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    I also noticed that the latest Odroid-C2 build (8.1.9) doesn't work from EMMC. I will try SD card later (not yet tried). Version 8.1.8 works fine when burned via DD or via the LE bootcard maker. Version 8.1.9 ends up @ a black screen saying something about not being able to access "Libreelec_Disk" partition. I will update this later with the exact error.

    EDIT: I have serial access on both, if you want me to provide some logs or run any commands. Just trying to capture them now :)

    Cheers as usual!


    EDIT: So, I couldn't get my Khadas VIM to accept the latest 8.1.9 upgrade from 8.1.8. The first time, it succeeded and went to reboot, but before the boot logo would come on, the box would turn the power off. Any subsequent boot attempts with the SD inserted resulted in immediate power off (no boot logo). I setup a fresh SD with 8.1.8 and booted it succesfully. This time I tried the update again, and the same thing happened, however - I can no longer BOOT ANY SD card based OS including Linux, earlier LE releases, etc. All of this stuff worked fine a few hours ago.

    At first I thought the card slot might be fried, but when I loaded up Android, I was able to see the SD card, format it, copy files to it, read files from it (installed a few APKs as tests). I just cannot boot from it anymore. Same with USB (not sure if it was possible on the VIM).

    I have tried wiping the EMMC clean, and re-burning the Android version with Amlogic burn tool.... successfully, but the same results when trying to boot SD Libreelec. Sometimes it will just sit at the "Khadas" boot screen forever, and sometimes the boot screen doesn't show up at all (just black screen). As soon as I take out the SD card and reboot it, it boots up fine and Android will load up. I can then put the SD card in, and it works inside Android....

    I really don't know what the heck happened, or how on earth to go about trying to remedy this. But it seems like a bit of a coincidence that the SD stopped booting, right when I was applying the latest 8.1.9 update. I repeat... it works inside android (the SD slot)

    I am totally out of ideas!!

    veronicasmithen03 I just uploaded the khadas vim dtb, it's on the releases page in the download section. I don't have the device, but it should work.

    Thanks a million for uploading that! Thats awesome.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work - just stays at the initial boot screen. I tested various builds and several other DTBs to no avail.

    I tested Kszaq's most recent build, and I can boot his build with his khadas DTB. Tried using his DTB to boot your build but of course it won't work (as expected).

    Anyways thanks so much for the constant development! I see it there are now LE 9 builds to try! :)

    There are multiple custom roms for the Mini M8S II - both Marshmallow and Nougat, including AndroidTV builds.There are at least 4 custom roms on FreakTab. They are much better than stock. You can find the firmwares over on Freaktab here:


    In addition, if you check on 4pda under the Mini M8s ll section for additional firmware versions. (use chrome/chromium for the auto page translation - works great!)

    Only other thing to consider is - how long ago did you buy the box? With the regular s905 box, there were several revisions of the CPU. The early revisions had hardware bugs in them, but this was eventually corrected. Not sure about s905x.

    Good Luck

    Putty is for SSH, not Samba (i.e. Windows file sharing) ;)

    I think the user originally mentioned he was using SCP to connect - which is SSH and NOT samba. He was asking how he could rectify the problem.


    I have a Tronsmart S905 box loaded with 8.01k, back then using Winscp without a problem. Today I am trying to update it to the latest version and I am failing to connect via SSH, or FTP. It just refuses all connections.

    Any idea how to solve that?

    Or maybe is there another way to seed the update file into the .update/ directory?

    First - make sure your IP address did not change. Check the "LibreElec" settings under "connections". I noticed that several of the updates to new versions caused my IP settings to be reset. I noticed because I could no longer SSH to my box haha.

    I will also second clarkss12, and will say try to use either Putty or FileZilla if you're on Windows.

    FileZilla - General Tab - Settings:

    HOST: your boxes IP

    Protocol: SFTP

    Logon Type: Ask For Password

    User: root

    everything else blank.

    FileZilla - Transfer Settings Tab

    Transfer Mode: Passive

    Now hit 'connect'

    It will prompt you for password when you connect.

    Hope that helps. But definitely check your IP address!

    The following command (oddly) mostly fixes "blurred/studdering" frames when using SW decoding using the WWE (paid sub) add-on on Testing6. Its h264 video - but doesn't show any buffering and if using a high latency DNS, it will cause it to buffer like crazy, so I think its some kinda TS stream.

    This was the command:

    echo 4 > /sys/module/amvdec_h264/parameters/dec_control

    It doesn't totally fix it 100%, but now it happens 75% less. Whwn it does happen, a single keypress to skip forward or backwards will fix it. Before the command, nothing would help fix it. I see you included it with the testing7 release. :D

    Also would like to report that your nougat builds work great for me, and I don't get my box banned anymore when using the WWE add-on. The Franken kernel builds resulted in the box being banned until I signed in on a fresh/new non Franken Kernel build.

    Anyways, thanks for all your hard work! You're doing a really great job.

    EDIT: I upgraded to Testing7 and see that the blurring has returned.

    EDIT EDIT: Upon reading a few posts back, it was indicated that 'dec_control' was still set to 0. I changed it back to 4, and it's working great again. All good! :)

    I already make it. I don't know to install libreelec using a Bootable Recovery SD Card. Can I make a Bootable Recovery SD Card and libreelec installer together? Or simply, is it possible to install libreelec using Bootable Recovery SD Card and TWRP?

    I dont know if that will work. You should be trying to install the drfault android that came with your box, as it will restore its original partition scheme, and all the little goodies needed for your NAND to operate.

    If you've followed the tutorials EXACTLY and you can't get it to boot - the fix for you could depend on your board/CPU. On my s905 box I had first download the Android firmware for my box, then I had to bridge two NAND pins before/during power up of the box while it's plugged into PC, running AML burn tool. Only requires you to touch the pins for 1-2 seconds while box is powering on. The box will then be recognized in AML burn tool. Change the mode to "Force Erase All" and hit start.

    After it completes, unplug the boxes power, then plug it into your TV and boot it up. Android will install/setup. Once that's done, shutdown the box, and you can then setup an LE SD card. You may then choose to continue using the SD card, or you may install to the NAND.

    If you have an s905x or s912, this might be different for you however.

    Hope that helps.

    I wouldn't expect any more Jarvis updates.

    MAYBE "K" will get updated if/when the Full Nougat Krypton build is stable, IF Kszaq feels it's worth while - but that's just me speaking.

    A full Nougat Jarvis build would be pretty awesome for Live TV. Even I notice the quality difference of the Nougat builds on a regular s905 (non X) box, on a 1080p plasma.

    Yes, it is about Khadas VIM.

    You will need to supply your own DTB file from the Android OS from what I understand. It can easily be obtained. I would install Android to the internal flash (emmc). Make sure Android is rooted, and install a "terminal emulator" app, and issue the following two commands inside terminal emulator, WITHOUT the 'quotes':

    ' su '

    (you will most likely have a popup asking for permission - allow it)

    ' dd if=/dev/dtb > /storage/downloads/dtb.img '

    That will put your DTB file into your "Downloads" folder. Now plug in a USB stick/memory stick and copy the 'dtb.img' file to your PC and back it up. This is the file you will use for the DTB. At this point, setup should be identical to every other s905(x) box! :)

    I don't have my Khadas yet, but other users did say that these builds should work perfectly fine with the appropriate DTB file.

    Hope that helps!

    first of all I m just begginer unable to provide log?

    I have also frame skip on x265 on mm kernel

    Did you read the entire 1st page? Support/bugs will only be investigated/taken seriously if you post a log of some sort. Or at least a sample of the EXACT video file that is causing issues for you. Post it here, so others can test it and try to duplicate it. There are far too many differences among video files - what kind of x265 file? Resolution? 10 or 8bit? .... etc

    No one can help you if you don't provide evidence/logs/sample.

    You later said in your next post that you don't know how to make logs. Here is some reading material :) so you can learn how to accomplish this:



    what's up I m waiting eagerly full NOUGAT KERNel

    If you read the 1st post on page 1, you'll see there is NO ETA for the full Nougat kernel. Kszaq is a very busy guy and does this voluntarily on his free time. It requires a LOT of work, so it might take a long time, but we have no idea.

    Good luck my friend! :)

    Glad to see MM kernel back! I think sticking to the MM kernel would be a great idea and then that gives you some breathing room for developing the Nougat kernel. Can always just release the Nougats as "dev" releases for testing while the majority of users stick on the MM build.

    Seeing the whole Nougat kernel would be pretty impressive, but I imagine it would require extensive patching and there would be a lot more "noise" from the community about bugs/things not working. That noise tends to slow down development rather than help it due to high rates of user error, confusion, improper procedure, which get mistakenly reported as bugs, causing poor Kszaq to spend time looking for bugs/issues that may not even exist. xD

    I would also like to add that I have confirmed a really ODD issue/bug with both LE 7 and LE 8 - but ONLY the builds with the Nougat kernel. I pay for a WWE wrestling account and use is on LE. With the Nougat builds, if I try to open a video or stream, it actually BANS my LE box from connecting (gives error message about account authentication). Once this happens, the ONLY way to fix it is to setup a NEW non Nougat kernel LE SD card and sign in. Trying to use my non Nougat build (8.0.1a) that was working 1 hour before being banned with the Nougat builds, would result in the same error message and can't connect. Only way to fix it is a NEW LE install (non Nougat).

    I had multiple versions of LE 7&8 on SD cards so I could quickly switch between them to test which versions were causing this. Oddly enough, after signing in successfully on the fresh non Nougat build, I could then switch the SD card back to my previous old build (non Nougat 8.0.1a) which used to work but stopped working after being banned.

    If I try to use any Nougat build after fixing it with a fresh LE install, the same thing happens (banned), and I have to repeat the process above.

    Thank you!

    So I specifically go out of my way to say I am only interested in recommendations for a 905 box, and I do not want to hear about the WeTek or circuit board devices (like the Odroid). I already know what I DO NOT WANT, and I specified what I DO NOT WANT to avoid wasting time, since I don't plan to spend a week researching a tv box. And what do I get as responses? One only naming a WETEK and the other only naming a CIRCUIT BOARD DEVICE.

    So it looks like even if I go out of my way to avoid getting such stupid useless UNHELPFUL responses, I'm still going to get them no matter what, as people here insist on only naming those 2 type of devices. (I hope you've at least gotten your commissions on that crap you're peddling). And apparently, I also have to justify WHY that I want the type of device I am asking about, because its not obvious enough to one of you geniuses why people would go to the trouble to install LE on nand. Well nuts to that. I want to buy a box soon not next year, so I'll get my information elsewhere, end of story. (insert whammy finger emoticon here :@ )

    If you don't want a "circuit board" box, you are SOL my friend. All the TV boxes are basically the same thing... A similar circuit board lmao. Wanna know why people recommended those devices to you? Because they are the few brands/devices that actually maintain their firmware and give long term support. Wetek is a great company. MINIX makes good products too.

    But they do the exact same thing. Only big difference is the size/layout of the board. The C2 has a removable NAND/EMMC module which makes setting it up super easy. 99% of those Android boxes are running flaky firmware (if you need android that is) that doesn't work half the time anyways. I've setup and sold hundreds of boxes, and the C2 is by far one of the best for LE or Android, or Linux. Its also very affordable.

    It amazes me that you state that "you don't want to look yourself" , but you expect everyone else to spend their valuable time providing assistance to you, only to have you b**ch at them because it ain't what you want. You clearly have no idea what you're even talking about, and then you lash out at others for not doing what you want lmao. Typical rude customer who understands nothing in the field, but feels they can educate others in the same field. Gimmie a break.

    Good luck.

    Any update from people who've tried the latest DEV version? Did it fix the issue with 24hz playback? Or introduce some new issues? I held off updating and stayed at D after hearing peoples issues with E.

    I hope that you enjoy your well deserved time off!


    DTB.IMG for a "Roofull MRX" box.

    OS: Lollipop
    Hardware: 2GB memory, OTG port, and Gigabit

    dtb attached to this post

    EDIT: FOLKS - A kindly reminder. This is not a support thread for your boxes. This is for a collection of DTB img files for s905 only. If you have issues with your box, either make a new thread, or post in an appropriate thread. Kinda seems like 2/3 the posts are people asking for support. It gets very confusing trying to look through the list to see if your box has already been posted, do to the large amount of unrelated comments/questions.



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