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    im not an expert user, my best knowledge only log in putty and changing something in a text file, do you thing this is somekind of pi's only uboot thingies or can we just copy paste this command in kodi /storage/.config/autorun?

    thanks klojum

    hello guys

    i might need some help, im about to install singage like video to our store (charity project), but it designed vertically just like smartphone screen, if i play this video in kodi it only display small portion in the middle of the screen, i just want to play it in fullscreen with the tv rotated vertically, and no such setting to rotate the screen in kodi. kodi with amlogic box is the simplest and cheapest method, can anyone help me or point me to the right direction, thank you so much

    I try 4.8 est powervu channels and oscam found key 2ms but no picture channels. Pls share your oscam config for powervu. Official tvheadend dont support extended cw Oe 2.0 and 2.1.

    oscam conf? here is mine

    i believe the channel encrypt using powervu des, current tvheadend has trouble decrypt it

    Again, software violating copyrights rules is unsupported by LE community. And finally issue is in oscam-emu. There are lot of descrambler errors:

    if it was OSCAM emu error, then why some of the channel work and some dont, same 1080p quality channel, but anyway if it's against the rule i apologies.

    thanks a lot afl1

    @afl i was watching channels from Measat C 91.5E, here's the result with powervu channel

    using version service.tvheadend42-8.2.112h

    AXN runs perfect

    BBC Earth runs smooth but no sound

    Setanta HD blank


    AXN stuttering with sound

    BBC Earth stuttering with sound

    Setanta HD blank

    i'm using latest 11391 oscam emu

    do you have any clue?