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    Nickr, thanks for usefull notice.. Already have it on start/stop scripts, but for some reason not in restart script ;)

    Vpeter: !!! It looks like mysql already starting before kodi (at least I didnt see any errors in kodi logs, that it cant connect do MySQL). It works like a charm. I enabled InnoDB, querry-cache, disable httpd, create kodi user, /storage/.mysql, import database from router and everything works on the first try! This is gold.. It should be announced somewhere by big letters. I believe a quite number of people has more Rpi/Kodi boxes on home, and with this they can enjoy shared DB even with -ro- systems like ELEC.

    I dont have experience with upgrading system - if lamp addon will need some care or something - but the first excitement is big. Thumbs up and big thanks!

    I could have dedicated Rpi for mysql, but for 1-2MB db? Rpi2 served me as NAS, HTPC and doin job very well and low power consuption. Now the last thing missed is on place and I am very happy :)

    For some time already

    Thats just great How long it takes mysql to start? I think that simple delay in with restart kodi (by killing its process) should be enough to be able use also Kodi (with [email protected]) from the same (Rpi) machine..

    I am now away from town, but looking forward to get hands on it

    Thanks for reply milhouse. I am sorry, I didnt realize that this isnt general patch. I wouldnt say that Confluence is 3rd party skin, although.

    Well, I can live with that until skin.widget will work, just it is little sad to me for missed opportunity make skin greater when Estuary was introduced.

    I totally agree with your post On Deck and I would like to thank you for describing implementation for us, who doesnt have experience with Estuary yet. From that you pointed, I am glad that Team Kodi make statement to leave Confluence as default also on future.

    To be honest, I usually stick with "if it isnt broke, dont mess with it". So I just hope, if that functionality will be broken in Estuary, Kodi 17 will be still compatible with skin widget, so I can easily keep that within Confluence .

    Thats the reason why I did OpenWrting to my cheap router (TP LINK 842ND). Stripped and light mysql with querry cache and innodb support works quite well with not big database and 2 home RPi clients (and it has only around 2,5MB binary, so not robust at all).

    Always hoped for that oportunity within ELEC, but this chicken-egg problem.. :)


    Would you consider add this patches to Kodi17-ich releases? On Deck

    It enables option to hide watched movies/tv series from the recently added items. I modify Confluence for this all the time (simple xml edit + skin widgets addon), for some reason (really dunno) Kodi devs doesnt considering this option to add into Kodi itself. But this is like must have thing for me (and I think I am not alone

    Thanks for feedback

    I would also appretiate more detailed changelog, but since I see only the first stable (7 in my understanding), I would assume that this comes with next stable version releases.