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    8189ETV is supported from the very first builds.

    9082xs is not supported yet and the person who compiled the driver in Android firmwares doesn't respond to my requests: 9082xs Driver Source Code · Issue #1 · jolin90/jolin · GitHub

    9082xs is not officially supported by Amlogic (1st hand info) so the only way to get the driver is from author/chip manufacturer.

    I read script inside jolin repository and I found a file called, in this file I find some function about rename of rtl8189es driver to work with Tilk9082xs, the scripts works, but some txt files are missing in that repo. The missing .txt files defines the rules of sed -i to change functions names. So I follow the breadcrumbs, and I made a repository with this experiments:
    GitHub - Akir4d/Tilk9082x: Rtl8189e modified to works with 9082x
    Actually the driver recongnize device, and try to initialize:
    [ [email protected]] cfg80211: Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain
    [ [email protected]] TTL902X: module init start
    [ [email protected]] TTL902X: ttl9082xs v4.3.18.2_17395.20160422
    [ [email protected]] ######platform_wifi_power_on:
    [ [email protected]] aml_wifi wifi.32: [extern_wifi_set_enable] WIFI Disable! 240
    [ [email protected]] aml_wifi wifi.32: [extern_wifi_set_enable] WIFI Enable! 240
    [ [email protected]] sdio_reset_comm():
    [ [email protected]] [sdio_reinit] finish
    [ [email protected]] bFWReady == _FALSE call reset 8051...
    [ [email protected]] TTL902X: ERROR invalid mac addr:00:00:00:00:00:00, assign random MAC
    [ [email protected]] TTL902X: tlw_ndev_init(wlan0) if1 mac_addr=00:e0:4c:de:4b:fe
    [ [email protected]] TTL902X: module init ret=0
    But I not get any wifi scan....
    I need some help...

    I want to help who want to bought devices with Libreelec, I bought a devices that not works because sci inc not release any driver of its wifi modules. I bought also an other devices that works perfectly. So I'm here to ask you if your device work, I will add your devices on list below.

    • T95X - blob: gxbb_p201

    Not Works wifi:

    • Leelbox Q1 master - blob: gxl_p212_1g - s9082c is unsupported

    Not Works at all:


    Unfortunately I don't. I solely rely on code released to the public that anyone can find on the internet.

    I wrote to manufactured, let you know. I think that is a good idea make black and white list of devices that can run amlogic libreelec without surprise.

    I'm bought Leebox Q1 Master from Amazon, it say amlogic S905X and starts with gxl_p212_1g blob, but wifi not works at all. I guess it's a dts problem. I backup my dts, dmsg from android, dmsg from libreelec and also decompiled dts with dtc (and hex editor, because 2 files in same dts). I'm not so skilled about aml blob. Can one help me to get wifi working, please?

    kszaq, I modded your installtointernal in way to also backup/restore original android partitions.
    This backups all android partitions as compressed image
    in /storage/backup by type "ba" instead "yes" and restore them with:

    installtointernal path/to/android/partition/backup

    a bit raw, but it works.

    My Leelbox Q1 master

    Box works with gxl_p212_1g.dtb but wifi not works at all. I grub from android all dmasg, and as I can read uses bcm wifi, so I guess it's a problem of this dtb because I read a comment about from amlogic kernel here gxl_p212_1g.dts at line 385.
    I hope this helps to fix issue.

    hi kszaq,
    Something went wrong with beta5 and usb dvb:

    AVerMedia HD Volar (A867), firmware dvb-usb-af9035-02.fw and frontend Afatech AF9033 (DVB-T)
    ITE 9135 Generic, firmware dvb-usb-it9135-02.fw and frontend Afatech AF9033 (DVB-T)

    all two not tuning at all.

    hi kszaq,
    after a short test period I decided to move to my faster SD card, made the backup with LE backup function, saved the fle to USB, made the new card, started, Krypton loaded, started LE restore, it downloaded the selected tar file for a while, asked for reboot, countdown, went back to setting menu, rebooted and... nothing happened. I've got the same empty system...
    Is there a way to manualy restore the files from the tar?

    You can do with ssh...

    Backup by run this script (or line by line without #!/bin/bash):

    1. #!/bin/bash
    2. systemctl stop kodi
    3. systemctl stop service*
    4. cd /storage/
    5. tar cfz settings.tar.gz .config .kodi .ssh
    6. mv settings.tar.gz .update
    7. sync

    then move setting.tar.gz to pc from update share, reboot to new system and copy to same share directory of new system, so you can restore with:

    1. #!/bin/bash
    2. systemctl stop kodi
    3. systemctl stop service*
    4. rm -rf /storage/.kodi
    5. sync
    6. tar xzf /storage/.update/settings.tar.gz -C /storage
    7. rm /storage/.update/settings.tar.gz
    8. sync 
    9. reboot

    I hope this helps :)


    I haven't no, i havent got my original one, do you know where i could get hold of it from?

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Open a ssh terminal (you can use putty for windows, just put ip of box on the connection box then user: root, password: libreelec)

    If you run from sdcard and not used installtointernal

    1. mkdir /tmp/system
    2. mount /dev/system /tmp/system
    3. cp /tmp/system/etc/remote.conf /storage/.config
    4. reboot

    else you can try:

    1. mkdir /tmp/system
    2. mount /dev/system /tmp/system
    3. cp /tmp/system/remote.conf /storage/.config
    4. reboot

    7.90.beta4a uploaded with a fix for HW-accelerated playback.

    Thank you! I have a problem, I bought an other one mxq but after reboot it I get this info:

    But 'old' mxq shows this:

    Can this be solved with vmalloc kernel option?