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    I need a little help.

    I followed the instructions. But my Beelink X55 has Win10Pro preinstalled. so I booted Ubuntu and created with gparted sda5 (for GRUB) sda6 (LibreElec Boot) and sda7(LibreElec Storage). my sda1 is the Win bootloader, this seems to be the difference to this manual, so I changed the grub.cfg to set root='hd0,gpt1' in the Windows-menuentry

    long story short: I only get into the GRUB rescue screen. So I think there's sthg wrong with my grub installation.

    In this rescue screen I can successfully boot in my LibreElec by typing

    1. set root='hd0,gpt6'
    2. linux /KERNEL boot=/dev/sda6 disk=/dev/sda7 quiet
    3. boot

    I'm a bit confused about the UEFI. When I set my BIOS to secure boot I got a red

    1. Secure Boot Violation. Invalid signature detected. Check secure boot policy in SETUP

    When I turn secure boot to disabled, then I come in the grub rescue screen.

    As I understand the manual I have to start Ubuntu in UEFI mode, i installed grub-efi, so I think it must work in UEFI, UEFI ist secure Boot, isn't it?

    So what's my problem.

    What did you need from me to help me boot into the grub menu with LibreElec as default start?

    see the attached screenshots

    Usb3 ist Not working at BIOS post on Most Motherboards. Take a usb2 Port for Testing.

    That's what I thought, but I don't have a USB2.

    But I finally got it.

    I just tested it with a real Monitor and voila I saw the Beelink logo with the keypress information ESC or DEL for entering setup and F7 for bootmenu.

    The BIOS keypress-accepting-time was very low (1s).

    I hope my TV can display the BIOS screen. I was pretty sure about typing DEL several times just after powering on the device. And sometimes it stuck, but I couldn't see anything (TV was in no-connection found modus).

    Is there sthg I can do, so my TV can display the Logoscreen and the Bios?

    Is (Intel) FastMode still enabled in the UEFI/BIOS?

    Or perhaps the legacy mode needs to be used for booting.

    The problem is, that I can't get into the UEFI/BIOS

    I read sthg about pressing F7 but it doesn't work.

    I just found a statement i a Beelink forum


    enter the Boot menu by pressing F7 on the Keyboard (Make sure you have a keyboard connected to PC BOX)

    Is it possible, the keyboard has to be in a special USB-socket? I plugged it in one of the four USB3.0 sockets, they're not labelled


    today my X55 arrived and I started to setup Win10. This works fine.

    In addition I want to make a dual boot system with LibreElec. Therefore I created an UBUNTU bootable stick ( ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso ) with Rufus 3.11

    But I can't get X55 to boot from an USB-stick. I tried several sticks, with no luck.

    I know, I have to prepare windows for booting from my stick. I pressed shift while restarting windows, so I come to a screen where I can choose a device, the next screen displays me my bootable device, so I click it and only windows reboots.

    As far as I know the machine is supposed to boot from the chosen device, or am I supposed to press a special key while starting the machine?

    How can i get into the BIOS? F1-F12, DELETE didn't work.

    I hope here is somebody who has the same Gemini X55and can help me out. Thanks.

    Gemini X55



    I'm using game.libretro.dosbox on LibreELEC 9.2.2

    I put a game in a folder and I configured a .conf file.

    From the file manager I start the conf file. The game comes to the starting screen and is now waiting for me to press SPACE.

    But there is the problem, the keyboard seems unconfigured (or uses the global LibreELEC keymap)

    I'm a little suspicous about the readme on the

    dosbox-libretro/README at master · libretro/dosbox-libretro · GitHub


    * To be useful the frontend will need to have keyboard+mouse support, and all keyboard shortcuts need to be remapped.

    If I'm supposed to remap all keyboard shortcuts, how can I do it?

    I try to play a textbased adventure, so the keyboard is very important.

    I can't believe the keyboard is useless, or is there anything I can do about it?

    btw: running the dosbox from add-ons (without any .conf or exe-file) starts the dosbox and gives me the prompt, but I can't do anything because the keyboard doesn't let me type anything in. The keyboard works well in normal LibreELEC use.

    Is here anybody who can help?