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    Doh, gdrive filled up again. New image uploaded with some cool progress:

    - There's now a "Desktop" entry in Kodi that launches the new desktop session with Sway, now including LavaLauncher, grimshot, swayidle (DPMS screen saving) and notifications through Mako.

    - Linux 5.6.0-rc3

    - ALSA 1.2.2

    - New font setup (Cantarell Sans + Source Code Pro monospace)

    Screenshot from a fresh boot in VMware after selecting Desktop from Kodi and starting a few apps. There's RPCS3, alacritty and antimicro (tray icon in the top right):


    I could use this as my main desktop soon :) Firefox is performing very nice with the new GL accelerated layers, scrolling is silky smooth. VAAPI support is coming in FF 75 as well I think.

    If anyone has better suggestions for icons (ES needs a new one for sure), let me know. This is just what I came up with after searching a bit on each app I wanted in there :) 256x256 pixels (or higher) PNG gives best results.

    1. Copy plex.conf to /storage/.config/plex.conf: (then run systemctl daemon-reload)
    2. Copy the .service file to /storage/.config/system.d/plex.service (also edit to change location of, or remove the ExecStartPre)
    3. Run
    4. Run systemctl enable plex; systemctl start plex
    5. Enjoy

    Here's a small preview of what's to come :)


    Here we see Sway with window shadows, Firefox 73 (with Webrender/EGL acceleration), RPCS3 and LavaLauncher. All beautifully rendered through pure Wayland (Mesa and controllable with the Dualshock 4 functioning as mouse. Lightweight desktop environment for the modern HTPC :)


    Looks like a clean boot except for Kodi not being able to open a GBM surface. Can you check that your /flash/distroconfig.txt contains

    dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d? A new build for the RPi2 is halfway done as well, will be uploading soon. EDIT: Uploaded, please try it with a clean SDcard if possible.

    When configuring Kodi to use PULSE, all passthrough settings are disabled and my receiver claims to be receiving PCM. In ALSA mode, this works fine. So, I'll just stick with ALSA.

    As mentioned, you need to tell PA what pass-through formats are supported using the command I gave you.

    Wrt\ to 'obsession'. I would assume that my Yahama receiver does a better job in the decoding, conditioning and up/down-mixing the audio stream for my speaker setup. But, yeah, at some point it might become a question of 'believe' ;)

    There should be no difference where the decoding is done, as long as all information is extracted (which I believe it is at this point). There is no remixing done by Kodi/PA if the sink supports the sampling format (avoid-resampling=true is set in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf).

    New RPi4 image online, I had done the rebase wrong so re-did it on latest Leia git again. Should work :)

    EDIT: RPi2 uploaded as well.

    I've decided to go with KODI_AE_SINK=PULSE from now on, as Kodi will decode the audio just fine, there's zero difference. On the plus side, sound will just work, you can adjust the audio and stream A2DP without interruptions.

    Yep, I did.

    Also set "keep audio device alive" to off and "send low volume noise" to off. If you have previously set the PA sink as your audio device in Kodi, it might get locked before ALSA becomes available. Of course you can turn on all these things if you set PULSE. Passthrough is working great, except for HD audio of course which isn't quite ready yet AFAIK. In any case, ALSA/ALSA+PULSE/PULSE all work here in the latest image.

    I think there is too much obsession over passthrough, there isn't any loss when decoding to PCM.

    Oh. No menu sounds ? OK, my mistake. Sorry. I thought I've an ES with menu sounds somewhere...

    There is sounds if the theme supports it (tronkyfran does not). Scrape your collection and you should get sound from the video previews. What more could you need :)

    VSync was the default. No good ? Will try different core over the weekend an report back.

    I think you misunderstand. Vsync is great if your screens refresh matches your content. If it doesn't, RetroArch will try to adjust the speed of the audio to compensate. Like I said, try some other systems. Make sure your screen is 60Hz and video framerate in RA settings matches, then use NTSC roms for best results. Unless you know the PAL versions are 60Hz compatible. For Amiga/C64/Spectrum you can/should use PAL versions, as I've set up PAL switching for those.

    Kodi: In ALSA+PULSE mode, I do get audio via ALSA/HDMI#0. If I choose PULSE, there's no audio. If I then switch back to ALSA, there's still no audio. After a reboot, audio via ALSA works (maybe restarting kodi would be sufficient - I can test if you like).

    You need to restart Kodi after changing KODI_AE_SINK.

    ES: no audio

    You are aware that there's no audio (not in the included theme anyways) except for video previews right?

    RA: Audio works, but still crackling. Yes, it could be due to my not so powerful setup. But, we are talking about 'Doom' here, first level, not moving. FPS is between 49.9 and 50.04.

    Doom 1? Doom 3? I suppose the latter, and 50FPS sounds to me like vsync with 50Hz refresh rate. That'll probably mess up sound as RA adjusts accordingly. I haven't tested the dhewm3 core myself, could you try some other core please, and provide logs.

    Full PA: Your shell command fails:

    I found the issue, the extensions required was in module-device-restore which I removed while trimming down the config file.

    It should be fixed now in the latest image, try again. Further adjusted PA to fit in with LibreELEC paths, it will now store persistent device/stream configuration in /storage/.cache/pulse instead of under /var which is tmpfs.