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    Read my initial question again, it's all there. Your comments do not help at all.

    This is not about flicker or personal reception of refresh rates.

    LE should play 24.00Hz content without frame skips.

    It does so if the menu refresh rate is switched to 24.00Hz beforehand.
    It does not if the menu refresh rate is at 60Hz.
    It used to work with a 60Hz menu refresh rate in older builds.

    Please refrain from commenting if you cannot contribute or understand the issue.

    Check the settings again.

    Refresh rate works as it should.

    Yes it does for 23.976Hz, but not for the rare, even 24.00Hz sources.


    For smooth playback you can also set:

    - 50 Hz in GUI

    - Adjust display refresh rate to match video ON

    - Sync playback to display ON

    It's better solution than 24 Hz in my opinion.

    I respectfully disagree, I like my sources being playbacked with their native refresh rate. :)

    Hi wrxtasy,

    I am extremely happy with what you brought to these builds and I have been using your latest (?) S905 build for quite some time now:

    There is one thing I noticed only recently, because I rarely watch that kind of content:
    Refresh rate switching to 24.00Hz is flawed. I am pretty sure it is being displayed as 23.976Hz, because frame skips occur.
    These skips do not occur if I change the UI resolution to 24.00Hz beforehand.

    This is something that used to work on older builds "back in the day", probably before you took over.

    Maybe it's an easy fix - I just wanted to let you know. :)

    Thanks again for your great work!

    As far as advice to others goes, would you not agree that everyone should at least learn enough to know that they should back up their original FW before hastily overwriting it?

    Of course that is good advice, I never contested that.
    Unfortunately it is too late in my case, which is entirely my fault of course, but so your post just sounded spiteful to me.


    Of course people have had flashes go wrong before (which is what this particular issue is), they just usually have taken precautions allowing them to quickly revert the box to original setup

    I just believe that my particular problem has never been named here.
    Normally people can just run installtointernal again and it's fine.
    There were also cases where the box just booted into a black screen from internal, but booting to Android Recovery seemed entirely new for me.
    This is why I asked for experiences.


    Hopefully you will be able to recover your box using the advice you have received and therefor be able to stop striking out at those offering help ;)

    I hope so too, but I need to clarify that I did not strike out to anyone! What are you talking about?
    I merely asked for help and I was happy to get it, thanking the authors and/or liking their posts.

    You are the one who started this and I think it is understandable that I tried to explain and defend my actions in response.
    I have been part of this community for a good while and I also try to help and contribute where I can, so I thought asking for a bit of help would not be the worst thing in the world.

    Perhaps now is a good time for those that insist on installing to internal, for no real gain, to note that doing so does involve some risk, unlike installing to external media, and shouldn't be attempted until you have a working backup of your original Android FW

    These warnings have been repeatedly issued throughout these forums.

    It's a shame that some only decide to read up on what they're doing after they are affected by the possible issues that previous posts attempt to help others avoid. /shrug

    Perhaps in some cases there is also no reason to be spiteful or judgmental.

    Just because you might not see a benefit in installing to internal, does not mean everyone thinks the same way.

    I see a few reasons - convenience, speed (yes, it is faster - think access times), spare SD card to use for test builds and/or other things, potentially free SD slot in the box to use for other things (game ROMs, pictures, video files, music)... and probably more reasons for others that I am not thinking of.

    Since I used installtointernal before, followed the protocol exactly and had no issues whatsoever in the past, I did not see a risk in doing so.
    Furthermore, as far as I remember and the feedback here goes, the particular issue I described has never been encountered by someone else before.

    Well, the installtointernal script definitely did do something for me, since the Android is gone and just recovery is left.

    So, if re-installing Android and then running installtointernal again is the only option I have, does someone have a hint for me which firmware to use?
    I cannot find a firmware specific for the M96X, some people say X96 works...
    But apparently the firmware for my box was a 7.1.1 from 20170703, that's what the recovery says.
    It also says NMF26Q...?
    Also, which dtb.img do I use?

    Sorry for these questions, but I never restored an Android system and I don't want to brick the box...

    If you provide a wrong device tree, the device doesn't boot into LE and you can't SSH to it. The easiest way to restore the box should be USB Burning Tool.

    I can boot just fine from SD with the regular non-nand device tree - everything works.
    If replacing that decive tree with the _nand device tree leads to a black screen, doesn't that mean _nand is wrong for the box?

    No matter what the manufacturer says about the box - the terms NAND, FLASH and eMMC are being misused all the time, right?

    Hi kszaq, would you please be so kind as to give me some advice on how to proceed?

    Yes, it's a bit of a wedge. :)

    I started out with the regular non-nand device tree and everything worked great.

    After I tried installtointernal and got the described issue, I also tried to replace the device tree on the SD card with the _nand tree.
    That ended up in booting into a black screen from SD.
    So I replaced it with the regular device tree again and it booted fine.

    Therefor, I would assume the regular tree is correct?

    Has nobody encountered this before?
    Please help me out, I don't know how to proceed!
    Thank you. :)

    Hello guys.

    I just tried to setup a new S905X box for a friend.
    It's an "M96X" device.

    Everything went just fine, system runs perfectly from SD.

    I used 8.1.10 with the current gxl_p212_2g.dtb device tree.

    I then wanted to installtointernal, which seemed to go fine as well - but something went wrong.
    When I boot the box from internal now, I get the Android Recovery screen:


    Of course I tried to run installtointernal again, but then it just hangs itself up trying to backup a device tree.

    Can you please help me out? How do I go on from here to get LibreELEC installed on the internal memory?
    Thank you in advance!