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    Pls, always provide complete log file.

    Mux default definition for transponders in tvh can be outdated. Verify muxes with definitions. In your log I see a lot of wrong transponder definitions (3814V, 3520H, 3644H, 3714H, ...).

    Also verify Configuration->Channel/EPG->EPG Grabber Modules: 'Over-the air: EIT: DVB Graber' have to be allowed.

    thanks afl1 i will update log once i got home, i'm at office now

    OK, after hours of playing with tvh, here is my finding so far

    setting for combination of LNBs in diseq 8x1

    - set LNB --> for Non Universal, rotor blabla..

    - creating network according to satelite target

    - set each LNB with the sat name and attach the network that we have created previously

    - set each LNB with switch generic, for 8x1 we need to leave committed switch to none, and uncommitted switch according to the port -1 ( if i plug Thaicom KU Band to port 3 then we choose 2)



    hope it helps someone setting tvh-libreelec for the first time like me :)

    sorry for the english :)

    EDIT : oops to early to celebrate, now i still can not find most of channels which is easily discover by cheap stb, i dont remember how i could scan channel on the first time, i though by changing values in adapter file, but after second retry on a clean system, it keeps saying scan no data, poll time out, retune no data blabla, here i attach the log, hope crazycat or afl1 might have a look why this tuner keeps failing find channels on c-band satelite, is it the driver or wrong tvhsetup on my side :(


    • tvh.log

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    ahh at last, i can see some channel being grabbed, but i need to change from dvb-s2 to dvb-s in mux although it is dvb-s2 signal...

    edit : this seems unnecessary

    is it only me not knowing this "phenomen0n" on this tuner or tvh ?

    now i understand the addon message the author not responsible for "wasted hours" :)

    EDIT : i can really laugh since all tired day because of error message when submitting this post, so many censored word including phenomen0n, w eight, what;s happened to this so called "libre" forum

    thanks wrxtasy , been struggling this for hours and thanks for the link that you gave me, but still not moving forward

    after suspecting my diseq that cause trouble, i hook the box directly to dish

    here what VDR says

    1. [ [email protected]] i2c i2c-2: Load avl6862 firmware patch for DVB-S/S2 size=44000
    2. [ [email protected]] i2c i2c-2: avl6862 patch ver 2.0 build 20621
    3. [ [email protected]] DMX: too many filters
    4. [ [email protected]] DMX: too many filters
    5. [ [email protected]] DMX: too many filters
    6. [ [email protected]] DMX: too many filters
    7. [ [email protected]] DMX: too many filters
    8. [ [email protected]] DMX: too many filters
    9. [ [email protected]] DMX: too many filters

    after following the steps in pdf and i assume that it is the same with dvb-s, and here what TVH says

    i made sure that DTV in android running flawlessly

    what else can i try

    EDIT : this message contains cencored words w e i g h t 3x, so i change it to w8, but why???

    well, i just bought Mecool K1Pro and i've got trouble configuring it in kszaq's Libreelec

    i've installed VDR Service addons and VNSI Client, configuring it with VDR Configuration but scanning i've got nothing.

    Same with TVHeadend, and i thing it's really confusing because the setting not like any other standard stb

    anyway this is the first time i'm using Libreelec in amlogic box with built in tuner, i've seen Libreelec 8.1.6 support Mecool K1 Pro and that's motivates me to purchase this box

    here is my dish installation

    dish ---> diseq switch 8x1 -->port 1: S91.5E Measat (C Band Linear)

    -->port 2: S98E Chinasat 11 (Universal 10600)

    -->port 3:S78.5E Thaicom 5/6 (KU Band 9750/10600)

    -->port 4:S91.5E Measat (Universal 9750/10600)

    i can easily setup those in enigma2 box and plenty of standard stbs but not with box

    can anyone suggest me which addons work best with this box, tvheadend or vdr? and if please kind enough to show me the settings :D


    ok glad to hear 8.0.2d now support lirc

    now what, i have lirc recorded file for my enigma box,

    1.where to put this file?

    2.what name? to activate it?

    the things that i have done but no effect, put the configuration remote file into /storage/.config --> nothing

    add line "lircd /storage/.config/lircd.conf" into autostart --> nothing

    good job as always and thanks kszaq


    I've seen new channel group in Apstar Satelite, Fashion TV group, which listed

    SD, HD and even UHD (HEVC main10) channel, all of them playing smooth with my s905, but some new SD channels which i think use x265 codec not playing very well, perhaps these type of channel will become the future transponder standard content, i uploaded recorded ts file, if kszaq have spare time please consider to look at it, thanks

    file --> 24_7 FASHION WEEKS(20170529_144232) . tsv

    hi, just want to request to anyone in this sub forum who has successfully configured spotify_connect-web using our lovely s905 boxes

    i use latest K3 > KszaqKodiKrypton Beta2 :), i have placed spotify app key, i have configured the setting (user, pass, devices), and mixer set to 'PCM'

    but i don't know either how to connect or if the device is even running

    please anyone kindly enough to share step by step turorial if you have successfully play spotify through kodi
    thanks a lot and excuse my english

    The addon will not work without a mixer.

    I have encountered the same issue with an Odroid C2. Not sure how to solve it, maybe with a software mixer. But then, you need to ask someone who knows how to do that on LE.

    hmm, i have no clue who's that someone, i just keep an eye on this thread instead
    keep up the good work awiouy

    Have you used the configuration wizard in the settings of the addon?

    What is your sound device? What device and mixer does the wizard report?

    wow that was too quick reply
    yup i have filled some informations on the wizard, user/pass and picked one of the available playback device which is default:CARD=AMLM8AUDIO, but in the mixer setting only blank typable box, dont know what to fill in there

    what else should i try?

    hi i try this addon for kszaq's LE8.0 32bit userspace, i'm using MXQ Quick Play s905
    i've received email from spotify, and placed the attachment in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.spotify-connect-web/
    when i execute

    please help, thanks

    -how to use lirc function anyway, do we still need Lirc.xml in /userdata? and when i try to load protocols it shows

    1. LibreELEC:~/.kodi/userdata # ir-keytable -p NEC,RC-5,RC-6,JVC,SONY,LIRC,OTHER
    2. /sys/class/rc/: No such file or directory

    -vu plus addon unable to load dlls in 32 bit version
    -i also feel the terrible boot fail in mxq pro quick play, estimation 1 success from 3 attempts