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    If you changed Midnight Commander build parameters in v11 builds, rollback, check why your QA testers end up in ER after tests or fix screen redraw.

    MC screen redraw speed is too slow or redraw algorithm is broken in LibreELEC 11.0.0. Screen is flashing black on any fast actions (navigate, copy or move, paste).

    details from two versions in spoiler. I don't see MC version changes, yet LE v10 mc is usable and I don't recall having problems with mc on x86 before update. I might try loading LE v10 x86 live on same box that got migraine inducing MC version as other x86 media box that I can use for testing got GPU incompatible with libreelec 10.0.4.

    mc updated to newer version? 11 generic-legacy reacts differently and more annoyingly to paste (Shift+Ins) command. I don't recall screen flashing on paste in v10. If it was redrawing screen before, now redraw is slowed down to the point where human eye can catch it.

    Are you saying Raspberry Pi tools is supposed to provide an orderly software shutdown? It doesn't.

    Are you saying in order to have orderly shutdown, you need to install a hardware switch on those IO pins and make some file modifications?

    I am not saying that to have orderly shutdown, you need hardware switch on io pins. I only told that if RPi is powered off via menu, it will need that switch or other way to cut off power to restart. I did assume that tools addon is required and you are free to fact check me on that.

    So far you kept claiming that Kodi power off does not work without providing any information to investigate it further. If you are here for blue twitter checkmark, they have other blue thing too on some posts. My RPi3B+ does not restart, if I use power off option in Kodi. It shutdowns. I don't remember its firmware version. Original RPi3B+ with 1 meg of ram. It does not have any extra hardware mods.

    Checked Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.2 too. 2023 Jan 11 bootloader. It shutdowns via Kodi menu even without RPi tools addon. Technically hardware is not shutdown. It is halted.

    Install raspberry pi tools from repo. Pi3B+ shutdowns, if Kodi power off is used in libreelec 10. You would have to remove power after that to get it reboot. Click link does talk about adding missing button to Pi.

    "with most computers that is a no-no."

    Modern operating systems have features in place to handle abrupt power loss. power off is not recommended, but options for doing it are there and in some cases it is the only recovery option that you have. With libreelec it is even easier cause OS is on readonly file system. Your biggest power off problem would be with attached NTFS storage devices.

    Create /storage/.kodi/media/Fonts directory

    Copy your ttf fonts to that directory

    Select those fonts in media player font settings

    In some cases you should convert subtitle files to unicode (utf-8) instead of installing new fonts.

    for file in `find . -name *avi`; do 
      echo "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>\n<movie>\n    <title>$name</title>\n    <uniqueid type="home" default="true">$file</uniqueid>\n</movie>" > $name.nfo

    add code to handle directory and spaces in filenames or put all your videos in one dir. Above code is just basic untested logic.

    NFO files/Templates - Official Kodi Wiki

    Based on Kodi wiki only title and uniqueid are required for movies.

    Windows machine might default to public network configuration and browsing will not work.

    Enabling DNLA service in kodi can make kodi library available without smb/cifs. if your goal is to view it and not to make changes in it.

    Windows network browsing tended to work some time ago, if samba server was acting as WINS machine on the network and was set to win master negotiations vs Windows workstations. Microsoft probably changed its SMB protocols since those olde days.

    X11 is basically dead and new features are not implemented. For example everything around HDR is a complete nogo at X11.

    RPi and all other ARM devices never used X11 at all at LE.

    Then Libreelec probably should not be running dead software on x86 builds.

    Topic asks for GUI, which is not web ajax based and not just CLI and you are doing your best at not mentioning X forwarding.

    HTTP_USER_AGENT : Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:102.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/102.0

    If xauth was present in libreelec x86 and libreelec did not have readonly sshd config, I suspect I should be able to start kodi over SSH with X11 forwarding.

    "X11 is not used" might make every X window user cringe. Cars are not used in 203x. Everybody drives Tesla.

    Writeable data storage for settings is in /storage. There is no way for others to guess which extra addons you got loaded on your system and where they store their data.

    Sorry, forgot to ask - how do I clone my Kodi settings with rsync?

    i.e. what is the source file/directory?


    rsync -av -e ssh /storage/. [email protected]:/storage

    rsync(1) - Linux man page

    > what is the source file/directory?

    He did say "/storage"

    If you are concerned about privacy, just install new setup and all the plugins instead of copying data from your personal system. /storage will have your personal data and history. From recovery perspective you should learn to recreate your setup without having old system.

    Renaming font files won't magically provide fonts, if skin is coded in to use Arial. arialuni.ttf font name differs from arial.ttf and name is set inside the file. System should be selecting any font with code set available in displayed character range. If you were running x86 libreelec with x windows, I would say that you could put fonts in /storage/.fonts and not in /storage/.kodi/media/Fonts. I think rpi arm build does not use x windows and I can't tell how fonts work there.

    Problem with filenames is that you might have them written not in Unicode or in different unicode character set and no fiddling with fonts will fix it. Unless skin is hardcoded to use specific font for filename display. It is computer curse for having fifteen and one standard for character display and no automatic way for telling which character set is used in plain text.