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    That's a neat little box but part of the upgrade idea was to get a small form factor box that I could fit an optical drive in.
    I ended up going with the 1150 Shuttle case with a Pentium G3450. Going for a Core processor seems like overkill.

    Ah, an optical drive was not in your first post. In that case this is a good choice. :)

    I said "is mainly used" and I mean that in general.

    So any info on this subject will help illegal downloading.

    Come on, everybody knows that.

    You could try even something smaller.
    An Asrock Beebox for example. A very small box with plenty power for LibreElec. I use the one with a Celeron N3150. Works absolutely great!
    You do not need an i3 or i5 if you are only using it as a media player.

    I also had issues in the past that it did not show up in the settings menu, but it worked just fine. If Kodi sees the device and the TV is connecting (my TV shows it) everything should work. You might also try a different HDMI port on your TV.

    Have you checked on a different player? VLC for example? To make sure the player is the problem. The srt file could also be the cause of the problem.

    I don't think this is an LibreElec problem. You should post this on the Kodi forum.

    In my opinion it defeats the purpose of LibreElec if other major options are supported.

    LibreElec is meant as a minimal system to run Kodi. If there are add-ons or docker packages, that is fine. As long as the base of LibreElec stays minimal.

    If you want more options, you are better off using a suitable light Linux system so you can install any software you want.

    Just my opinion.

    The Raspbery Pi has not enough processing power for h.265. And there is no license available for h.265.

    You will need a processor with hardware h.265 decoder, or just a fast processor. The RPi is just not good enough.

    Most recent Intel processors have a h.265 decoder. I use a Celeron n3150, but a Celeron n3000 is also good.

    I have a network that is very busy at times, but no problems with using NFS and a synology NAS as server.

    It could also be a hardware issue, try a different network cable.

    I also connected a k810. Trust and connect works without pin code.
    This keyboard can switch between upto 3 devices. When switching the keyboard to OE or LE machine it does not auto connect. I think that is a Linux Bluetooth issue, not specific to LE and not limited to a RPi. My LE machine is an Intel Celeron.

    When switching to a Windows machine it is connected immediately. I still want to research this, but i really think this is an issue for al Linux setups.

    Ah, I had already installed and de-installed chromium on OE a while ago, before updating to LE.
    And when I reinstalled it again I saw that old settings were still there, so I thought all settings were fine.

    Thanks for your answer.

    I wanted to watch Netflix using chromium, but i found that was missing. For my Celeron n3150 I copied it from an 64bit Debian version to the chromium add-on bin folder. That worked.

    I'd recommend a NAS for storage and downloading tasks.

    I agree, I have used openelec on a RPi and RPi 2. And even on the RPi 2 I found Kodi just a little bit sluggish. And that is without anything else running. If you would use it simultaneously for downloading, and even unpacking, you will have a very slow responding system.

    Using another system like a NAS, or even another RPi is a much better idea.