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    Sorry, I thought it might be easier if i uploaded the whole log outpit zip as it shows my hardware and stuff. Anyway here is the main log copied to a pastebin site.

    Never mind, Im transfering back to OSMC, much more stable and easier to use than openelec and Libreelec. I'll give this a shot when it's more settled and has a larger userbase. It's not so good for people like me who dont know much. And no it's not just about this issue, i just preferred the other thats all. Sorry and see ya, good luck.

    Quick question, are there any release notes for the different versions available on the website? Had a look and can't find anything, but that may just be me.

    My box updated from .004 to .005 last night (successfully), and I'm just curious as to what fixes or improvements that may have brought. That said it's running sweetly anyway, but I'd still like to know these things.

    Not that I have seen, the closest i've found the download page which gives a brief summary of the changes to the newest version. Maybe this is something to suggest in the webiste and forum feedback section.


    [font="Source Sans Pro, Arial, sans-serif"]There are a few changes from v6.90.004 but nothing serious – some simple package updates and bits of nip/tuck housekeeping[/font]

    When you enter the LibreELEC forum there are speech bubbles in front of every sub forum showing wheter it contains new posts or not. Currently the color difference between those two versions is quite minimal and on a bright monitor you can barely see it. So I would like to suggest to change the color of one of them.

    Maybe change the one that signals new posts into a green/brown combination, fitting the LE logo.

    yes I agree, they are difficult to tell apart but i didnt notice the bubbles at all to tell the truth, ive been using the 'view today's posts' option to see new posts and what topics they are.

    Perfect... did not find it on the webpage for some reason.... only saw the Twitter, Facebook and Github links.
    Of course I'm already following the site on FB and Twitter but I am using RSS like reading news paper with the NewsBar application in mac and my iPhone.
    This helps me see all important updates from Sites and Projects I care about in one place.

    Thanks for the help

    There isnt anything on the website to indicate a rss feed so I can see how you can easily miss it. I have a feed finding extension installed on my chrome browser that picked it up.

    Hello Libreelec community,

    Does the website already have a rss feed for Libreelec news?
    I would like to add it in my news feed so that I can always stay updated within my RSS app.


    Yes it does, feed
    you can also follow the site on twitter and facebook .

    Is something possible like Apple AirPlay does - e.g. mirror your (Mac) laptop screen to an AppleTV?
    Maybe using Miracast, which is already implemented in Windows 8.1 and 10? I don't know about the technical details of that protocol so my question is if it is possible for Kodi or LibreELEC to act as a Miracast Receiver?

    From what little I understand Miracast has certain hardware requirements, certain types of wifi adapters I think and so its hard to support. I don't know if the raspberry pi 3's wifi can do it. Airplay I think has been cracked but it a paid program called rPlay which isn't for kodi and finally Chromecast has no chance as that relies on the hardware and very closed software of the chromecast device. The closest I can think of are certain addons for chrome that allow you to stream movies from webpages into kodi.

    I did a bit of quick checking over on the Kodi forums by doing into the forum section for this skin. It appears that some people have been having problems and it might have something to do with the Jarvis build. There is someone who is running the skin on osmc that got into a bootloop so it's not just you or Libreelec. Theirs either something wrong with the skin, Kodi or an add-on that the skin requires.

    Xperience1080 5.x
    go back and read some of the earlier posts to see what I mean.

    Are there any plans to make the Raspberry pi 3 run a 64 bit version? What if any improvements would come from making the change? If it doesnt make it any better then I guess you'll keep it at 32 bit to keep the one image you can share with the pi2.

    I reinstalled the current version by copying over the update installer from openelec file that i first used which undid the change i made mentioned earlier and broke the bluetooth. Running your code fixed it again and now it runs fine, thanks.

    OK, 6.90.004 is using firmware from March 15 which predates the kernel changes - basically, firmware and kernel are out of sync, which is breaking Bluetooth (actually, the UART). Will get the firmware updated now, in time for 6.90.005 in a day or so. Thanks for reporting.

    Cool and thanks. Will you always add quick updates like this if something is broken and you can add a quick fix? If so then I will definitely stick with this OS.

    As a workaround you can download the OE 7 beta tar file, extract the bcm2710-rpi-3-b.dtb from it's "3rdparty/bootloader" directory and replace the one on the SD card with it.

    Thank you, I thought id take a look anyway and see if I could do this. After extracting the file, i plugged my sd card into my windows laptop and replaced the file there and when i booted up my pie it has bluetooth yay. Still needs fixing though for other users and future versions.

    Can you run the following commands:

    1. systemctl status brcmfmac_sdio-firmware.service | paste
    2. cat /flash/cmdline.txt | paste

    and paste the links. Thanks.

    Hi, just wanted to say i have the same issues as my bluetooth doesnt work on the rpi3 after updating from the latest openelec build where it did work. Judging by this thread a fresh install wont help and im not too bothered about bluetooth as i have an ir receiver plugged in. Anyway i thought i would do what you said to see if it helps any.

    1. boot=/dev/mmcblk0p1 disk=/dev/mmcblk0p2 quiet

    Don't know if thats what you want or if its the same problem as the others are having. Im not going to try replacing any files as
    [font="Open Sans, sans-serif, Arial"]Grimson suggested[/font] , i'll just wait for an update.