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    Other than say the Netflix addon, what else depends on the Chrome Browser extension?

    I'd like to start using PseudoTV Live! again and debating whether it's worth upgrading to 11 beta 2 in order to run the latest code but I'm currently racking my brains trying to think if anything I use needs Chrome support or not. I can't think of anything off hand but that doesn't mean that I might be using something that requires it as a dependency.

    Is there a list of addons that require the Chrome browser to function somewhere?

    While I have been impressed with the work Luntaixz has done with PseudoTV Live! on Kodi 19 I wanted to compare it to the memory I had of running the older, non-streaming version of PseudoTV, particularly the somewhat still updated branch by Fnord12. This would require me to downgrade. No problem, I simply changed the update channel and once it was flashed over, did a clean wipe and installed my skins, addons, and so on. When I had finished everything seemed working fine except for the trakt addon. I tried hunting down an earlier version of LibreELEC (v9.2.0) and installing that but then all addons fail to update and install.

    Could someone please advise me on how to make this downgrade work? I am on the generic x64 branch of hardware.

    Thanks very much for your assistance.


    So I've had time to play around with this a bit. Had some issues I wanted to make you aware of....

    • Pegasus-FE when you scrape your games seems to be just fine at getting the artwork in the default theme. Once you add other themes they have issues displaying the same artwork that the default theme has. One theme showed the logos only another couple only showed the name in text over a blank box.

    This can be seen here:

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    • USB external drives do not seem to be mounted at all. The USB gamepads I have, a Steam Controller and two Logitech F10s do not seem to be detected properly. The Logitechs show up but their mapping is not consistent and I have had issues mapping it. The Steam Controller does not get detected at all. Not even in Steam.

    Not sure what to do going forward here. Without the external drives mounting I cannot use this for Kodi which I am just now getting around to. Without the gamepads it doesn't matter if I get the games to show up in different Pegasus themes.

    I may try to do a fresh install and see if that fixes anything. Ditto for trying with a newer version of Ubuntu, just to see if it fixes anything.

    EDIT: For no known reason the USB drive started automounting. Odd that. Not going to poke at it too hard though. Looking into Skraper to see if that can fix the Pegasus theme issue and continuing to test out the steam controller.

    Glad you finally got it working! You shouldn't be able to exit Pegasus-FE with the script provided, everything should be reachable from within that frontend. Did you need to tweak anything or did the script work as intended?

    Nah, the script ran as intended as far as I can see--I tried exiting and it immediately reloaded Pegasus-Fe. So I hit CTRL+ALT+F2 to get a tty terminal and logged in and attempted to run the commands.

    You should be able to launch Steam by running "steam" from terminal or the included bash script in "Ports" inside Pegasus-FE. I had to install lr-prboom package from within RetroPie-Setup to enable Ports section (I'm sure there's another way, just haven't bothered with it though) but after that it works flawlessly.

    I'll give this a shot and see if it works for me. Any ideas what's up with the port of Minecraft in the retropie setup? It says that my hardware isn't compatible with the port. (Perhaps it's expecting the rpi arm processor and there isn't anything available for x86\x64?

    My Xbox controllers work out of the box within Steam, but I think I needed to set up the controllers button configuration within Kodi manually.

    Once I get in I'll see what I can find. For the record I have a Steam Controller and two Logitech F710 gamepads.

    Really want to thank you for hanging in there with me this whole way. I'm thrilled at the progress we've made so far.

    Succeeded in getting everything installed, Pegasus-Fe opens and even lets me exit. Unfortunately not sure how to access Steam from the command line. Attempting in a separate tty rendered an error. Launching Kodi worked but the wireless keyboard I use immediately died. Growing pains.

    I'll attempt to see if using a remote will allow me to navigate Kodi and if there is some sort of configuration that can help me launch steam from Pegasus-fe. Otherwise all I really need to do is get the Steam games installed and then Pegasus can take it from there. At least theoretically, it can. Will spend some time copying over bios files and roms too to see if I can get my emulation on. And then there's testing the gamepads... Lots to do still! :)

    Got the error message again and took a picture of it before continuing:


    After continuing the script says 'All done!' so I'm going to restart and see what happens.

    Another note that just occurred to me is that I did not get asked about my display manager. Hmmm...

    EDIT: After reboot it took me right into Pegasus!

    Update: Unfortunately since I am not in the sudoers file it really doesn't matter since I am unable to configure anything:


    Yeah...that's where I goofed! I was supposed to install Pegasus-FE in Retropie installer after installing basic installation. Unfortunately I am no longer in the sudoers file so I will need to start from scratch. :(

    Will report back in about two hours. If it doesn't work then, I'll pull the 18.04 LTS minimal installer out and take another whack at it.

    OK with 20.04 LTS I manually installed Pegasus-FE this time and continued with the install. Everything seemed to be progressing as expected but I noticed a message about an error with line #107 being incorrect somehow but the script continued on to the end. When I got the finished message I rebooted and waited while nothing seemed to happen. Then I went to the tty on F1, logged in with my user account and still nothing.

    I tried typing "pegasus-fe" into the terminal to see if I could start it manually but only got this error:

    /opt/retropie/supplemineentary/pegasus-fe/pegasus-fe: error while loading shared libraries cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

    Thoughts? Advice?

    Going to give it a shot using the 18.04.5 LT installation I just built, will report back whatever happens.

    Most likely will, but of course I hope so too :)

    Yes, that's the one I use. I install Ubuntu 18.04 minimal so I don't have any other display manager. Did you install a different one?

    Yes, I'm using the minimal from 20.04 but I was getting these same errors and dialog in both versions. Have an update on the progress...

    There is an error around line 32/33. It dumps the user in nano but doesn't actually do anything. I navigated to the top and hit CTRL+K to remove the first line. Not sure if I was at the end of the file because I navigated there previously under the expectation it would be the last line (that's how I add it myself when doing those steps for my Ubuntu installs) but for someone not familiar with things this would be puzzling. After I removed the line, saved the file and exited nano the script resumed as expected. So far, so good...

    ...and it's done. I guess I do a sudo reboot and see what happens! :D

    EDIT: Restarting got me a nice Plymouth screen for a bit and then dumped me at terminal with the message that my drive was clean. Switching to terminal one gave me login, so I went ahead and entered my credentials....and still nothing. Starting to suspect something broke but I don't know what. I'm sitting at terminal with my account logged in. Was something supposed to start Pegasus-FE? Should I type 'startx' or something else?

    As far as I know, no. But paste it in a pastebin entry or similar where the lines will be seen so it'll be easier to know where it fails, if it does.

    So far things are going pretty well as far as I can see. I'm at the point where it is compiling retropie. Working its way through Mupen64plus at the moment. Hoping this time we get the end and everything works.

    Quick question: I've been assuming that the display manager you prefer is lightdm so when I get a message asking me to choose between lightdm and GDM3, I've been selecting for lightdm every time. Was this a correct assumption to be making?

    It took awhile but here it is, partially rewritten and tested on a VM just now and boots into Pegasus-FE afterwards (I installed it through the RetroPie-Setup script (from experimental packages). I also added the lirc stuff and the graphics drivers part, haven't tested that though so might not auto-install.


    If you (or anyone else) have any suggestions, feel free to comment :)

    Looks good, I'll be giving it a try in a few minutes. One quick question before I do, is there any way to send the output of the actions or a log to someplace online so you can get them?

    OK, it still died at the same place. I'm going to remove that section with Pegasus-FE as directed. I can always install it manually if needed.

    Would like to note two things. One that there is something in line #17 that seems to be pulling in the Gnome Desktop for some reason. Also that something involved in the process here results in a boot to LightDM if the desktop is restarted and what seems to me a very minimal Gnome Desktop but when I attempt to connect to the wifi I am unable to see anything listed. Not sure where it is breaking here or what it is that is breaking.

    Going to reinstall the base command line system, copy over your revised script and try again....

    Hey before I go ahead and retry, is there a reason that the automount USB and the autologin sections are completely commented out?

    Next attempt started...wish me luck.

    Sorry for being absent. I've updated the post you refer to (RE: RetroELEC Kodi+Wayland+Emulationstation+RetroArch (x86/XU4/RPi)) and removed the pegasus-frontend package as it seems to be removed.
    Please try to run it again and check back if you succeed or run into any other issues.

    Great to see you back again!

    Did you glance over at the Ubuntu-Mate thread I posted? I was trying to get things working with the assistance of a friend on Discord and one very kind and dedicated poster on the Ubuntu-Mate forums. We had to make a few changes (in addition to the issue with Pegasus) to fix things as we went along. The most recent version of that is this:

    Admittedly that still contains the Pegasus section but there was stuff before that which needed to be fixed, such as ~/.xsession file not existing and causing issues. Would appreciate you taking a look at the above and advising accordingly. I'm prepared to do another install (dear God why me?) just because I really do want this to work.

    Could I suggest that you add a section for this fix to make things 'just work' like they would under LibreELEC? The current versions of Ubuntu will have issues for most people's remotes otherwise. It's a small papercut but still matters. Possibly a good idea to enable oibaf's ppa for updated graphics as well, which requires enabling the PPA functionality via this first. Also it might be desirable to add a tweaked kernel such as Liquorix for better performance? Just asking because the way the script seems to read for me indicates there will not be a way to upgrade the system afterwards because the user accounts will be gone. Am I reading that right?

    Also since the script seems to be pulling in a lot of stuff from Gnome and the intention seems to be to use OpenBox, I was wondering if it might make sense to start with something like Ubuntu-Mate, minimal install and then install what is needed in the script then once everything is there run a bunch of removals to keep the system as minimal as possible. Forgive me for the avalanche of comments, I've been thinking about this almost nonstop for two weeks now, and I'm bursting with ideas and comments.

    Off to reinstall the minimal command line system for the script so I can try again...thanks for the reply.

    EDIT: Script is running now. Yes, yes it does take me this long just to install the base system and get the script over there ready to use.