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    yes, you are right

    KEY_I is already mapped for Info, so you can left default function or remap it in keyboard.xml on another function if required

    Yeah, in kodi, but when using eventlircd and mapping KEY_I to the info button of the remote, it didn't work, that's why i asked. Happened for a lot of buttons too, where i mapped letters to the scancodes and assigned functions to them in keyboard.xml.


    so, does that mean, after disabling the translation, as long as i will use any of the keycodes in this list mapped in my rc_keymap file, for example

    0x88fd0f KEY_I

    when i press that button, kodi will receive an "i" as i would just type it on a keyboard and i can map <i>Info</i> in keyboard.xml?

    That would save me a lot of trouble.


    Ok, I looked at those files and the T95m DTB for the S905 should work.

    Funky sh*t! Tried "gxbb_p200_2G_100M_t95m.dtb" on another sdcard and the clock starts responding :)

    Guess the icons will be there as soon as i activate the kodi addon.

    Thanks for your help and your patience, mate! (now going to work on the remote stuff, got it working but not all buttons respond.)


    I'm sorry, I thought the T95-Max was based on S912, but it looks like it's a S905 or S905X box.

    Please follow the instructions in the first post. You may want to try the fitting (depending whether it's a S905 or S905X) T95m DTB.

    Or just post your Android DTB (instructions are in post #1).

    The Coolest

    It's a S905 with a Gigabit Lan adapter (USB) working as eth1 so i truly want to use 1Gbit ethernet.. Anyway, i just extracted the android dtb file for you and hope you can have a look:


    Read the first post. You need the correct DTB for the display to work. Try the T95Z one. If it doesn't work, post the DTB from Android, how to is in the first post.

    Heya Coolest,

    what you mean with "Try the T95Z one"? I don't see any dtb file with t95z in it, neither in the 905 path nor in the device trees folder on sdcard of the 8.90.4 image.


    Tried the FD628 addon on my T95-max. When enabled for the first time, lcd started working, but stuck on 08:14 pm without any further change. Looks like being freezed (That also appeared earlier when booting into android and rebooting into libreelec again.

    Any hints?

    Hey there,

    thank you for the possibility to use kodi leia on libreelec, even with an alpha version. Really appreciate that.

    Simple (hopefullly) question: I saw ppl are able to get the lcd-display working on their boxes with your build. I have a T95-Max box and wonder if i can make it work on that one, too? Is there something special to implement, do i need specific drivers to be enabled?

    Atm the display only works when booting into android, but not in libreelec.

    I've just been having a bit of a play with that and when I run "cat /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq" after "echo 5 > /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq" it still shows as 666 on my s905. I tried "echo 6" out of curiosity and that's 666 too. Maybe the Beelink Mini MX III is limited to 666mhz?

    Same here for t95max. Only goes up to 666Mhz, so you can stick at echo 4. Anyway, the default on my box was 400Mhz, so i still get a speedup.

    It's not. You haven't updated your device tree.

    hmmm. I had. Used the one provided in combination with 8.0.0.e download from starting post (p200_2G_1Gbit). Still only 666.
    Maybe i should give it another try.

    Edit: my fault, tried with updated 8.0.0.e aarch64 variant.

    Hi i have t95max when i connect my box to gigabit router i cant get internet to work when i connect it to 100mb router it works fine i tried difrent cable still same tried to connect my laptop to same router with same cable it works but laptop has only 100mb intenet card any solution? its the same in android and it worked on 1 router but not mine i cant get it to work with 2 routers i have any solution?

    I had troubles connecting my t95max with 1 Gbit, too. As soon as i told the router to switch to 100Mbit for that particular port, it worked. My guess was the port on that box is broken or doesn't have all neccessary wires connected for stable Gbit. Might be the same for you.

    Solution: get a cheap USB-Ethernet/Gbit adapter. Libreelec will detect it as ETH1 and you can use it with full speed then. Be warned that android itself does not detect it, so this will only help you in LE.

    Hi there,

    as i get some priv msgs asking questions regarding T95Max Box:

    just installed 8.0.0.e on a new sdcard using pxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb as device tree and all seems to be up and running without a hassle.

    Will report back here if i find something not working.


    the new one allows running Mali at 792Mhz but only when you set the driver parameter.

    Hey kszaq,

    do i need to put the setting into or is that a one-time parameter to adjust?
    Things really speed up on estuary mod :) (btw: finally bought you a coffee to say thank you)

    Thank you. I guess it's a good idea to create a virtual ubuntu machine now. :)

    Still needed information:
    How to obtain the correct nightly krypton source (is it just the linux source or a "special" one)?
    How to insert that source into the stuff i need to compile LE?

    Or is there a libreelec source on github that already has the nightly changes of krypton?

    Sorry for those noob q's.