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    Please list your chip S905 OR S905X because just naming these chinese boxes with a chinese name branding will confuse members.
    Always disclose your chip because the chip and ethernet speed are the most important specs.
    This Bootup Freeze seems to be an issue with the S905 Chip and not with the S905x . :)

    Oh, I am sorry, I thought the Nexbox/Otterbox MXQ 4K Pro
    was an obvious thing, because it gets rebranded and sold just

    Alright, it is the S905 chip with 1 GB RAM and 100 MB Ethernet.

    Chipset: Amlogic S905 Quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 up to 2GHz
    Flash: 8GB NAND FLASH

    As I said, absolutely no problems with 006, 007 and 008. Somewhere
    in 009 (I guess, beginning with Nov 6th device tree update) it went
    to hell. I remember, the first 009 version was running okay, I think.

    Can my information help somehow maybe?

    I'm sorry for the booting issues you are having. I have only 2 S905 boxes and 1 S905X, I test everything on them before posting but it seems like some boxes don't like all the changes. There is only 1 change to I made to kernel behaviour between 009 and 010. Here is the build with that change reverted, should you wish to test:

    Note: device trees are the same in .009 and .010 builds.

    I will answer all the questions later.

    I think, the problems started after your new
    device tree from November, 6th.

    All guys having problems/boot issues stated
    them after an 009 update in November.

    Also, all 009 and 010 versions depend on that
    device tree.

    I guess, some machines run fine, some do not.

    I have two Nexbox MXQ 4K Pro and they behave
    EXACTLY the same:

    007 works fine with over 20 reboots testing.
    008 works fine with over 50 reboots testing.
    009 the first version worked before Nov, 6th device tree; after that is dead.
    010 is dead.

    I even did six installation tests with 007, 008 during
    the past two days and I am pretty sure now, 009
    and therefore 010 (or their device tree) are bugged in
    a certain way that affects not all machines, but some.

    I even tried to install the first 009 version, but I
    could not find it, because you pulled it, I believe. It
    had an error or so.

    Can you check the device tree files? For my boxes
    I used the very first one (1G 100M).

    I really think, something went wrong along the
    way while building the 009 versions. The first
    or the first and second ones were alright, but
    then something got messed up and now the
    problem persists in all devels of 009 and in 010,

    At least, with a Nexbox Otterbox MXQ 4K Pro.

    I wasted the last day with trying to rescue my
    009 installation, then went back to 008 just to
    fuck it up again with 010. That is really a mess.

    I will try now to install the very first 009 again
    and then maybe never update again until this
    conflict/behaviour is somehow solved. :\

    I am lucky, I am always using the SD card method
    and not the internal one, I guess.

    Btw, maybe it is just something with the device tree
    from Nov, 6th? I just realized all new versions, that
    have problems use this device tree, while when I
    installed the 008 version yesterday, which was running
    and booting fine, I used an older device tree, of course.

    It gets even weirder. Now the toothpick method
    "works", but it always brings me to an Android
    recovery (which does not help either).

    I just cannot believe it. I spent the half day yesterday,
    to install and configure Libreelec 008 on the Nexbox
    Otterbox MQ 4K Pro again, because one of the 009
    test builds fucked it up.

    Now I tried to update the 010 update and the newest
    device by putting both files into the "update" folder
    (per Samba).

    The update went through and guess what: Again it does
    not boot up*, toothpick will also not work.

    Crazy unbelievable. :\ I just do not understand, what is
    going wrong there ...

    * hanging at the Nexbox screen

    Nobody else knows how to rescue the installation?

    I would really hate to reformat the SD card again in order to do a fresh installation. The complete setup took me ages. :\

    Try this.
    Unplug hdmi cable from box, then power up.
    After 15-20 seconds, plug hdmi cable. Try it few times if it doesn't start. It happens on my beelink minimxiii 2/16 too with latest devel

    Are you sure, that helps?

    If I boot without monitor, it will boot into Android (which still works), because I will not be able to use the toothpick method properly, but I can try this now, of course.

    Btw, booting into Android still works. I then opened the updater app and tried to "update" with one of those zip files on the SD card. It rebooted then to the Nexbox logo screen, where it hangs again like before.
    Alright, I tried that several times, but I do not think,
    this is the solution.

    As I said, booting into Android still works, just Libreelec
    from the SD card does not fire up.

    I am using the dtb.img from November, 6th. Do I have
    to update the device tree, too? Is there an update?

    With the latest test build my box does not boot
    anymore. It hangs at the Nexbox start screen.

    Also, toothpick method did not help.
    Anyone knows what to do now without reformatting
    the SD disk?

    Btw, it is a Nexbox MQ 4K Pro box.

    I have a question about Libreelec (or this newest build maybe?).

    The past two to three years I have used several Raspberry Pis with Xbian as OS. In all these years I never had a loss of or a broken movie database.

    Now with Libreelec I realized yesterday, all my movies were gone, but my series were still there. I tried to refresh/reload the movies, but nothing happened. The TV files were playable though.

    So, this is the third time in around three/four months of using Libreelec, that a database went corrupt. I just deleted the file now and started rescan all movies/series, which will be running now for over an hour.

    My storage for movies/series is a standard Synology NAS with WD Red disks.

    Is there anything wrong with the database handling or is the XBMC auto refresh addon faulty on a Libreelec setup?

    You could trying creating the image to a usb or sd card, then ensuring you have the correct dtb, try rebooting. the usb or sd

    I know you will have lost your settings, but it will prove if the dtb is the correct one. Make sense?

    I think some people have had trouble, with read write access to there box. I did, when using coreftplite

    Luckily, I did not have to install everything from the scratch
    (and lose all my settings/data).

    I just copied several device tree files and renamed it to dtb.img
    to the SD card until I had the right one. :D

    With gxbb_p200_1G_100m OR gxbb_p200_1G_100m_RealtekWiFi
    it worked/booted up fine. I cannot remember, with which I ended up.
    The 1Gbit files did not work for me. I do NOT use WiFi, just Ethernet.

    This is for the Otterbox Nexbox MXQ Pro 4K, just in case someone
    else has this problem, too.


    I have the same issue with the back button, too,
    BUT I found out, the back button on the lower end
    of the remote works instead. It looks like a delete/back

    Something like this:


    just in a square (the x). There must be a mix-up or