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    Hi kszaq,

    Not sure if it's already mentioned here, as searching through this thread is not possible.
    The last 3-4 seconds of a movie, serie or a clip the video freezes and the sound continues.
    A friend of mine has this issue and I also have this issue on both of my S905X devices (both on 8.0.0d).

    Another issue that I have, the S905X device that I have downstairs is very sluggish. Browsing through the interface is very slow and it reacts quite slow.
    The S905X that I have upstairs is super fast. Both devices have the exact same configuration and are both Nexbox A95X's with the latest firmware.
    Any ideas how my S905X downstairs is so slow or where can I look?

    Thanks in advanced.

    Yes I have updated the firmware.
    For now the only solution for me is to never to turn it off.

    I might set up a timer on the power plug that shuts down the power for a couple of hours during night to give the box a bit resting time.

    Do you also have the Nexbox A95X?

    My current solution is an HDMI-CEC killer > HDMI-CEC (pulse 8) adaptor > Receiver, I just disable the standard CEC adaptor in the menu of Kodi.
    It works fine, only thing is that the volume is not always responding or is really slow in responding.

    I just want the native CEC in the box to work, it's one of the reasons why I bought it.

    System settings -> Input -> Peripherals -> CEC Adapter -> When TV is switched off to Ignore

    Ah, so you just never turn the box off? Have you also tried to firmware upgrade your box?

    I just installed the latest firmware on my box, to a firmware that came out late in november.
    I saw my bootloader picture change from the default AMLogic S905X logo to a Nexbox A95X logo, so it seems that my bootloader is updated and hope that this solves the issue.
    Just reinstalled TWRP/LibreELEC and everything, so when I get home I will see if this solved my CEC issues.

    Hi kszaq, I finally upgraded to 8.0, works much better as 7.x I must say.

    Still experiencing that annoying HDMI-CEC bug. When my A95X is off, it seems to be disrupting my HDMI-CEC devices. My amplifier is sometimes not turning on anymore by the TV and the most annoying part is that my HDMI-ARC stops working completely. With the adapter turned off and a HDMI killer it's all back to normal.
    Everything works fine in Kodi/LibreELEC, but as soon as the device is turned off everything goes bonkers.

    Any idea what I can do about this? I do not have alot of knowledge of this device. Is it possible to upgrade the firmware of the HDMI-CEC adapter?

    Hope you can help out!

    Thanks in advanced.

    Edit: This seems to be my problem: The Hub is breaking my ARC - WeTek Community Forum
    Probably the uboot of my a95x is breaking my hdmi-arc/cec? This is probably something that needs to be solved by the manufacturer and can't be solved by you, I guess?

    Turning CEC in Kodi settings won't turn off CEC completely as it is also operated by u-boot, which is independent of OS you have. When I get back home I will check whether CEC can be disabled completely at u-boot level by modifying u-boot variables (which you can do using commands over SSH).

    That would be great. Would be awesome if CEC only works when the OS starts. The "bios" level CEC is broken on this device.

    Just wanted to let you know that I solved my CEC problems, just turning the CEC adapter off kept CEC on.
    I think the problem starts when the box is turned off, so it must be something in the firmware.

    I solved it by doing this: A95X -> CEC Killer -> CEC Adapter -> TV/Receiver.

    Is this something caused by the A95X or can this be solved in a new libreelec release?

    Hi kszaq,

    Thank you for making this possible on our Android boxes.
    Currently I have some serious HDMI-CEC issues on my A95X. Could you upgrade hdmi-cec in your next build? Or is it possible to upgrade/downgrade it myself.
    It's really not workable for me, it's interfering with my other CEC devices.


    Hello guys,

    I've just bought myself 2x Nexbox A95X (s905x) and reflashed them with this version of LibreELEC.
    I got 3 issues with the box, hope you guys can help out:

    • HDMI-CEC/ARC: When I shutdown my box and turn off my TV. Come back in a couple of hours and just want to watch TV on my settopbox, then somehow my HDMI-ARC stops working through my receiver. I can still change volume, but it just doesn't give me sound. Until I power on and off the Nexbox, then it works again. Before I had an Asrock with OpenELEC and a HDMI-CEC adapter, which didn't have these problems.
    • When playing a video the screen goes black (no signal) for 2 seconds and comes back. Then it plays the video, with the brightness much higher then in Kodi. When stopping it goes black again for 2 seconds before returning.
    • Scrolling through Kodi is a little bit sluggish. Seems to have a little delay/lag. That while this box should perform better than the Asrock ION I had.

    Any ideas how to solve these issues?