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    What did it do before switching to suspend ?

    It powered off.

    OK Houston we've got a bug! Analog audio no longer works I have to switch to S/PDIF to get any sound from my TV and then I can't get any audio to my old amp for music!

    EDIT: Another possible bug, Just stopped a vid and I lost the HDMI connection, I got it back by switching between inputs for my TV.

    EDIT 2: Can't say for sure at this point, needs more testing, but there may be sound sync issues with some files!

    The development version has an option to configure Power button behaviour in Kodi menu (Settings -> System -> Power saving). You probably want to set it to "Suspend" as some boxes have trouble waking up by remote control from "Power off".

    OK, updated switched power button mode to suspend and seems alright so far. Will get back if I notice any bugs.

    Is there anything we should be watching out for, as you mentioned this version needs long term testing?

    If you want my opinion... if you don't use 4K, there is no reason to buy S905. Actually I consider S805 builds to be more stable and mature than S905 - also due to more mature yet older kernel - and this is why I don't replace my parents' and home S805 box with S905. There will be at least one small LE 7.0 update for S805 and when I start working on Krypton, S805 and S905 will be developed in parallel.

    Good to know. :cool:

    Not sure if I like the new Krypton skin/GUI but if there are playback improvements then I'll certainly update. Does anybody know if the Confluence skin will still be available for Krypton? I like it's simplicity.

    We all remember the old days and trust in what Master Jedy Kszaq said, Mxq S85 and Mk808b + will come back! Yeahhh!

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    They're both great as home servers. I often think about buying a third one (MXQ) and sitting it on a shelf somewhere with a couple of drives plugged in and forgetting about it!

    My LED has always acted that way, but I have a sticky over the LED so I can hardly see it, just too bright in a dark room.

    I shudder thinking about the old days of the S805 builds!! I figure that's why I'm sitting back on the S905 builds, well and I'm a bit thick, err and I don't have a box!! :D

    Once I get my finances sorted, probably next year, I'll grab an S905 and join the party.

    Coincidentally! :shy: I was doing this Saturday evening and had the same issues. I went a different route and installed and then applied the update to get it working.

    Also worth noting here that I kept a backup of my custom remote-control settings and simply copied the files into the relevant folder via Samba once I had the install sorted. Worked fine.

    Why did I do a clean install? Just wanted to make sure I didn't have loads of crap slowing my box up! I now only have 2, legal, addons and doubt I'll be adding anymore.

    Hopefully all S905/X users will post here so those of us yet to make the leap can choose a box with, some degree of, confidence!

    I'm holding back because I'm really poor at the mo, but this will probably work out for me as the longer I wait the greater the number of boxes I can choose from! The Wetek Hub will always be my first choice but it's two or three times the price of other boxes but does have full support from the manufacturer.

    Do any of K's S905 builds work on the "X96 S905X"? I think this might be the box I'll go for.

    EDIT: Seems that Garyang's build works with this box: LibreELEC

    Not sure if it's running on Nand or SD. I would like to keep Android this time around and run LE from SD.


    I just installed the latest libreelec version on my MK808B+ and tested HEVC playback over network. 8bit files played flawlessly and smooth, 10bit files are jerky and garbled. As S805 does not support HEVC Main10 encoded files, everything is working as intended.

    If you want to find out if your own files are 10bit or 8bit, press "o" during playback and check the 3rd line. 10bit files will be marked as "HEVC (Main10)". You need an S905 box to play those.

    OK, I'll try that tomorrow and report back.

    I used (among others) the Jelly fish examples. S805 will play the HEVC files, S905 HEVC and HEVC-10bit

    See Jellyfish Bitrate Test Files

    I'll stop commenting about this as I've created a thread about this issue although it seems that we're stuffed as far as 10 bit H265 playback goes on the S805.

    What's strange though is that the files do play albeit with a few glitches! Maybe they're not, the ones I'm playing, 10 bit files and it's something else?

    Look at the 4th line of codec info when playing: when it's am-h265 the video is hardware decoded and with ff-h265 it's software (ffmpeg) decoding. The latter makes your CPU produce a lot of heat and throttle, no wonder it stutters after a while.

    Can you give me a sample title that has issues during playback? I have to admit I am now focused on S905 but I can have a look after releasing a new S905 build today (spoiler alert ).

    It says 'dc:am-h265'. Unfortunetly my local files are too big to upload but hopefully someone can try something test clip online and drop you a link.