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    Hi guys, I am getting ready to build a new odroid C2 for the bedroom and will end up needing to buy a WiFi Module for the Odroid C2. I use the most current beta of Libreelec.

    I have an Asus Triband Router 5ghz or 2.4ghz. Can someone point me to WiFi Module that will work rite out of the box with the odroid and Libreelec. I dont want to mess with loading drivers etc.

    If you could let me know what works well for you, or any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. I am looking for the easiest and best possible performance. Thank you!

    Hi Guys, I have been auto updating to the latest version v7.95.3 with out a Hitch. No issues anywhere except about 10 minutes into the playback I get a static crack in the sound on all video files. I have a 32g emmc card pulling my files from a file server. I am curious if this is happening to anyone else. It has been happening several months. I can post a log if it is not a known issue? Please advise. Thank you and Great job to the developers!

    Thank you for the reply, that makes sense.. Can anyone answer if the issue below has been documented as a known issue? and if it is scheduled to be fixed? "The only Quirky thing is a few minutes into playing a file I Get a Static snapping sound?

    Hi Guys, I have been tinkering with my Odroid for a while now, I am currently using a Odroid C2, with 32gig emmc connecting with gig lan connection.
    I am using LibreElec (Kripton) v7.90.009 Alpha Love this release!

    So I am able to play 95% of my files now, I am not seeing any playback issues at all. No freezes no loss of internet connection All seems good. I never shut my Odroid off and very rarely reboot.

    The only Quirky thing is a few minutes into the file I Get a Static snapping sound? Is that a Known issue?

    Can someone Briefly explain what the Memory issue is and what problems it is creating? Sort of curious since I am not having issues?

    Developers! Thank you for all your hard work!


    Hi guys First off 720p plays flawless. 1080p files are Stuttering jerky. Larger files above 10 gigs buffer symbol comes up a lot.

    I have tried this directly off a USB flash drive and my Samba network connection, no change in playback
    Also My desktop pc plays the files fine and my popcorn hour a210 plays them fine.

    I am using Odroid C2, with 32gig emmc connecting with gig lan connection.
    I am using LibreElec (Kripton) v7.90.009 Alpha Love this release!
    My files are stored on File server using Samba , also tried on Usb flash drive
    Logfile is YEDX (For some reason I can not assess this Address at work it is blocked)

    See Screen shot of mem usage and Cpu Usage, This 10 gig file Runs almost all Cpu's up to 100% & Kodi Cpu up to 379.23 % Something dosent seem rite.

    I am not thinking it is a network issue because i can plug a usb drive directly into the C2 and it still is jerky. Plus I can plug the Popcorn hour into the same lan cable and it will play the file fine. And the Popcorn hour is only a 100mbs connection.

    Second screen shot is the media info of the file.

    I did also want to add that i tried HW acceleration is enabled & disabled, Disabled made it mush worse?

    Any Help appreciated. Thank you!

    Thank you for the reply, I will try that when I get home, Can you please give me a little more info on how to get to the file Hosts.conf I can remote in through windows but am not seeing /storage/.config/hosts.conf ( I can put the file in the ConfigFiles directory where the Dummy Host file lives) Will that work? Or is there some other way to get to it. The first screenshot shows what i see when i remote in. Sry guys just learning my way through.

    Hi OutCave, Still Must be missing something The first image is where I am Editing the file? I cant seem to locate the Storage folder? The Second Image is my workgroup name. The third Image is my Ip address on my Odroid & the 4th Picture is my is what the Smbshare looks like pointed to my Movies files.

    Could you possibly show me what my Hosts.conf file should look like with the info I provided? & some guidance on how to get where /storage/.config/hosts.conf is if I am not looking in the correct place? I just remoted in with the Ip of of my odroid but I am not sure if that will work.

    The Ip for my my Media server is Picture #5

    Any Help Greatly appreciated. After this I should be golden with the Latest release of Kripton it looks Fantastic!!!

    Ok Thank you so much for this post! I have had this same issue for weeks and I thought it was my network connection but it is exactly this. I did go in and rename my share and it worked perfectly. So Probably a Stupid Question but i want to try the fix above.

    Format: <ipaddress> <hostname1> <hostname2> Is this the Ip adress where my files are stored (for me it is a server i built that house my files or my odroid c2 address?)
    Is the hostname 1 the name of my Odroid C2 ? (It would be libreelec) & would Host name 2 be the name of my desktop as it is seen on the share? DESKTOP-UU0E2M1?
    Any help is appreciated!!