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    Skipping (FW/RW) issues seem to be fixed in k-rc2. I only had the issue with LiveTV (MythPVR) but this is a big win in my house. Wife is constantly saying "Did you see that?" then skipping back 30 seconds.

    Still having weird refresh rate switching issues. Seems like it switches twice on a channel change. Screen initially goes blank for a sec or two as expected, but then it occurs again appx 3-4 seconds later.

    Oddly (and perhaps a clue) enabling MythPVR's built in demuxing seems to solve the issue. However this makes me a bit nervous because the demuxing feature has been removed from the latest versions of the add-on.

    Something new in 8.0.1i, when watching live TV. When a commercial comes on with a different audio config (ie 2 vs 6 channels) the video continues fine, but the audio drops out for several seconds.

    I see the usual log messages where Kodi is creating a new audio stream, but now they are accompanied by the following error:

    1. ERROR: CActiveAEStream::Drain - timeout out

    Oddly I just noticed this only seems to happen when the audio source switches from 6 channels to 2 channels. From 2 to 6 works smoothly.

    Codec info displays info of the file stream you are playing not what your tv's refresh rate is.

    This is interesting because it's not what I've seen when I'm having problems. For instance I can be watching Fox news via mythtv/hdhomerun at 59.94, switch to a movie @29.97, then when I switch back to Fox I notice stuttering and codec info shows 29.97. Reboot is required at that point, kodi restart does not fix it. I do not see this behavior with refresh adjust turned off.

    I really need to sit down and take some more time to pin down the details (which is why I haven't filed a bug report.) But I need to understand what the actual expected behavior is in order to determine if it's a bug or user error. :-/

    Using Kszaq's builds 8.0.1e - 8.0.1h I find it necessary to turn off the Adjust display refresh rate option in Kodi settings. In previous builds I set it to Always or Start/Stop. With the setting on in these builds I have long delays switching channels, random crashing on video start, etc.

    I guess the question is, should LE be doing the refresh rate switching even with the option turned off? It certainly seems to be, at least according to what is reported in Codec Info. I guess I don't have a good grasp as to what the option is actually supposed to do.

    I haven't had much time to test or nail down any issues on a case by case basis, but I'm back to d for now. The e and f builds both cause some really random weirdness (long blank screen delays when changing channels, "random" reboots, freezing, odd blank screen delays at the end of files.)

    It's a shame because when it's actually playing f seems much smoother especially with frac rates.

    This is your second thread with a title taking passive-aggressive swings at the community for what you perceive is a lack of timely responses to your questions (Other time here.)

    I think you need to calm down a bit and exercise some patience. We've all been in the position of being frustrated with little nagging problems before (users and devs.) The fact is most of the time no one has an answer OR the one person on the planet who does hasn't come across your post yet OR the answer is complicated enough that the person needs to carve out a portion of their day to help you out.

    No one is intentionally ignoring you and your threads/posts seem to imply that.

    I'll look at user configs being wiped out - providing you're putting everything in the userdata directories it should just repopulate? Is it just the user key/cert that were the problem?

    It notified that all connections would need to be re-validated. Went into settings and tried to re-validate the 1st connection and it errored/timed out on every server I tried. I only glanced at the log, but it looked like it couldn't find the certs/key. I nuked everything and used the import wizard after both updates. If it happens next time I will be sure to document it as thoroughly as I can.

    after a period (30 seconds or so) VPN Mgr will get bored waiting for the connection to work and I think will shoot the task.

    Question is does the addon re-start the waiting period when openvpn failovers to the second remote line? Maybe setting resolv-retry to something very low like 10 would work.

    Really tho, if your provider is so unreliable that you expect server connections to fail that often, get a new provider. I don't think I've had any connectivity issues with mine in over a year.

    1 out of the 5 servers I like to rotate very occasionally flakes out lately. Unfortunately it's also the fastest by far, so I always try to use it. I just switch servers with the remote, but it's not wife-friendly enough around here. I'm sure the server issue will get worked out, but it can never hurt to futureproof.

    I'm using AirVPN via the User Defined mechanism because I want to specify specific servers. This is working wonderfully (except for the last two updates nuked my certs somehow.)

    Question is: Does VPN Manager do any kind of failover, meaning if connection 1 is unavailable will it try connection 2?

    I could not find anything in the wiki or over on the openelec forums regarding this.

    What I'm trying to do is setup a few ovpn files each with a set of remote directives. Supposedly openvpn will do a failover with multiple remote IPs if you leave out the remote-random directive. Problem is I think I would need to set the resolv-retry to something other than "infinite" in order to do so.

    What I'm wondering is what happens if I have 3 remote entries in the ovpn file for connection 1 with resolv-retry=60, what happens if all 3 fail. Am I correct in assuming that VPN manager would report connection failed and I would need to manually switch to connection 2?

    1. ERROR: COMXCoreComponent::DecoderEventHandler OMX.broadcom.audio_render - OMX_ErrorInsufficientResources, insufficient resources

    This line looks like a potential culprit. I'm not really up on Pi stuff, but you might want to look into allocating a little more RAM to the GPU via config.txt maybe?