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    Is that what you ordered, or a shipping mistake

    it is their error, I checked three times before I placed the order that I had the right number.

    They will not have stock until early Feb. They checked the parts bin and the lites they have are lites. Just the CM3 bin was populated with lites!

    I am returning them and have ordered some from RS which should arrive tomorrow.... and I checked the part number several times!


    NB: For the handful of people who are advance testing CM3 boards, the FiveNinjas folk requested the Slice2 image to be renamed to Slice3 to avoid user confusion. This means you will need to run "touch /storage/.update/.nocompat" before manually downloading the 7.95.1 beta else the compatibility check run during the update process will fail. It's technically possible for us to add an extra script to negate this, but with literally 5-6 people affected I've decided to finish something else and learn that trick another day :)

    Hi chewitt

    any news on the next update?

    any news on the bug I reported (rebooting Slice)? Do you need any more info / testing?

    I will be testing with a CM3 from tomorrow :D , postal system permitting :s


    I updated my slice to the 7.90.009 build from libreelec. Has anyone noticed that the transfer speeds are really really slow over EThernet/Wifi?For some reason after updating to the libreElec build (chewitt first and now the 009 one) the transfer speed are way slow as normally I can transfer about 2megs/secs and currently getting speeds about 130kilobytes/s. After a while the connection just breaks

    No problems speed-wise with mine, just the problem with play lists making it reboot when larger than a few CDs worth of tracks as reported earlier in the thread


    In case anyone wonders why there is no 7.90.010 build for Slice yet .. I have a cmake build issue with Kodi when patching support for the LED driver, and due to me being on the wrong continent doing family stuff for Christmas I don't have lots of time to spend looking at it.

    Family is way more important than .010 build issues (and my issue mentioned above), enjoy the break. I am sure folks will agree. BTW which continent are you on? Idle curiosity makes me wonder which one is wrong :D . If you are anywhere hot and sunny, maybe you need a re-think, (hot + sunny) != wrong :cool: Here on the south coast of England it is blustery and wet at present.

    Seasons Greetings

    v7.90.009 is released.

    hi chewitt

    I think I may have managed to break this build. (that is what beta testing is for :D )

    Envionment is Slice running build .009 NTFS HDD WD Blue 1TB keyboard and mouse USB attached
    Music Library has about 715 items, alll FLAC from CDs which equates to 10757 tracks.

    The same fault exists in build .008 as I retested there too.

    I can crash this build every time if I do the following

    1) select CD to play (plays as expected)
    2) save playlist from blade works fine and carries on playing

    1) select CD to play (plays as expected)
    2) select CD to queue
    3) save playlist from blade works fine and carries on playing

    1) select CD to play (plays as expected)
    2) select CD to queue
    3) select CD to queue
    4) save playlist from blade, after entering name to save and 'OK' music still playing
    then pop up window appears "Scanning media info" and then disappears and a few
    seconds later: Slice reboots.

    Playlists are saved correctly.

    Alternate failure scenario:
    Go to music/playlists screen and select a playlist to play:
    Load playlists (created as above) 1,2,3,4 and 5 CDs in a playlist work fine and can select playlist from blade OK
    Load a playlist with 6 CDs (113 items in list), plays fine but when select playlist in blade I see the "scanning meda info" popup and it reboots.

    Happy to provide more testing as needed


    Dec 07 11:12:01 nkdslice sh[1675]: dispmanx_vncserver: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Make sure your LE repository is up to date (force an update by clicking on "Check for updates" in the blade menu within the add-ons browser) and that you are then able to download 8.1.102.


    thanks, if you saw my earlier reply, I was wrong, I did the update on the earlier version so no wonder I was confused. ( have a bad head cold at present so I blame that!)

    Anyway, yes it works as you suggested, no need to reinstall the add-on, just did a manual update and it works fine again.

    thanks and kudos to you

    hi Chewitt

    I have now loaded .009 and testing on my audio system, thanks to milhouse for helping get VNC working.

    I am impressed with the way Chorus 2 has matured, my reason for using VNC was to select music for playing, as the Slice is headless. I could not get on with any of the web based interfaces, they did not do what I wanted or were very slow (or both!). I tried early version of Chorus 2, it was OK and the best so far to that point but still slow. I suspect that the underlying slowness was caused by the earlier versions of Libre / Kodi. In the current version it is fast and is now on my list for further testing with a view to using it rather than VNC.

    I have a large collection of music, over 700 CDs converted to flac, so a fast interface is appreciated.

    Keep up the good work

    Can you install 009, enable debug logging then try to install the VNC service. Then run:

    cat /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log | pastebinit
    journalctl -a | pastebinit

    and post the links.

    after shutdown, remove power and reboot to retry install


    Log of process followed is below

    • Notes from install v .009 vnc test
    • Using UltraVNC Viewer version
    • VNC working in .008
    • Copy .009 tar to .update
    • Reboot Slice
    • .009 updated OK, verified version number on boot and in System Info
    • VNC try to connect: VNC failed to connect to server screen
    • Uninstall VNC add-on from Slice
    • Add-ons Services uninstall: OK
    • Enable debug logging
    • Install Raspberry Pi VNC 8.0.102 by Anton Voyl: does not give any indication of installing after select “install”, wait a few minutes. (install on v .008 shows an install message as soon as install is selected)
    • Turn off logging
    • ABaW
    • MFJX
    • Power off Slice, remove power
    • Turn on Slice, boot OK (no VNC add-on installed)
    • Enable logging
    • Select add on as above and click install. Same result, wait a minute, reselect and try to install again, same result.
    • New logs JhVD and FgPe

    Hope this helps

    v7.90.009 is released.

    hi Chewitt

    I have installed the .009 version and I find that the Raspberry Pi VNC service no longer works. I uninstalled the service and it refuses to re-install. Did remove service, reboot device, then add service back in etc and still not working. Reverted to .008 build and it installs and runs as before.

    I use my test Slice headless and VNC to access the device for loading music.

    Happy to retest any suggestions / updates


    I am using the following at the moment


    Its seems to have fixed the temp hitting 80C while updating the library, but i am still not happy with the temps i am getting, just sitting idle its hitting 57C

    Good point re CPU and board providing the flexibility. Gordon's solution of several sheets of thin copper and heatsink compound will help maintain that.

    Any chance you could try a solution like Gordon's as your quiescent temperature is fairly high? That would provide an indication of the efficiency of each solution at quiescent and load scenarios.


    I used a standard small square heat sink that I trimmed and filed to fit between the chip and the lid, unfortunately, because the CM1 has the memory stacked on top, I suspect that the gap between chip and lid will change on CM3. :(
    Regards, Kevin.

    Kevin, I suspect you are correct. My main concern for wanting a 'more exact' measurement is the need to ensure there is no mechanical strain on the CPU which could cause the solder joints to fracture during hot / cold cycling as the assembly expands and contracts. (These days manufacturing HAS to use the lead-free solder, which in my experience, is much less "flexible" than the good old lead-based stuff, and is much more likely to fracture or develop a 'dry joint'. Under a microscope lead-free solder has a much more crystaline structure than the good old stuff).

    The Five Ninjas may well have some prototype Slice cases which can be cut e.g. half way across the CPU to determine the thickness more accurately and then, if we are lucky and ask nicely (pretty please :) ), may be able to provide a CM3 and heatsink for the upgrade.

    A sticky thermal transfer pad would also work to help reduce mechanical strain, depending on the width of the gap, but not as efficient as a lump of copper and good quality heat sink compound.

    Another thought: have you a hard drive installed in the case? If so have you monitored the HD temperature after your Slice has been running hard for a while? I don't push my Slice hard, I only use it for audio playback and lower resolution video at present.


    The CM3 will definitely need some form of heatsink, I get the temp gauge when updating the library, will have a test with some heatsinks this weekend

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    Mike, any update on experiments with heatsinks?

    *** edit
    Seems like the post before happened while I was posting here and over on the Five Ninjas forum!

    There should be some flexibility in the heatsink so that there is no undue strain on the soldered conections leading to mechanical breakage as the device is thermally cycled. IMHO :)


    This is my solution to the CM3 heat problem... Its a few layers of copper sheet cut with heatsink compound between each layer and then araldite applied around the outside (not between the layers!). Finally some heatsink compound on the 2837 chip on the CM3 and you've got an awesome heatsink...


    Gordon, that seems like a good solution allowing mechanical flexibility and heat transfer, pretty much what I would do if I had an updated CM ! Of course I would be more than happy to test one :D