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    About 1400 years ago a bloke said "we have two lives, and the 2nd begins when we realize we only have one"

    They should wake up and stop wasting their own time

    Latest posts etc on this forum are written in Chinese??

    It seems to be spreading to new posts on this forum only... it's nowhere else, not on any other forums etc

    This forum seems to be compromised big time???

    Scanning new video with The TVDB crashes to a black screen with a tiny curser like spot in the middle of the screen

    this lasts for a few seconds, the screen then returns to home

    I changed scraper in TV Info/content to TMDB TV show Scraper and all's okay

    Changed my O/S from USB to SSD

    When I did LibreELEC USB/SD Creator is still a hit & miss situation with the 93% error

    It's funny that it worked 1st time on LE 8.2.5 but when I changed to LE 9.0.2 93% error showed up

    Rufus seems to be far more reliable

    Summary on the synchonization software

    Resilio Sync and Syncthing were not very easy to use and were here and there a bit complex in setting up sync's

    But they both had different situations where they just didn't work at all

    After googling around at free and paid synchonization software I tried out EverySync from easeus

    If they were smart they should rename it EasySync, because it is almost too easy to use

    Syncing folders on the Topfield, LibreELEC, network drives, etc was just plain easy and very quick to set up

    I try to use open source software where I can, but ended up paying $16.59 (AU) for it

    I try to use open source software where I can, and I don't have any affiliation with easus (this is the first thing I've ever bought of them)

    This thread is resolved


    Thanks for the suggestion

    qnapclub had their versions of syncthing mixed up

    I got it working on my server off a version meant for a different model

    Qnap no longer have syncthing ..

    found 3rd party version (QPKG) from qnapclub but it stops at 45%

    Installed okay on Synology

    I'll try docker image

    As suggested .. I'll leave the GTX 1050 in my LE / HTPC, at least until LibreELEC 10.0 has been out and about for a while

    the HD 7770 / Q8400, etc is all going into a DIY box with LibreELEC 8.2.5 as a give away

    a GTX 1660Ti is now in my new desktop rig

    Operating system: LibreELEC (official): 8.2.5 (kernel: Linux 4.11.12)

    GPU: Gallium 0.4 on AMD CAPE VERDE (DRM 2.49.0 / 4.11.12, LLVM 3.9.0)

    Screen resolution: [email protected] - Full screen

    Screen resolution: [email protected] - Full screen

    OpenGL vendor: X.Org

    OpenGL version: 3.0 Mesa 17.1.3

    GPU temperature: 40°C

    LibreELEC on the 4K TV was slow to load up on boot & also slow to shut down

    One & only oddity was when using the remote control the gui swish sound would echo if pressed in quick succession

    harrym your link did not work

    this one does

    Used 3 video samples 1x4K H265 & 2x1080p H265 tested each one for 15 minutes

    all played okay, the 4K H265 @30Hz had a barely detectable slight judder on some fast moving scenes, and audio was also lower ..

    .. when set via LE to 1080p it played A/R perfectly as did the others

    libreELEC's information on all 3 samples was H265

    NAS used does not do any video transcoding

    4K TV showed [email protected] & [email protected] respectively

    HD 7770 handles nothing about HEVC

    Checked out VLC media info whilst playing video

    Codec: MPEG-H Part2/HEVC (H.265) (hevc)

    MB: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3LR

    CPU: [email protected] / 4gb ram

    HD 7770 Cape Verde XT

    Display: 1440x900 60Hz

    OS: Trinity Desk Enviroment, a Unix like System based on Linux

    Maybe VLC knows it's origins but HD 7770 plays without knowing?

    It does play perfectly with VLC Media Player

    but GTX1050 is nVidia so it will not be supported in LE10

    That's why I was going to use the GTX 1050 in a new (non-HTPC) desktop PC

    but I just don't know whether I need a low, mid or high falluting AMD card for LE10.

    The lower end NVIDIA, the GTX 1050, handles all my current needs (4K, upscale, x265 hevc, etc)

    so will it's equal from AMD, the RX 560, have the same capabilities but with also the support for LE10?

    I just don't know much about AMD cards.

    The old HD 7770 handles x265 hevc on a 1440x900p monitor(DVI), but I've heard that it needs a DP to HDMI 2.0 adapter to play 4K, and I don't think it will upscale or handle a large 4K OLED screen.