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    If you run that script as root, it does not matter what permissions are set on device. You got rw permissions as owner. If you face permission problem in /dev/, you should understand why permissions are causing the problem and fix that instead of changing permissions on devfs.

    Install fresh copy into new SD card and run from it. Your media library should be on other media device, if you did it right. It won't hurt to do basic reinstall as you can rollback to old version, if you can't figure how to transfer settings from old setup to new one.

    LibreELEC as Kodi is designed for HTPC multimedia, it's not deemed to be an intelligent network router/switch/access point device.

    Btw, your auction link does not work for me.

    Remove two last garbage bytes (%C5%82) from the link. It is some XCY Mini PC variant

    Hello is this version compatible with the raspberry pi400? Can I use the add card from the pi4 directly in the PI 400?


    Know your hardware. Pi 400 is just overclocked Pi4.


    Raspberry Pi 400 review: Specs and hardware

    As the name suggests, the beating heart of this device is essentially a Raspberry Pi 4. More specifically, it’s the top-end model, with a quad-core Arm processor and 4GB of RAM. What’s different (aside from the form factor) is that by placing vents, heatsinks and other thermal management infrastructure throughout the keyboard chassis, the Raspberry Pi engineers have managed to overclock the Pi 4 to 1.8GHz, as opposed to the 1.5GHz clock speed of the basic model.

    those are ancient devices mostly. not very (honestly, not at all) helpful when trying to buy a Wi-Fi dongle.

    LibreELEC:~ # find /lib64/modules/5.1.16/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/ -name "*.ko"

    ls -l /usr/lib/kernel-overlays/base/lib/firmware

    Cheapo wifi doggles won't tell you chipset they are using. LibreElec supports devices recognized by Linux 5.1.6 kernel, if related kernel modules are compiled and firmware packages loaded.

    For the life of me, I cannot find any information on what SFTP server LiberElec uses. Can someone link me to the wiki with information on it if it exists.

    You are confusing FTP, FTP-over-SSL and SFTP.

    SFTP is SSH subsystem. SSH servers support SFTP unless it is turned off. LibreElec does not have SFTP turned off. SFTP is not chrooted unless it is provided by dedicated server that supports only SFTP features and does not have SSH shell service active on same port.

    Since you know proftpd, check their site. They got document there talking about mod_sftp and other related things.

    Perhaps the Georgia Tech network is just a bit overly sensitive. Linux files are not very well known to be linked to computer viruses. It's more likely to be another false positive.

    AFAIK, there is no issue with the .bin file of the USB-SD Creator tool. But I'll mention it to the team.

    User is downloading that file from Georgia Tech ( They put web washer proxy in front of servers on their own network. Stuff is scanning inbound connections instead of scanning outbound connections from local Georgia Tech network.


    check mount table before you try to umount devices. You might be disconnecting something that is in use. /dev/sda is only first detected scsi/sata disk. It does not have to be your usb drive.


    I have the latest libreelec and i want to change the font because chrome show arabic words as boxes

    I want to change the fonts in the linux not kodi

    I hope you can guide me to change the fonts to font that support arabic language

    X Chrome and Firefox display text based on availability of fonts in X windows. If you don't have some language specific code pages across all installed fonts, text is displayed as boxes.

    Create .fonts directory in /storage (root user's home) and copy any ttf fonts that you want to that directory. Reboot to restart X windows to be on safe side. I did not check if X detected changes in fonts without restart.

    DejaVu fonts will show Arabic in Chrome. Chinese, Japanese and Korean will require more fonts. Next fonts of choice would be non free MS core fonts, Tahoma, Arial Unicode MS and SimSun. SimSun will give Japanese and Chinese.

    Same applies to other X based Linux graphics. Install fonts in your .fonts directory and X will read them. Probably does not apply to LibreElec ARM builds. I don't remember which fonts give Korean support on my desktop. Got handful of accumulated fonts in personal home and tend to install font packages provided by OS.

    From packaging perspective LibreElec might provide DejaVu font package. Search did not find any 'font' packages in repos. /usr/share/fonts got only Liberation fonts installed with limited language coverage.

    How often do you turn off your pc forcefully via the power button?

    Everytime when storage failure in hypervisor knocks of bunch of linux virts. A single failure can have over hundred of failed systems and 50% rate of manual fsck was likely result in latest failures. None of them resulted critical data loss. Virt team were fscking up every quarter and for business owners those reboots were BAU. Seen far worse things than mundane file system checks after power cycling.

    If you claim that fsck deletes your actual files with family photos and cat videos, you have to learn what data is checked by fsck.


    > A couple weeks ago, on my linux box, an ext4 filesystem got corrupted, and some files got damaged, which involved data lost.

    Which files? If some temp files go to lost+found, it is not data loss. If you had unstable power grid that caused repeated power failures while your Linux was rebooting, it would have affected only file systems that were being written at the time of failure.

    > When I scanned the HDD under windows to fix errors, it removed bunch of the files stored on it.

    Well. My windows claims that my usb flash devices got errors in them and demands to scan them every time. Windows was never the brightest OS on the planet. File system checks do not remove files. Neither Linux fsck nor Windows chkdsk. If power failure causes physical damage to your disk platers, readonly file system will not protect you from that. Device will be spinning in readonly mode too.

    > It's not paranoia -- every filesystem, which is mounted in read-write mode, can get damaged when power disappears.

    It is paranoia. File systems have journaling. In last ten years the only damage to ext3/ext4 that I've seen was not caused to power failure. It was caused temporally storage failure on hypervisor and the only impacted file systems were the ones that had stuff writing into them. And nothing of a value was lost. When data loss happened, it was caused by hardware failures and not by power. In those cases device was lost and not just file system.

    You were already been told that Kodi and Libreelec do not write into your attached storage. I suspected that some media library data goes into storage device, but I don't see anything extra on my automounted disk. If they are not writing anything, your device will not have any pending writes at the time of power failure and can be safely powercycled.

    Replace your USB HDD with devices that have hardware switches for readonly mode, if you don't trust OS and people.

    > Who should I molest to think about implementing such feature?

    You could ask udevil devs to support configuration file includes from different directory than the one storing udevil.conf. From LibreElec perspective they need writable mounts and most of users will want their storage devices mounted in writable mode to manage media files in them. So LibreElec is unlikely to change default automounter configuration for you.

    Or start using iso9660 file system on your devices. That one is automounted readonly.

    So is there no way to just mount the file system as read only?

    I tried to use systemd service for it, but it doesn't look like this solution works for local drives which are handled by udevil. Is there a way to change the udevil config?

    When was the last time you had modern file systems corrupted by power outage? With data being lost.

    If you want to pay the price for your paranoia, rebuild libreelec with custom udevil config.