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    niabi - what is the script you use please to scrape for box art? I've been searching but not finding it (I want to edit it to scrape game screenshots instead of box art)

    EDIT: I've found two copies of the 'scraper' binary - one is about 4KB an in the BIN folder, the other is about 8KB and in the ROMS\NEOGEO folder.

    thank you.

    bug report with version 1.8.5 - I have MAME ROMs and no matter which MAME core I set in ES (MAME2003, ADVANCEMAME, MAME2010 etc.) it will not load and run the zipped 1943 ROM set.

    but if I an retroarch and select CORE -> MAME2003 and then LOAD CONTENT - 1943.ZIP - the game loads and runs with no issues. happens a lot with other MAME rom sets as well.

    it appears that the MAME settings in ES are only using the FBA core.

    I had problems with the ps4 pad too but the solution is easy, with a keyboard and pad disabled, you go to input 1, go to bind all and connect the DS4, and do the assistant with the corresponding keys, I think there is a failure with the L2 and you will have to do it manually, but once done the configuration is saved and it is totally usable

    Hi DarzLir - any chance you can copy the config file and share it please? Might be easier for some people.

    thank you for your hard work and time Niabi - I haven't updated yet to version 1.84 but I did buy a couple of new SD cards tonight so I will test / upgrade over the weekend.

    the only issue I have encountered since has been the screen size / resolution - when I play almost any game the top or bottom of the original screen is cut off, I have to manually change the aspect ratio to get it to display on the screen (1080p) correctly without being cut off - any way you can suggest to have the automatic aspect ratio sized correctly? also it'd be nice to add bezels to the emulated games, but one step at a time.

    thank you.

    thanks doggyofone - I saw your post but it was for a different model.

    I have progressed.. I still had the ''original'' 102K4 firmware on the M8, so I looked for newer and couldn't find an official firmware - but I did much reading and installed the ReMiX 115K4 firmware - which works well and also allows me to boot from SD card.

    EDIT: link to ReMiX here - [ROM] RemiX 115k4 >>>s802 -

    I literally just tried rebooting the media player with libreelec on SD card and it boots, does some checking and gives me a lot of error messages but the main error message seems to be with thinking the SD card is read only.

    repairing filesystem...

    ?? invalid argument

    Read-only file system

    .ext4: Read-only file system while trying to open /dev/mmcblk0p1

    write-protected; use the -n option to do a read-only

    fsck failed. Yout system is broken beyond repair

    please re-install LibreELEC

    so this is on a known working SD card that I can boot to libreELEC on my s905 media box.

    more reading.

    EDIT: I cannot format my SD card now so probably bad - I don't have another one to test. Will have ot buy on on Thursday (payday).

    hi all, I'm hoping someone can please help me - I have an old Beelink M8 box - one of the first round black and red coloured media players and I've tried the following images on SD card, but nothing boots.. I just have the grey boot screen (which flickers a few seconds after initial boot.. then nothing).




    I have used win32diskimager to write them to the known working SD card but none of them appear to work.

    is there another boot image I should be using? is my box bound for the rubbish? any comments / help much appreciated. thank you.

    EDIT: also I want to check my expectations - the unpacked IMG on the SD card should be booted to, just like my newer mini M8S box does right? I don't need to update the firmware on the Beelink and it's internally booting from that correct?

    EDIT 2: Friday - no comments? I'm asking about booting as early libreelec needed to install to NAND from memory, it didn't boot from SD card. Should I try booting from USB?

    EDIT 3: I've now tried LibreELEC-S802.M8.arm-8.0.RC4.img written to SD card using win32diskimager and I press the toothpick in the AV port and feel the button click, hold it in for count of 5 then let go.. but still no booting from the SD card. what am I doing wrong please? thank you.

    EDIT 4: Sunday.. wow no comments or assistance, slightly surprising considering how active this thread has been recently. Ok so looks like the S802 cannot boot direct from an SD card unless you install a modified bootloader? I'm reading up how to do that for my Beelink M8 S802 round box, but would still appreciate any assistance / comments on booting libreelec + Kodi on this system. Thank you.

    It seems its more to me like a hardware problem on your end, I 've tested my PS4 controller, my Xbox one and my Xbox 360 controller without a problem I even connected all at once.

    The reason you configure less buttons is because RetroPie uses ES configuration for other emulators, which I don't since I mainly use RA, I only enabled the buttons we need for navigation in ES.

    as for the SMB.conf it has been fixed on the latest commit (Fix samba shares · shantigilbert/[email protected] · GitHub), but there is no binary yet.

    many thanks Niabi - maybe I am not using the correct dtb with my box and there is an issue with the USB? Don't know.. the Windows receiver and the xbox 360 joypad work fine.

    now I'm off to find out how to define a quit game, go back to ES macro - currently I have to go into RA, then select QUIT and ES loads again from the start.

    there are LOTS of forums etc. for ES on raspberry pi - but not a lot fo ES on amlogic.

    something I have noticed when I configure my controller from ES - it ask me to configure UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A, B, X, Y, START, SELECT, left shoulder and right shoulder - that is all it asks me - just mentioning this as I was just watching a youtube video where someone was configuring their joystick using ES on a raspberry Pi and it asked them to configure triggers buttons and analogue controllors as well.

    EDIT 1: yes, it does it in native Lakka as well - I have now tried 3x different official PS4 joysticks and 1x third party xbox one wired joystick. I'm looking for my xbox 360 joypads to test them.

    EDIT 2: I went and bought a windows xbox 360 receiver and joypad and it works.. so it looks like it is just terrible support for PS4 and XBOX ONE joypads.. which sucks, as I have 3x PS4 joypads.. well hopefully this helps other people and they don't spend so long messing around as I did.

    Now I need to go back to the SMB share not working correctly after editing the smb.conf file or the samba.config.sample files.

    Everything seems to be as it should, it detects it and identifies it correctly. I see you have other stuff connected to the USB, have you tried disconnecting everything except the gamepad? its weird that this happens with the Xbox 360 gamepad as well, since I was using one yesterday without a single problem.

    yes, I removed the air mouse usb controller and also tried a different PS4 joystick and a different USB cable and it still happens.

    if this is happening with the Xbox360 pad as well it might be your hardware? I use a Xbox 360 pad a lot and I have never had any problems with it.

    if you connect through SSH can you type

    dmesg | paste

    and post the results.

    thank you for your help - I hope this helps:


    the specifics for the PS4 joystick appear to be:

    later in the full cap file you can see where I was disconnecting, then reconnecting the PS4 joystick to make it work inside Retroarch.

    also, just in case it is of any use, my es_input.cfg entry is:


    <inputConfig type="joystick" deviceName="Sony Computer Entertainment Wireless Controller" deviceGUID="030000004c050000c405000011010000">

    <input name="a" type="button" id="1" value="1" />

    <input name="b" type="button" id="2" value="1" />

    <input name="down" type="hat" id="0" value="4" />

    <input name="hotkeyenable" type="button" id="9" value="1" />

    <input name="left" type="hat" id="0" value="8" />

    <input name="leftshoulder" type="button" id="4" value="1" />

    <input name="right" type="hat" id="0" value="2" />

    <input name="rightshoulder" type="button" id="5" value="1" />

    <input name="select" type="button" id="9" value="1" />

    <input name="start" type="button" id="12" value="1" />

    <input name="up" type="hat" id="0" value="1" />

    <input name="x" type="button" id="0" value="1" />

    <input name="y" type="button" id="3" value="1" />



    also looking in /tmp/joypads/udev/Sony-PlayStation4-DualShock4-Controller.cfg

    my joystick is being correctly identified and enumerated - 054c/05c4 = 1356/1476

    Es_systems.cfg is basically made for the systems I play and "support" directly, I know this might sound bad, but since this started as more or less a personal project I hardly ever needed to add other systems.

    Now the reason they are 2 mame entries there is because one is for AdvanceMAME and one is for the MAME included in Retroarch

    Hi Niabi - no that is fair it is your project after all.

    May I please ask what the es_systems.cfg entries would be for both the built in MAME (I'm assuming older version) and the AdvanceMAME launchers would be?

    I cannot load any of the older MAME roms in the \arcade folder.. the advancemame folder game launch with no issues.

    I recently got a PS4 so I can test the PS4 controller, how are you connecting to it? wired? I would assume the RA has a PS4 autoconfig out of the box, but I haven't tested it.

    You can see all the paths in the Retroarch settings, use the keyboard to navigate to it and check them there.

    I've been connecting wired - I tried bluetooth pairing under Kodi but the PS4 joystick switches off and does not remain paired.

    I found if I play a game, then unplug the joystick and reconnect it . I can then press both analogue joysticks to get to the retroarch menu.. however I have to constantly disconnect and reconnect the joystick to be able to do anything in the retroarch menu. if I exit the retroarch menu, I have to do the same disconnect and reconnect.. but then at least I can play the game.

    same thing with my xbox 360 joystick I borrowed.

    is there any way to run any of the retroarch cores from ssh or a script, so I can verify that retroarch is actually running? then I might also be able to configure my joysticks to work within games. thank you.

    EDIT: ok, I found the retroarch executable in the /usr/bin folder - if I give the command to execute it from winscp it runs (looks like another session runs.. as ES is still running in the background) and it recognised my PS4 joypad.. but would only allow me to select left/right and either top or bottom options in any lists. a/b/x/y etc. buttons do not work.

    EDIT 2: ok.. if I connect a USB keyboard to the S905x I can use the retroarch menus and configs fine - but as soon as I connect the PS4 joypad with USB cable I cannot move (retroarch detects the PS4 joypad connected successfully).

    So I then tried to remap all controls to the joystick and it is sort of successful - but when I select "User 1 Save Autoconfig" it shows me an error message - "error saving autoconf file" - so I am guessing this may be an issue as to why retroarch isn't loading or saving joypad configs?

    where does retroarch save it's config files etc? as there is no /opt/retropie/emulationstation etc. folder with this build. and I cannot see any files anywhere over winscp - only downloaded jpg files and the gamelist.xml when I scrape the system games roms. here is my es_systems.cfg - maybe you can some lines copy and paste to make yours work ... or you take this and change only the path to the roms. Hope thats helps.



    Many thanks SSC_Jarod - NEO GEO is now showing up thanks to your help!

    I've done some more editing and added in entries so I can also have the ''groupings'' of CPS1, CPS2 and CP3 games and they now show up as well.

    So pretty sure I've sussed out the es_systems.cfg for adding in new systems and roms - thank you for your assistance.

    I borrowed an XBOX 360 joypad and it works (once configured) in the ES menu, but also does not work inside any games / systems. Also I noticed that both the wired USB cable xbox 360 joystick and the PS4 joystick both only ask to detect the shoulder buttons.. not the trigger, or the analogue joysticks.. is that normal?

    another thing is I noticed some games are being ''cut off'' at the top and bottom of the screen - I'm assuming because their upscaled ratio doesn't fit nicely on the screen - any way to force games to display nicely on a 1080p screen please?

    Lastly if I can figure out how to use bezels and overlay artwork then I'll be a very happy person!

    Thank you niabi for porting ES for us!