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    Fat Tony,

    I'll admit, I don't have anything that needs that much bandwidth. If you really are at the limit, wouldn't a USB ethernet dongle get you the test of the way there? USB 2.0 max speed is 480 mbs.

    Before I started mounting the nas at the os, this didn't help any, but I have a feeling it would if you did both.

    Fat Tony,

    That is the only issue with the s905x. Should have charged 50 instead of 40. For the clip that you just couldn't get enough bandwidth for, I have something to try. Have you tried mounting the NAS so the OS handles the network stuff, instead of Kodi. I had a lot of troubles with my box and larger files. But it was always almost enough, so I would keep struggling with it. Haven't had a single stutter since and I play some huge files. I wish I had done it months ago when it was suggested.

    R4w has been suggesting this and I wish I'd listened sooner. It's a mount command like here:

    Mounting network shares - OpenELEC

    If you have tried this and it's too basic for you, apologies.
    8.0.1j seems to have everything perfect with my box as well. Smooth as butter playback in all rates, audio files, and dts-hd trueHD. I have to keep testing but you've really made this box a winner kszaq, Thank You!


    Thanks again for reminding us to do this. I really learned the hard way on this one. It would sometimes work but always give me problems when I reflashed the new ROM. This always works perfectly without messing with it for hours. I'd suggest anyone else with mysterious buffering issues, don't be stupid like me, do like r4w says first.

    I have two identical boxes. I've been keeping one stock and one to play with. But I think I'd like to play with both. How would I make a back up of the stock rom and/or recovery so I could go back if I needed to? I'm thinking it would be a good idea.

    First, thank you to Kazaq for the rom and mmpp for all your help. I'm going to do my best to give you any info I can to help you help me and help the project.

    My s905x boxes say ABOX on the top and I got them from Amazon. Made or sold by GooBang Doo. It is the v1 of this line. They came with banned addons so I won't link to it. How should I write the signature for this device? Any other info I should include?

    ABOX (s905x) 8gb/1gb 100mbs

    I'll try again to make sure I'm using the right device tree from you. Is there any way to verify which one is being used while it's running? I'll probably go back to 0.d later tonight on the internal memory. Would a Log from 1.b help before I do?

    Whitesak, all of my bluray rips are h264 as I see you're having trouble with. Mostly the ones giving me problems are my rips. H264 movies that I downloaded from the Internet seem to be playing so I'm not sure what's the issue. I can't think of anything out of the ordinary with my rips, all made with dvdFab. They play on any of the other dozen computers I have and I've been watching them for years. I'll cut a small sample file tonight to help narrow it down.

    Finally tried 1.a and 1.b today and neither work for me. In fact, none have worked for me since either 0.c or 0.d. None of my bluray rips will play. It's acting like the network isn't fast enough. But the network is fast enough x100. The movie will constantly buffer and no matter the advancedsettings I try, It seems like it's not even being used. Constantly buffering and showing the 0-100 buffering counter. These movies are only 5-9 gb and it shouldn't have any trouble playing them. A raspberry Pi can play these while it's doing updates.

    I would just go back to the earlier version that worked but the audio has a loud static at the beginning of each track that I've never been able to get rid of. Totally unusable for an audiophile.

    Thanks for replying. All my network is 1gigE and it all works great. Whole house is wired. NAS holds all of my content. It has a gig connection. Have many other types of htpc around the house and all can play bluray rips and 4k fine. It's not the network or nas.

    When it's working, even the stock 100mbs port will play any bluray rip or 4k movie I have. They are just h264 bluray rips I've been making the same way forever. And every single one does the exact same thing. Don't have a sample file, could try and make one later.

    My box is a 8/1 s905x. It says abox on the top. I've tried USB 1gbE adapters with the same results. Not the cable, other devices play same files fine through the same cord.

    As far as a fresh install goes, maybe that's were I am messing up? I've just been flashing a card, rename and move the dtb file, boot to it and then ssh and run installtointernal. Is there a better way to do this?

    I haven't been able to use any update since e. Every version of 8 I've used has had stuttering/buffering issues. I've been able to make e work with a change to buffer stuff in advancedsettings (I think that's what is fixing it). But everyone since has not been fixed by this. I've tried and then gone back each time since e.

    Any of my bluray rips or 4k movies have this issue. Slightly smaller 1080 movies or anything smaller have no problems, but every time I reinstall nothing larger will play with out buffering/ stuttering. Only by going back to e seems to fix it. Once I do, bluray rips and 4k play perfectly.

    Anyone else? Any tips?

    I have had the same issues with buffering with version C and E and it was suggested to me to turn off wifi when using Ethernet and so far it is working. Can someone please suggest what they have for advancedsettings.xml to help alleviate potential buffering issues...




    Is what I've been using. I'm not completly sure that's what fixed it. It's hard to say when you do too many things at once. And I know I happened to disable the wifi randomly just trying things. I'll give it a try again and see if I can narrow it down to that.

    I tried ver. E finally and I'm having buffering problems with larger files from my NAS. I had the same issue with D, but messing with advancedsettings.xml was able to correct this. So far I haven't been able to make them play smoothly with E. Any Ideas? Just noticed my box doesn't have bluetooth either.

    I also have 4k stuff that did the same thing. I just noticed that the full BR rips all did it too. That's where I started focusing. 4k also plays for me now. Booth were having the same problem. Looks like I have a new update to try now.

    I've tried several different USB lan adapters, I still had the exact same buffering problems. But really the network should be able to do many movies like this at once. And my audio would have a loud pop every time it would lag for a second and then catch up. Sometimes popping on and off almost constantly. Not a single Bluray rip would play with out buffering. Sometimes I would get a few minutes but eventually it would start buffering. But now, If I pause for a few seconds in the beginning, It will play through all the way flawlessly.

    I think its the cache settings that finally fixed it for me but I did try two other commands at the same time I can't rule out. I got them from the LE 8 thread. I also gave these 2 commands through ssh. Maybe try them too.

    echo 5 > /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq

    fw_setenv hdmimode 1080p24hz; fw_setenv outputmode 1080p24hz

    After the second one, I was then able to manually change the refresh rate and resolution in the settings.

    I will try your method when I get home. It's still a little temperamental. I always have to pause it a ltitle to buffer before it plays OK. Also, I'm just using ftp, I'll try the other 2 later to. But this seems to have fixed it for me. Still tinkering.