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    Hi all,

    updated to Adamg's 8.90.4 on a Mecool K1 pro and, as expected, remote does not work. Anybody can point me to the right remote file in /usr/lib/udev/rc_keymaps as I understand that a number of them can work "out of the box" with the properly modified rc_maps.cfg? Tried the mecool but running ir-keytable -a /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg -s rc0 reports no device found. And only the on switch works. Navigation is unresponsive. Any help would be much appreciated as I am rather busy at the moment and have no time for tinkering... TIA

    You need to replace SYSTEM on your sdcard with the file from the tar download, looks like it is corrupt.

    That didn't work. Same error messages. I ended up copying the tar file to the update folder using my linux pc. Then the box updated as expected and is now up and running again. Some glitch i guess... easy to fix it seems.

    Thanks for your help and all your fantastic work. Glad you're still onboard with the community team in your developer capacity. ;):)


    been using that build for a few days now on a 905D box (KI pro). Works well but funny thing is if auto update is on, it keeps downloading update for 912 box. Any ideas what is wrong?


    I have a small issue with the auto-update process. I have a 905X box, but the 912 upgrade package is downloading to .update and of course failing during the upgrade process. Is there any easy fix to this? Apologies for the newb question.

    Still no idea ? Nothing important, just a little feedback .... Fantastic job on those builds all the same :)

    Happy new year to all.

    Thx for taking the time to try and help me. Will investigate.

    Hi all

    wonder if someone has the remote.conf for my Beelink Mini MX v. 1.0, 2Gb/16Gb/Gibabit lan...

    Been spending quite some time trawling the forum and the web but to no avail.

    I'm using [8.1.10] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X but the remote doesn't work. Can't turn the box on or off. Using bluetooth keyboard for the moment . Everthing else works a treat.


    I confirm. AlexElec boots and installs fine on this boxalexelec-arm-2-3-0-amlogic-s805-s812-905-905x-905d

    Wired network works fine. Wireless I dunno cos I have not tried and I'm not interested. Media play fine. Too bad it's in Russian and it's a bit of a pain to set Kodi in English but hell, it's manageable.

    Quoting from :


    If we're running a Windows server (or Linux server with SAMBA) with a share called tvseries, an IP address of and we're going to mount it at /storage/tvseries we'll have a that looks like:

    (sleep 30;
    mount -t cifs -o username=user,rw // /storage/tvseries;

    Hope that helps

    HDMI connected devices should be able to detect supported display modes even when the display is powered off. Display devices run some internals on standby power, and the chip that advertises compatible display modes is one of them. Short answer: Even if you boot the box entirely with the TV off, it will be able to read supported display modes.

    If you turn your TV on first, give it ~15 seconds, then turn your box on, what happens?

    Thanks all for trying to help. Changed hdmi cable AND port and all is well now. When box is switched on, retains the 2160p60 setting. Apart from that everything that I played seems to work fine on 8.0.1i.

    What are the "right" and "wrong" resolutions? I set my boxes to fixed 1080p60, and that is all I need. Refresh rates get switched depending on the media I play, SD and 720p videos get upscaled. Kodi will switch to 4k resolution when playing 4k media on a 4k tv.

    Thanks for your input but I realize I was not clear enough. I set kodi system => display settings to 2160p60 when the TV is on but when I turn off the box and back on again it is set to 1080p60i. I was just wondering if the display could be set to 4K when switching the box on.

    Hi all,
    First hats off to Kszaq for his amazing work and thanks to the community for their help.
    Now, I have spent some time trawling through the web for a solution to my annoyance. I have a samsung UHD TV connected to my mini mx 2gb 16gb loaded with the 8.0.1h version and CEC is enabled. When I turn the android device on it in turns switches the TV on but the resolution is wrong and I have to set it right in kodi settings. Is there a way the android device can load the correct resolution even if the TV is not yet on?

    Hi all,
    just wondering if the intermittent but regular sound dropouts on s905/s905x chips are still a problem in passthrough mode with the lastest Kodi version? I know it was an inherent amlogic problem. Has it been solved lately?