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    No, mine is 3GB ram and 32GB storage. It's one of the reasons I chose it over buying a second s905 that it can deal with 3GB ram.

    Oh! and I'm using 8.1.6

    Would you be able to try updating your system to latest 8.1.7 to see if you get same problems.

    Make a backup img of your system beforehand.


    Hi Daniel

    You have same problems as me on my h96 pro box. Since updating to 8.1.7 the changes aren't saved and storage is stuck in read only mode can't transfer any files.

    My box has 2g ram 16gb storage and 1gb Ethernet? Is yours similar.

    I Didn't have these problems on 8.1.6.

    Bonzo is your h96 pro box same as my specs above?

    Since upgrading from 8.1.6 to 8.1.7 my system was stuck in read only.

    So decided to reinstall from scratch. Downloaded lastest img.

    On boot I cant get past the last welcome screen on 8.1.7.

    I keep pressing next then once i press next on the ssh samba screen its sticks everytime. Although i can still bring up the shutdown context menu pressing s. Can't close the Welcome screen.

    Plus i cant toggle the ssh service it automatically deactives.

    Is there anyway getting debug logs if ssh isnt enabled.

    Tried 2 sd cards same on both.

    8.1.6 was working fine. Im using a H96 Pro 2g/16g 1g ethernet.

    Any help kszaq



    Hats off for your efforts, man! Currently using skin Aeon MQ5 Krypton mod and i can see a really smooth transition between screens. A small donation on its way... The Chinese sellers should be paying you monthly for fixing their crappy platforms performance.

    Thanks again!

    Hi vertycall

    I'm using aeon mq 7 skin but find scrolling through library very juddery and not smooth.

    This seems to be because the fps is very low between 15-25 fps.

    What fps are you getting using the mq5 skin. Press (ctrl + shift + D) while in movie library this will bring up the debug screen check the fps while browsing the library.

    I believe this is a kodi issue as have same fps with esturary skin.

    Thanks for any info

    My GUI settings is 2160p 60Hz.
    It stays at 60 Hz even it goes to idle (dimmed screen) or browsing or do anything in the GUI.

    I'm using the default skin.

    Thanks Pelican

    When you bring up the debug screen (ctrl + shift + D) while in the GUI does the fps drop or keep at 60?

    Sorry for all the questions just trying to narrow down why mine is dropping.

    Out of curiosity what android box you using although I suspect all S912 have same specs if I'm not mistaken.

    Thanks again for your time.

    I haven't noticed any fps drops except when start to watch a movie and it changes to 24 fps.

    Thanks for reply pelican

    What number fps do you have while in movie library?

    Do you see it dropping if you leave idle for awhile while browsing library.

    What skin you using?


    Does anyone know how to keep the GUI at a constant fps. When moving through the GUI the fps is fine with 40-50fps.

    But when I leave the gui idle for a few seconds the fps drops to around 10-15. This makes any animating artwork very juddery.

    I think this is a krypton issue as I also experience it on my osmc installation on rpi.

    In Jarvis the gui was very smooth.

    Thanks bubblegum

    That's sounds good. I have a bit of experience modding skins so hopefully ill be able to add this using the aeon mq 7 skin.


    You have to remove the SD card or select from LibreELEC Kodi's Power Menu - "Reboot from Internal" to boot to internal Android.

    However - if you use any other LibreELEC Kodi Krypton Skin other than the default one Krypton comes with you will have to physically eject the SD card every time to boot to Android.

    Thanks for reply

    So reboot from internal would suit fine.

    That's a pity it only works from default skin what's the reason for this?

    Is it possible to mod a skin to add the "reboot from internal" function.


    Thanks for making this. One question before I install is

    Can I make it boot to android by default then if I want to use libreelec from SD card I can run the reboot to libreelec app.

    Or does it boot to libreelec by default if the SD card is inserted?

    I would prefer not having to remove the SD card everytime I want to use android.

    Thanks for any Info

    Hi Zomboided

    Thanks for this addon. Just wondering is there a way for this addon to stay connected outside of kodi?

    I'm using osmc on rpi3 which has a x11 desktop feature where kodi closes and opens a lxde desktop?

    I'm assuming your addon only works inside kodi as my ip reverts to isp when on desktop.

    Also about the wiki vpn risks, i tried ssh to my kodi box after it connected and it brought me to login console, although the osmc username and password didn't work, it seems PIA use same ip address for everyone connected to same server so when i ssh a particular address i may not be connecting to my kodi box? Although i've read that the ssh port is open for the vpn admins for management, so i may have been connecting to the server console login.

    Does this addon have port forwarding on by default, I assume the device will be reasonably safe on vpn if no port forwarding?

    I'll change default password for extra security.

    Do you use PIA yourself?

    Thanks for any info :shy: