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    I understand that audio dsp is now removed form official versions,
    and i wanted to ask if there is a community (non-official) generic (x86) LibreElec release WITH adsp,
    especially including biquad filters ( parametric equalizer) V0.03

    If not possible, anyone can direct me to download links of most recent LibreElec version that still supports adsp and comes with biquad filters addon? (I guess v7.something? )

    Audio is very important to me, i will be grateful for any help :)

    Fresh install of 2016-12-01, TVHeadend backend (service) addon installed fine, USB receiver working fine, but, TVHeadend frontend plugin (client) refuses to install. Dependencies not met
    Is there a trick to install it?

    EDIT: Just seen previous post, about manual download location. MANY thanks guys, you are wonderful, thank you, thank you! :)

    PS First impressions: VERY smooth operation! Cheers! :)

    I have a S912 device and I like it a lot.

    Same here! I bought it MAINLY for the design, yes, for the looks!!!
    The one i got is a totally different class in design, i think it is BEAUTIFUL, nothing like the dull black-mat plastic finish that all more or less have
    Looks lovely on top of my Yamaha AVR, i dont want to hide it behind a TV or something :)

    Does it work? Yes, fine, for what i need. I only use it for Kodi, play my movies, and it does it fine via wireless.
    How about extremities? I dont know, never tested with crazy bitrate movies

    Would i like to throw away Android and all apps, and enjoy a lightning-fast LE linux? Sure as hell :D

    Ah! Cache management... Having the same problem since day 1, posted here, also posted @ Alex forum (same problem with both builds). Several people responded "having this problem too", devs included some partial fixes at times (see whats changed in all releases), so, i take it its a well known issue with no fix yet.
    What you describe becomes worse with even smaller videos ( tv show episodes ) and imho its a showstopper for 1G devices that are "heavily" used (lots of browse library videos / play start-stop )

    there is none - just buy some pcie DVB-S2 card + a cheap ass USB DVB-T2 tuner like the Geniatech T230 or MyGica T230

    yeah looks like i ll do just that!... I already have a cheap dvb-t usb dongle which works fine (cheers for that!), i ll get a sat card, and i ll have a truly AIO Kodi :blush:

    I would like to buy a dual tv tuner PC card, for watching local tv stations (DVB-T) and maybe some fta satellite channels (DVB-S2)
    I am not watching TV a lot (mostly watching movies), so, i dont care about any fancy features... For me, the cheapest model should do just fine :)
    So, lowest possible price, is probably the only important factor here...
    it has to be PCIe as my motherboard has only one available slot, a PCIe 2.0 x4
    and, of course, has to be compatible with LibreElec

    Question is, which one would you recommend?

    Hi guys

    I have a T95N Mini MX box on order, but doubt that the seller will be able to send me a link where i can download the firmware...

    That is exactly what i was thinking for my seller too, but then, i just asked him, so... Ask him
    The seller should be able to send you a link to download the firmware.

    I also hear this box is EXCELLENT, especially when combined with OE/LE

    Good morning K i have minimx 1/8, but i dont have update zip files given to me, updates are done OTA.
    Would send you device tree if someone can tell me a way to copy the file from the android existing installation on the box. I have noidea where it is ( i take it there is in there somewhere lol )
    If not possible, i could also email Gerabest to ask for the so called "zip update" BUT although i m a good customer i dont expect much support on that :)

    If there is a leak, you might succeed to spot it with 'top'?

    Maybe? :) Already said i dont know much, so dont ask me whats the meaning of those numbers lol
    This is at a time when i see memory 77% in Kodi, so its just about to freeze, still responsive though - so for anyhting those might worth, here it is:

    In my test it does not work either, drops RAM usage by 2-3 percent

    I have also read tutorials about tuning virtual RAM in linux, came to conclusion the problem shoud be dirty pages, resources cannot be set free by drop_caches. So, i have also been testing performance for long time last night with settings like

    1. echo 10 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
    2. echo 15 > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_ratio
    3. echo 5 > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_background_ratio

    None of those really solves this problem... There is a memory leak that needs to be itentified and patched, sounds like an Amlogic job to me, not a kodi issue

    It has been proposed today in amlinuxmedia forum by alex a solution that would free up memory:

    1. sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

    Said to work via cron job that could run daily...
    I dont know much about linux, so i m just mentioning for you gurus, maybe it can be included in future builds until a propper fix in amlogic linux code
    Maybe a script can keep an eye for memory load every few minutes, and run when > 70% or something .. dunno :S

    Ah yes it says DVB-T and i see you need T2... In that case , sorry... i dont know which one is the cheapest that works good lol :)
    I do know that H.264 MPEG4 HD channels play fine here with this dongle, but protocol here is dvbt.
    For other people that may need it, this is a cheap dongl that does work fine ;)

    You need to install 2 things for a live TV setup in Kodi: A program called "backend" or "server" that will "see" the hardware, operate manage the hardware ( ie setup all needed hardware settings, scan for channels, tune in to a channel, ...)
    and a program called the "frontend", best known as PVR client, a Kodi addon.
    IMHO best by far is the TVHeadend.
    No worries, BOTH programs needed come with Libreelec, and its just a click to install them.
    First, the "backend", its a script, fo to addons, install from repository, browse in Libreelec repository, SERVICES, you ll find it there. Click, select, install. Easy! :) Runs in the backround as a service
    Then, you have to do some work, before installing the PVR Client in Kodi and enable TV in Kodi, you have to setup the backend. As explained above, you can setup the tuner and scan for channels, setup channel names, numbers if you like, and more... There are some video tutorials around about this, i have found very detailed and easy to follow this one: How to configure tvheadend server - YouTube
    After finishing with backend server setup, you can go ahaid and install the TVHeadend PVR addon in Kodi ( also found in Libreelec repository with all the rest PVR plugins)
    No need to configure the PVR addon, all default settings should work OK.
    Last, enable TV in Kodi, done.
    Sounds complicated, its not. Maybe first time when you dont have any experience with the backend server part, if you follow the video instructions step by step you should be OK ;)