    How can update my graphic card ?

    I don't want to, you know, unistall it, install a windows, and then get back to Libreelec just for that, I don't even have a windows license to do it, so ...

    I tried to update it via the bios, but no solution on this side.

    Is it possible via libreelec (an addon maybe ...)?

    Thanks for your advice.


    Humm looks like I'm a very lucky guy.

    It appears that the best combo to have this issue would be intel graphic cards + Pioneer AV amp, which is exactly what I got.
    I changed my AV amp a while ago from Denon (with which I never had any issue like this one) to Pioneer, and as I also switched from OE to LE at the same period...

    It appears that a bios update on the NUC can fix it , so I will update mine with the latest version, keep you posted.

    I also noticed that video conversion was turned on for the LCD TV output, and turned off pour the projector.
    I turned every thing off for the moment, and will advice later whether it's relevant or not to turn it on.


    Hi Irusak,

    Just updated my LE system with the beta build, and the issue is still there, meaning :

    _ When running LE on my 1080p videoprojector (through AV receiver) then turn everything off, then run LE (still through my AV receiver) on my 1080 LCD TV, then LE automatically swhich the resolution from 1080p 24p, to 480p 59.95 p.

    _ When displaying LE on my 1080p videoprojector, randomly, the image doesn't take the whole screen.

    Attached a log file.


    Hi threre,

    Since I'm using Libreelec (seveal months now), I'm facing an issue that I don't face with any other source that I can't fix despite multiple attempts with set up adjustments.

    I have several sources connected to an AV amplifier (Pioneer SX-LX79), from which image is displayed on two different screen (via two synchronized HMDI out), one 1080p TV and one 1080p projector.

    The first issue I have is that when I use Libreelec on my videoprojector, and then the next time on my TV, then Libreelec automatically swithes to 640*480 resolution / 60 Fps (instead of 24).

    The second issue is that when I use Libreelec with my projector, each time I launch a video, the video doesn't with the whole screen. I have to change source on my AV amp and then go back to Libreelec and then the image fit the screen.
    So for instance, if you sequence several video (several TV show episode in a row, or a pre show sequence before a movie), then each time the system change to another video, then the video is back becoming not wide screen.
    I've been trying to restart Libreelec (while staying on the projector), and noticed that Libreelec then switch by itself to 30 pfps, which is not correct and I have to manually change it.

    I thought at first it might come from the amp and I've been investigating this lead and I didn't find something conclusive, then I thought but first I don't have this issue with 3 the other source I use, and I swichted all video processing off on my AV amp, so it is now passthrough from a video point of view , and the issue is still there.

    Is this a bug , or a set up that I am missing, or whatever your thought are, I would like to read it.

    Thanks for your support.

    Warmest regards



    I really love Libreelec.

    However, my opinion is that it's missing a real high end video player that it would be possible to switch to VS the default kodi video player.

    It would be really great that Libreelec could enable the ones who has high end hardware configuration to be able to get the related quality image.

    Under windows, you can find pre build configuration that optimize the set up of a set of satellites softwares (renderer, filter etc) linked to Kodi, in order to get the best quality according to the harware you have.
    It's even available on some linux OS (Unbuntu).

    Why wouldn't it be possible to have something like this under Libreelec ? It is worth to ask.




    Yes, I 've been asking in several forum and that's the conclusion I came to, you're right.
    The only issue I have is that if I already have movie sets based on the vanilla movie set feature, then it doesn't work.

    For instance, Aliens saga has multiple versions of the 4 first movies, but Aliens is already a movie set.

    However, I can handle by having duplicate entries in the saga and rename it after scrapping in order to get each versions an appropriate more precise name.

    Hi there,

    Appararently, the feature is scheduled to be developped and it's in progress.

    However, the videoextra addon seems to manage it quite well ...

    A good lead to follow.


    Hi there,

    I would be interested in a feature that would allow to manage several version of a same movie by having only one librairy entries and then when selecting the movie and hit play, having a dialog box which gives the choice of which version to play.

    Let's say for instance I have a cinema version and director's cut version of a same movie, then having only one librairy entry, and then when hit play select which one I want to see.
    It can be 2D/3D, 1080p / 720p, FR language, EN language (sometimes you can't find multi language file for a movie) etc ...

    I read some post dated one year ago stating that the feature was on dev and will be available in a near future.
    However, since then, no news ...

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.