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    Like I said, I don't want mini PCs, boards or anything like this. Simple android box where I can install Libreelec on the SD card will be fine.

    Android is not the box. You are running ARM kit with custom OS installed by vendor. That OS happens to be Android.

    If you expect to use cheap Chinese media center, stick to OS provided by vendor.

    If you like to tinker with the kit, get RPi and install libreelec on it.

    Pointing at obvious. Android is operating system. Libreelec comes with operating system too. We are well passed the time when we needed other operating system on same box to install OS, if we have install medium.

    40 USD range is low end media center range. Your A95x media center has same CPU as RPi 3. You don't like RPi yet you seem to be using exactly same technology.

    In local store I see only one media center option for around 70 euros. RPi4 + non default case would be around 100 USD. Adding extra options might double the price. And this does not include storage.

    Other mini PC options offer local storage options. They cost more, but are more capable in long term.

    did not in any way ask for spoon feeding, and you are insulting in your statement, no matter what or who you are here.

    A full path to said file is all I ask for and you REFUSE it thanks for the non answer. I have no idea where a commandline.txt file goes it is unique to libreelec , which is why I posted here.

    Funny how certain people are allowed to repeatedly publish gruff replies and other are banned for it here.

    You failed to explain why you need to over customize your setup and chose to go ballistic against the first advisor who responded to you. 16GB storage will be enough for settings and apps. If customizing /storage is over your level of knowledge, do not do it.

    If you need layman solution, storage devices dedicated to videos can be overriden with custom mounts in /storage/.config/system.d. That directory already has two examples for mounting nfs or cifs shares. Keep your settings on 16GB SSD and setup new mounts for video storage or get bigger SSD.

    You don't have 16GB SSD. It is likely that this is only SD flash card and not SSD. The smallest SSDs on the shop are around 64GB and they are more expensive than 120+ GB devices.

    i just switched from windows to linux, so how to step by step install the missing fonts?

    RE: LibreELEC (Leia) 9.2.5


    X Chrome and Firefox display text based on availability of fonts in X windows. If you don't have some language specific code pages across all installed fonts, text is displayed as boxes.

    Create .fonts directory in /storage (root user's home) and copy any ttf fonts that you want to that directory. Reboot to restart X windows to be on safe side. I did not check if X detected changes in fonts without restart.

    DejaVu fonts will show Arabic in Chrome. Chinese, Japanese and Korean will require more fonts. Next fonts of choice would be non free MS core fonts, Tahoma, Arial Unicode MS and SimSun. SimSun will give Japanese and Chinese.


    If you still have Windows with Chinese support, you probably got SimSun font in there or Arial Unicode MS. Any other TrueType or OpenType font that can display Chinese will do too. I can't recommend Chinese fonts by name as I am not Chinese and my Chinese font support normally comes from font packages supplied by Linux Debian. My international font knowledge is only slightly newer than that geosites page and I might be unaware about latest free developments in Chinese fonts.

    If you are not familiar with Linux CLI, LibreElec got system-tools addon package that has mc utility. It will give you GUI and it will come down to creating directory with F7 and copying files from USB flash drive to that directory. USB flash drive should be visible in /var/media directory once you attach it to libreelec pc.

    I suspect you need to edit Chrome settings and tell Chrome where to find some fonts that support Chinese charaters. I'd guess that by default it probably uses a minimal font that only has support for "Western" characters. I'm fairly sure Chrome uses its own fonts not the Kodi fonts (hence the difference).

    Chrome and Firefox on x86/amd64 use X window fonts. You could try viewing Demonstration of UNICODE to see results. Sorry for long link. Don't want to put link to own site with same page preserved. If user gets empty boxes instead of Chinese, they only have to install fonts in /storage/.fonts/. If user gets display garbled in some other way, then it is other problem.

    Maybe I'll check libreelec on ARM some day to see what you got there. Last time I checked x86 build for Chinese support in browser, it had problem only with missing fonts and extra fonts could be installed in root user's home.

    Thank you for your reply tokul.

    I've tried that before. Disabling subshell with -u really brings described behavior and I can see hash prompt as well as output after CTRL+O

    But i get used to do something under CTRL+O with file directory or editor/viewer on background (scripting/sqlite3 browse / etc)

    As far as i understand there is no chance for that with LE under RPi4 ?

    Setups that use busybox normally don't have mc. Uncommon combination. mc developers might have better answer than me or libelec devs.

    'mc -u' will allow you to see command output. PS1 and PS2 vars will be ignored and you will get basic prompt.

    By the looks of it mc does not like having busybox's bash as subshell. They had some tickets about problems with ash, dash and some terminals before.

    If you run that script as root, it does not matter what permissions are set on device. You got rw permissions as owner. If you face permission problem in /dev/, you should understand why permissions are causing the problem and fix that instead of changing permissions on devfs.

    Install fresh copy into new SD card and run from it. Your media library should be on other media device, if you did it right. It won't hurt to do basic reinstall as you can rollback to old version, if you can't figure how to transfer settings from old setup to new one.

    LibreELEC as Kodi is designed for HTPC multimedia, it's not deemed to be an intelligent network router/switch/access point device.

    Btw, your auction link does not work for me.

    Remove two last garbage bytes (%C5%82) from the link. It is some XCY Mini PC variant

    Hello is this version compatible with the raspberry pi400? Can I use the add card from the pi4 directly in the PI 400?


    Know your hardware. Pi 400 is just overclocked Pi4.


    Raspberry Pi 400 review: Specs and hardware

    As the name suggests, the beating heart of this device is essentially a Raspberry Pi 4. More specifically, it’s the top-end model, with a quad-core Arm processor and 4GB of RAM. What’s different (aside from the form factor) is that by placing vents, heatsinks and other thermal management infrastructure throughout the keyboard chassis, the Raspberry Pi engineers have managed to overclock the Pi 4 to 1.8GHz, as opposed to the 1.5GHz clock speed of the basic model.