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    Tronsmart MXIII Plus:

    Unable to update from 07.07.2017 to 08.08.2017 using .tar file fails, error message about incompatible hardware. Forcing update using nocompat works and allows update to 08.08.2017 however bluetooth missing, "No Bluetooth adapter found"

    Downgrading to LibreELEC-MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3_20170801.tar also has no Bluetooth. I have not tried a clean install of 01.08.2017 or 08.08.2017 to determine if Bluetooth support would work.

    Attempting to downgrade from August 2017 builds to 07.07.2017 .tar file fails again with same message about incompatible hardware. Adding nocompat file to 07.07.2017 allows downgrade to successfully complete and bluetooth working again.

    balbes150 - Could you have a look into why Bluetooth is missing?

    1. Updated test image for Minix (20170514).
    2. Question to those who uses the image MXIII_Plus, please compare how it will work the way LAN1000. Is there a difference in behavior. I want to leave one of these options. I have both work the same.

    Hi bables150,
    With LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-8.0.2.img.gz 13.05.2017 05:24 using ethernet port, Kodi Speedtest add-on benchmarks @ ~108/10 which is about same speed at desktop computer. Somewhere I have a app to test LAN speed between devices on network which I'll try to find and test out as well.

    Loaded 5/10 8.02 version with .tar file and updated without issue. Now tried updating to 5/13 8.02 version with .tar file and won't boot. Error msg during boot regarding failed Kernel load. Clean install with 5/13. .gz file with dtb installed and working normally.

    Hi bables150 - I loaded LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-8.0.2.img.gz (18.02.2017) with Rufus on SD card and replaced dtb with MXIII_Plus.dtb and thus far all working on MXIII Plus. Thank you

    Beelink Mini MXIII II recently updated from 7.0.3.x to latest 8.0x and unable to connect with Bluetooth remote which previously worked well. Is this a known issue? I went back a few revisions and was able to get remote recognized paired/connected successfully on 7.95 beta6 so seems like something changed? I was then able to successfully update directly from 7.95 beta --> 8.0.1f and Bluetooth remote functionality survived.

    Hi bables150, MXIII Plus on 4-14 having trouble pairing with Bluetooth remote. I don't recall this being an issue with 3-22 build however it looks like you deleted that build folder? :( Any chance you still have that build saved so I can confirm? Thank you

    A couple of bugs in 4.05 connecting to PIA.

    I too have seen the "switch between location and server views" dialogue box instead of the box requesting user to choose between default or strong encryption. While likely not the preferable way of clearing, uninstalling and reinstalling the add-on cleared the issue.

    When selecting primary VPN connection "Select first VPN Profile" dialogue box, previous versions listed just the city however this version listed the full address, ie instead of New York,, etc

    Demetris - Thank you for the amazing speed of your updates. Question, can you post a link to your github? Also, is it possible for end user to change the bluetooth driver something similar to how the remote.conf can be replaced?