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    Thank you for your help.
    I am all set up now.

    I didn't know I had to publish it.
    I was still in 'trai ning'.

    In case anyone else searches and finds this:
    After the video,

    On cloud platform page, go to APIs and Services>Oauth consent screen

    Under 'Publishing status' it stated 't raining'. Click on it and it goes to 'In production'.

    Then, go back to YT add on and click sign in. Put the codes in the site, repeat by putting the next code into the site again.

    It then auto signs in for you on your device and 'my subscriptions' appears.

    If you're running Libreelec 10, then download alpha6+matrix

    The zip file you downloaded should be placed in a Libreelec shared folder. In Kodi, navigate to Addons and select "install from zip". Navigate to the zip file you downloaded and install it. You may have to sign in twice, generating new codes.

    Thank you so much for your help.
    I am all up and running.
    playing lag free YT. ^^

    (I am still on Librelec 9 so downloaded without matrix)

    Do you happen to know how it works when it is working properly?
    As in, should I be able to see my subscribed channels etc etc?
    Or is that not a thing on the kodi version?

    Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.

    Could I please get some more help?
    So, I see the buffering issue now that I can log in :)

    I see the discusion by people doing clever things:
    Playback issues with YouTube Addon

    Then they send to github:…be/releases/tag/6.x.x-dev

    and say "Install addon from zip file in kodi."

    would somebody mind telling me how to do that kind of step by step?
    I am thinking I am accessing my libreelec pi from my pc via ssh (I can do that).
    Is that right?

    Also, am I downloading alpha6 or alpha6+matrix please?

    There may be new instructions for generating your own API Keys. Post your questions on Kodi's addon forum here: Kodi's YouTube Addon Support Thread

    Thank you

    Just to finish off my little bit trying to log on.

    External Content
    Content embedded from external sources will not be displayed without your consent.
    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

    Time to work out how to do the alpha thing. :)

    Yes, I shall search the buffering again at a later date.

    The add on on librelec tells me to go to a link and follow the instructions.
    Takes me then to this video:

    External Content
    Content embedded from external sources will not be displayed without your consent.
    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

    At 57 seconds it tells me to click on a link 'API key'.

    I don't have that link.

    At that point, I don't know what to do.
    I wondered if there might be a new set of instructions or something.


    It will be interesting.
    It is a slight side issue from the LE conversation.
    But, it will answer a few questions for me without messing with my LE pi.
    So is quite handy.

    Actually, i could even load LE on it and test it with my music as well couldn't I?

    I have been measuring power usage of things around the house (bit surprised how many watts opening a couple of browser windows is)

    This Pi i got is a 4GB RAM fortunately.
    I am interested to its power usage in real world.
    If it is as low as it seems, I might just leave it on as a music sharer which means I can jump on it rather than powering up the main pc.
    Just for little things .... like forum responses :), emails.

    I won't be getting rid of the main pc just yet :)

    My mum is in her early seventies and has seen the pi400 and is pretty interested, so it will give me a chance to see how well it works and see if it suitable for her. She really isn't a big user.
    I am interested how warm it gets with an hdd and running le and music.
    Also whether it is noisy using it as tv storage. As it is sequential reading and playing, I wonder if I will hear it.
    How noisy might it be. If it only has music on, and i leave it on, it mightn't be so bad. Dunno.
    I agree, I I have a little 40GB ssd that someone gave me that I am thinking of using as boot drive.
    So, it will give me a bunch of experience with a load of little things.
    I haven't really played with pi other than set them up to do a task.

    I will be a two LE machine man for a bit. Luxurious huh?

    OK, thank you all for your inputs.
    I am going to hedge my bets.
    Things have changed a bit.

    I now have a pi4 in my hand.
    So I will use that separately.
    I am curious to see how well that works as a desktop actually anyway.
    I can leave it powered on all the time (as opposed to powering up my main pc all the time), play with using it as a file server, play with mounting hdd and ssd. See how the noise is and things like that. Gain a bit more experience playing.

    While leaving my LE pi unmolested. (for now)

    I shall be referring back to this conversation in the future.
    Thank you very much.

    Thanks for that.
    I am thinking i need extra power to run just the one hdd.
    But, just adding up the numbers I shouldn't do.
    Hdd 700mA
    Pi4 640mA

    Flirc 100mA

    2x tuners (can't remember.)

    But when I plugged the hdd in before it clicked which meant low power.

    But i have just remembered, I think the sata to usb adapter was faulty.

    I think it might have destroyed an ssd, when it was plugged into my pc, a usb torch broke plus i seem to have some lasting effects from it.

    So, possibly it was that, not the lack of power.
    I need to get a decent quality adapter, the last one cost me a few quid.

    I use my Pi4 as the media machine for my theatre, my torrent client, whole house file server with multiple drives, automatic scheduler of certain events, and it barely breaks a sweat.

    I didn't have to install any "external" software, just LE and some supported addons (all of which are discussed here in these forums).

    Your use case certainly doesn't require multiple devices. Only a need if you want them separate so your eggs aren't all in the same basket. Load isn't a concern at all.

    OK, thank you very much for that.
    Can I ask how you have it all set up?
    Hardware mainly.
    Do you have extension boards or usb hubs or anything?

    Hmmmm, now i am more undecided.
    I agree with the whole modular aspect actually.

    I am just about to replace my tv.
    I am just working out whether to get a monitor and (I have the libreelec externally already obvs) and i want to make some better speakers so i then need to think about the amp.
    Like you say, if one thing then goes pop, or wants upgrading, I don't have to throw the whole thing away.

    I was hoping to keep costs and clutter down, but you make a good point.
    A pi doesn't cost a lot to run for the year does it?

    I just had a thought actually.
    To keep the cost down, can I use a pi zero with an hdd?
    Would that work?
    I imagine even a zero can manage sharing files?

    Is that the words I need?
    'file server' ?

    Once i realised i didn't need the itx, I was going to set up a pi4 as a stand alone file server.
    As you say, stick rpi OS lite or something on it and i saw suggested samba I think.

    Then I realised the pi would be being completely underutilised and if I can squeeze it on my LE pi even better.

    No need for an extra pi running.
    If it is on my LE pi, then the decision is made for me isn't it?
    Use LE. Or are you suggesting running a second os on the same pi?

    I did start on the lines of a 2.5" to USB cable. I think it was faulty as something made a right mess of some of my things.
    Destroyed an ssd a torch and was messing about with my dac which seems fine now. etc etc

    I agree with the SSD thing for sure.
    I like quiet. Although, I was wondering whether the HDD would make much noise as it is always on and only playing music.
    I like the idea of low power draw too.
    I still think I might need some more hardware as I was thinking i would want two drives.
    One for the tv, the other dedicated to music. I only have one spare USB slot atm.
    I was also wondering about the extra heat that might be created. Somewhat concerned.

    I do have a 2.5" 750GB HDD kicking about already.
    Plus second hand 1TB ones are only about £20.
    As opposed to 70-80 for used 1TB SSD.
    (open to being convinced however)

    Definitely something you can do. Check out things like DLNA which help make it happen, but there are tons of other ways to achieve it as well. The load on the Pi is quite minimal.

    Great, thanks.

    That will be fun.

    Is DLNA what LE/Kodi uses?

    I spent a fair amount of hours the other week setting up an old mini itx with Open media vault before I realised how little resources it needs.
    I really didn't understand what i was doing and eventually realised I don't need all that OMV complication, I just need to file share from somewhere.


    I will wait until I can get my bigger brain out of the drawer and have a crack at it all.
    I am thinking i need a usb power bank or expansion board...... or something.

    I get so confused with a lot of this.

    I have not long been using my Pi4 as Librelec and am loving it.

    I see that I can access recorded stuff over my local network.

    I was going to set up another pi as a music storage device that I can play on other devices.
    But I realised how little resources playing music from a central storage place uses.

    (I set up an old mini itx board and it hardly touched the sides of it)

    I haven't got as far as adding external devices to my libreelec pi yet.
    I plan on doing so.

    I thought maybe, as this pi is always on, I could add another drive for my music storage.

    I am aware that I will need to think about power. Especially as I was planning on using 2.5" hdd due to their low second hand cost.
    Oh, plus USB ports.

    I take this is something people do is it?
    Or does it push the pi too much?


    Brilliant, easy when you know how right?
    I was trying to work out how to re-install.
    Where i was only allowed me to disable.

    I disabled, then enabled it.....

    All good again.
    Thank you very much for your help.