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    Hi, I'm having problem with this addon too, the moonlight emb official has been updated to 2.3.0 and the addon has not been updated. It seems 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 don't work with latest's GFE version, so I'm wondering how can we get it updated. Any way to help to do this ?


    When you say that BT is no longer working. Was it previously working under an older LE release, or Ubuntu, or ??

    Current guess is we're missing the firmware for the BT device. This is easily explained if you came from Ubuntu or an older OE release, but would be an unexplained regression if you were using an earlier LE version.

    Hi Chewitt, sorry, I updated my post later saying it was working. Only failed when my WLAN was not configured but after rebooting worked fine. It's actually working all the time now without problems. So, both are working fine (WLAN0, WLAN1 and BT).

    The only strange thing I noticed is that when I turn off my windows, the Archer shut downs the light. When I turn off my Brix from LibreElec (your new version), the light stays on. Is it possible that is not closing the wifi for some reason ? (I do keep USB power on for wake up reasons, but Windows shuts the wifi off completly and LE seems not too).

    Any ideas ? Anyway, it's working amazingly, so THANKS a lot ! Will this be included in 8.0.2 ?

    Please test LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.0.1.tar and report whether the card works?

    Hi Chewitt, worked very well. Connected to 5 ghz and download was pretty fast. I got an error when connecting to the ssid using the wlan0 (external Wi-Fi was set as 0) but connected anyway. Error was saying something about remte app that could see.

    Also, my booth is not working now, could this be related to my brix Wi-Fi and btooth onboard sharing some hardware ? Just guessing...

    News: After reboot bt is working ok now. Strange.

    Thanks !

    Hi, this is very interesting... as I'm not able to get any VIDEO from the moonlight addon in x64. Can anyone help me ? I tried every option on the addon. I'm running latest GE version ( and it works perfectly on the same LE 8.0.1 on my RPi3, but no video on x64 (Brix Mini PC).

    Any ideas or recommendations for this problem ?


    I have this problem too. Moonlight on RPi3 works fine but on Gigabyte Brix (x64) I can pair, see the list of games but when I connect to the PC it just gets black video. Any chance to fix this ? I love moonlight via LE, it's really easy and fast on the Pi.


    Hi, I have an old Gigabyte Brix and I bought a new TPLink Archer T4U to be able to connect using AC but unfortunatelly, it's not working. Now my problem is that I cannot use it in LE because it's the Version 2 of the T4U and the normal driver does not work. I was able to make it work on Ubuntu using the following driver (see below) but making some changes:

    1) Driver: GitHub - gnab/rtl8812au: Realtek 802.11n WLAN Adapter Linux driver

    2) Then modify this lines adding the "0x010d" in /rtl8812au/os_dep/linux/usb_intf.c

    {USB_DEVICE(0x2357, 0x0101),.driver_info = RTL8812}, **
    {USB_DEVICE(0x2357, 0x010d),.driver_info = RTL8812},**

    3) Compiling.

    This is because the driver is not including this model, but it's based on the same chip actually (if I'm not wrong). Now my question is, is it possible to do something similar in LibreElec ?


    Ohhh, I understand the problem, I set just last week Refresh Rate for Movies to match movie so my display is switching to 24 for the movie, that's why my menu is slow... got it. I still can't decide if my projector (LG PB60G) moves better with 1080-60hz or 1080-24hz when playing movies... so I played with that and forgot. Thanks !

    Hi, RPi3 beta used to have a way to set internal resolution and FPS for the interface when playing video. I can't find this options on PC (x64 version at least) and when playing videos the interface gets really slow, like 15-20 fps maybe. Is it possible to fix this and get more fps on the interface when playing videos ? The PC is powerfull enough to handle that, much more than Pi so not sure why the slowdown.

    By the way, LE 7 didn't have this problem. Interface was pretty fast when playing.

    Thanks and great work, I love the new LE and Kodi versions.

    Nobody has any idea what could be the problem ? Can at least someone help me on finding a way to debug the problem ? I've checked libreelec boot logs and didn't find any issues, but still my WIFI is extremely slow and stoping sometimes, making me disable and enable the wifi adapter to work again.

    Doing some internet search I found something related to Windows 10 boot mode that could be affecting my wifi (fast boot if not mistaken), but I only installed Windows 10 for a month and I've already remove it, so not sure how to check that either now.

    Please, any ideas ? I'm kinda lost...


    Hi, I've been experiencing some problems with WIFI on my Gigabyte BRIX J1900 for a long time, in particular when receiving data from other sources, most of the time downloads seems to work "well" or at least with no notable issues.

    I've tried all Libreelec versions (and used to happen on OE too) but still same problem and couldn't find any solution yet. Does anyone know if there's any issue with the Realtek RTL8723BE wifi board that could be affecting my BRIX ? It seems to work fine in Windows but all OSES based on Linux seems to have the same problem (SteamOS, Lakka, LE...)

    To give an example, I boot my LE, start copying some files from my laptop to the BRIX Librelec and after some minutes, it starts slowing down to the point to become unusable, and even lost connection.

    Any ideas ?