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    I have the same issues as yourself.

    I am supposed to get Transmission reception from como but i am also only getting SBS and ABC Services.

    I am a little busy at the moment but i have details of the successful services with logs and Muxes screenshots of the settings.

    I'll post in the next day or so. Don't frustrate yourself trying to make it work as i did 8 clean installs and every time i got different results of found services and other times no services.

    Sorry for the nudge mate. Did you get a chance to find the mux details?

    Try predefined muxes Generic: Auto-Australia

    and if this fails too, try Generic: Auto-default

    will take longer to scan, no worries its ok to take some time

    Thanks for the response. Have been scouring the internet for Melbourne MUX details. Tried Generic Auto-Australia and that managed to only find services for SBS and ABC. No luck for 7 and 9.

    Will try Generic: Auto-default tonight and see how I go.

    Hi Guys,

    I am having trouble setting up the TVHeadEnd backend sever for LibreElec on K1 Plus DVB S2/T2 model.

    I have installed the addon properly and added the network and mux both predefined and manual for Victoria.

    However when I try to scan I keep on getting failed status.

    When the boot the box in android the channels get scanned properly. So no issues with antenna. Now sure what is going wrong. Attached are the logs.debug.txt

    Has anyone faces this issue on the box in Melbourne Australia?

    Loads of people have, that's the point. There are plenty of resources already available to you to help you. You have to make an effort yourself first. We are happy to help if you have an actual problem, just as long as you keep the topics separated.

    Ok, here's what I have tried so far.

    Installed the build with the correct device tree. The installed tvheadend 4.2 using zip install. SSH remote.conf to make the remote work.

    On the Tvheadend web interface I enabled availink avl6862 tvb t device. Added a network using Australia Melbourne (tried generic as well)

    Went back to devices and selected the network on the device. Force scanned the network which always returns a failed status for all mux.

    Tried this entire procedure on 8.0 c , 8.0 e and now on 8.1 as well.

    One observation is that while scanning the status on the device shows signal strength in 90%+ however SNA is always 0. Is that why the scans are always failing? Is there an issue with the firmware? Btw I have tried scanning channels on TV and on the android DTV app both work flawlessly so there are definitely no issues with the antenna signal.

    Hi Guys,

    Fairly new to this. I followed all instructions to download k1 plus device tree and LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.2e-C2.img.gz.

    Used rufus to write to USB and it booted perfectly. However when I go to TV it says no addon installed.

    I have a k1 plus with DVB S2/T2 suppost. Was the addon supposed to be installed or do need to install any addon?

    Which addon has to be installed to see live TV?

    I don't have tvheadend.

    Sorry to bother you again. I did manage to run this from the MicroSD. What setup have you done to use the build in DVB-S Tuner?
    I could not get any compatible PVR addon to detect it.

    Hi there,

    How did you install this on your k1 plus? I burnt this on a MicroSD using rufus and then booted the box using the toothpick method.. however it just gets stuck on the Amlogic 905 logo and nothing happens after that. Am I missing any step here?

    Thanks in advance.