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    It depends :)

    I bought three boxes - see signature

    In my case is S912 box the best choice, but what is Your case ?

    Thanks! It's not for me but I have been asked by some friends which one is best right now and I'm not sure. I'm really happy with my S905X but I'm not sure if there's anything better by now. I suppose there is, since it's a somewhat old soc. Anyway, I'll discuss it in the appropriate thread.

    I have people asking me if S912 boxes are good to run Libreelec.

    I've read OP's warning so I've been telling them no but I read the buying guide post and it says the issues were fixed.

    Which one is right? If you bought a box today, what soc would you choose to run Libreelec?

    Hey kszaq

    Thanks again for your continued support, Libreelec really saved me from getting rid of my Android box.

    One thing I really liked about Libreelec is that I could just plug my Sony Wireless Headset (PS4 version) dongle to the box and I could use them to watch media. This worked perfectly on Libreelec v7.

    Now, I only tried this on Libreelec 8.0.1d, g and h but it doesn't work properly anymore. I only have sound coming out of the left channel. Do you have any idea of what might be causing this? Being able to use wireless headphones that I already owned was great.

    An issue started to happen on 8.0.1e and it's happening more frequently on 8.0.1f. My TV blinks even when Kodi is idling on the Menu. It's totally random. Some times it blinks twice in a row, some times only once, some time it takes 20 seconds to happen again and some times it happens more than twice in a span of 5 seconds.

    What I noticed is that it only happens after I play any type of media. So I reboot and it's fine. Once I play a mkv or a IPTV channel, it starts happening.

    I didn't change anything on the settings after updating so I'm not sure what triggered this. I would provide more info but this is pretty much it... it happens on the Kodi interface when nothing is playing (it also happens when something is playing but what I mean is that it's not related to any specific media).

    I'm running Libreelec on a Mini M8S II connected to a Samsung KS7000. I have it set to 3840x2160p and a refresh rate of 60.

    Any idea? As it is, the box is unusable.


    Disabling UHD Color for the HDMI port to where the box is connected and rebooting seems to have solved it. I only tested for 5 minutes so it might happen again. I don't know if kszaq made any changes that could have triggered this but it didn't happen before 8.0.1e. Anyway, if it happens again, I'll let you know.

    Thanks for the continued support.

    Updated to 8.0.1e and the audio on TV streaming skips for a second randomly. It worked fine before. I could try the dev build but I'm not sure how to get it?

    PS: Didn't test any other sources but I confirmed it happens on all the channels I tested. Everything was fine on the previous build.

    Use exfat or ext4.

    Exfat will be easier as it's supported in osx and windows as well.

    Thank you!

    I asked because I'm having issues that I didn't have before. The drive worked great. I could write at speeds as fast as 10MB/s (download) while reading 1080p + DD/DTS. But since yesterday, download happens in bursts. It's either top speed or 0 and it happens in 5 second intervals or less. I tried exFAT and it gave me poor speeds. Got back to ext4 and the speeds are great again but with that issue. I honestly don't know what to do.

    Could a USB drive just break out of nowhere? Maybe that's the issue? If I write directly to the internal memory, speeds are constant.

    Any idea?

    I don't have any other high speed USB drive to test this or else I would :/

    Hey guys,

    I have a SanDisk Extreme connected to my S905X box running Libreelec and I'm not sure which filesystem I should use to get the best results. I need to write files bigger than 4GB so FAT is out of the equation. Should I go NTFS or ext4? And if I go the ext4 way, what's the best way to format it on a Mac? I can also run Windows if that's a better option.

    Thanks a lot!

    EDIT: I can also format it directly in Libreelec or using SSH if it's possible. I'd just need help on how to do it.

    I upgraded my box from one of the latest 7.0 builds to 8.0.0d. I'm having some issues with streaming 1080p with passthrough. I'll update to 8.0.0e and test but, in case it doesn't work, I'd like to start fresh. Is there any way to do it having Libreelec installed on the internal memory?

    For anyone with issues running some videos, like kszaq said, try running them from different storage devices. I had issues with 1080p video + passthrough since the beginning. I tried a high speed SD Card, several USB sticks and even 2,5" external HDDs. All with the same issues.

    I then decided to search for the fastest USB stick around (or one of the fastest at least) and ended up buying a 16GB SanDisk SDCZ80. That fixed all my issues. The hardware on the boxes might not be the best and if you match that with subpar storage, it can cause issues.

    What I'm trying to say is that, even though said storage may work fine on your other devices, it may not on the box due to poor hardware or lack of power so make sure you try all the options first.

    Is it normal to not have transcoding options under Audio Output?

    I'm having issues with Dolby Digital Plus and my old receiver and I found a possible solution that I'd like to try but it involves audio transcoding and I can't find it where it was supposed to be. I have set my Settings Level to Expert btw so it's not that.


    Decided to poke around a bit more and found out that it's only an option when 2.0 channels is selected.

    Thank you! I'll try it tomorrow.

    I had never installed LibreELEC on NAND, but I believe you can still copy the remote.conf to the /Configfiles directory using Samba share and reboot. In some case, I used this method.

    Btw, the link on your last post takes me to a different thread totally unrelated to this. Could you please check or tell me which thread it is?

    Decided to test my Sony Wireless Headset for the PS4 on my Mini M8S II running the latest build and they work!

    To anyone who has them, just connect the dongle to one of the ports, select the headphones as output and, if you have it enabled, disable passthrough.

    Just a PSA. Libreelec is awesome, thank you so much kszaq!

    Thanks! Yes it actualy passes DTS sound through SPDIF, but TV also plays sound via HDMI. How can I disable sound via HDMI and play it only over SPDIF? I know one option is to mute the TV....

    That happens with everything. A TV box from your cable provider will do that, PS4 will do that. It's just how it works. Just turn your TV volume to zero to avoid having a mute icon floating around the screen when you're watching something.

    Dolby HD and DTS passthrough works only through HDMI?
    I have Logitech Z-5500 connected via SPDIF on mini M8S II, but Kodi only supports HDMI output in audio outputs :/

    Can this be fixed so I can connect via SPDIF?

    It says that but it actually supports SPDIF. Reboot with your receiver turned on after configuring everything (number of channels, passthrough enabled etc) and see if that fixes it.