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    So I am in the process of upgrading from a NUC 5I7RYH and have also previously had a NUC 6i5SYH both running LibreElec as HTPCs. It sounds like my upgrade goals are similar to your to support HEVC and HDMI 2.0 for 4K @ 60fps. Right now I am limited to HDMI which limits me to 30 fps. As for noise I never hear the new unit. Nor did I hear the old units. As long as you enable the HW offload the CPU utilization stays low and thus the cooling fan isn't an issue. I use the quiet profile in the BIOS. The NUC has been great playing all formats. The only issue I am having right now is high bitrate MPEG2 @1090P where I am upscaling to 4K @30fps (due to an upstream AV receiver still only supporting HDMI 1.4). The issue is I can get an out of sync audio/video condition when using HW decoding and skipping. It lasts for about 10 seconds and then gets back in sync. If I disable HW offload for MPEG2 it is fine. All other formats play beautifully. The other NUC issue I have is the built-in infrared receiver has distance limitations. Much over 6 feet and it becomes useless. I've gone with a FLIRC USB IR right now and it is working fine.

    I have a NUC8i7BEH and can run 3840x2160 @60fps. LibreElec RC1 provided this as an option in the 2 video resolution and refresh settings. My TV is a Samsung F9000 with a OneConnect 3500U/ZA box. It's a few years old but supports HDMI 2.0a. I didn't need to do anything special.

    The latest on my issue is that Intel suggested I return my NUC8i7BEH for a replacement, which I did and the problem persists. If I go much beyond 6 feet the internal IR remote pretty much stops working or is very sluggish when it does work. I've gone ahead and disabled the internal IR receiver and installed a FLIRC gen1 USB IR receiver. It is working fine. Intel seems like they might actually be digging into this issue based upon their E-mail response. I am cautiously optimistic but somewhat doubtful. It looks like a HW design issue.

    Thanks. These look very similar. I did go ahead and post a new thread on the Intel Community forum to see what they say. I've also ordered a USB IR receiver. I'll see how it works. I also previously had an Intel NUC 6i5SYH that I used for an HTPC for a short while. It didn't exhibit the CIR issues. Based upon the forum comments and threads this seems to have started with the 7th gen and higher units.

    So my issue is definitely BIOS or hardware related. Actually it appears to be distance related with the NUC 8i7BEH. I loaded Windows and Kodi and am seeing generally the same thing except I have found that if I move the remote control to within 6 feet it works consistently but further than that it starts to get sluggish. I don';t know if there is some type of sensitivity setting on these. I am going to dig around Intel's website. I also ordered a separate USB IR receiver. I'll try that and see how it works. I'll also reinstall the LibreElec SSD in the new NUC and try the distance testing.

    I moved my RC1 build to my old NUC 5I7RYH and saw no issues with the IR responsiveness. On the new NUC 8i7BEH it is intermittently sluggish and stalls at times. I suspect my issue may be related to how new the hardware is and whether LibreElec has the most current Intel drivers or something else. I've tried two versions of BIOS, including the latest, and it persists I am going to install another SSD in the NUC and do a Windows 10 / Kodi build and see how things go with the IR receiver .

    I am running 8.2.5 on my NUC model 5I7RYH and the RC1 candidate on my NUC model 8i7BEH. I am seeing the sluggish IR responses on the NUC 8i7BEH. which has the latest 0051 BIOS. I am going to move that SSD over to the older hardware and see if the problem follows the build or stays with the hardware. FYI on the NUCs you can also update the BIOS via F7 in the BIOS with the bio file without needing the Windows updater. Intel isn't good about communicating that on their website.

    Which version of LibreElec are you running ? I have 2 NUCs a NUC 5I7RYH and NUC 8i7BEH and am not seeing the CPU issue. You could try SSHing into the NUC when the CPU us high, do a top command and see what process is running high. I am looking into my CIR remote being sluggish in responding intermittently with \my new NUC 8i7BEH running the latest RC1 code,

    The quirk I am primarily seeing is in the network space where often on reboot the DHCP over wireless comes up in a failed state. If I go into the connection and hit connect again it quickly reestablishes. I moved the SSD with the Alpha build from my new NUC to my old NUC to see if it was hardware dependent and it wasn't. It followed the Alpha build. I pulled the LAN cable from my 8.2.5 build on my old NUC and was able to reboot every time and the wireless connection would work fine. So there is something in the new code or an Intel driver. I did download the Alpha 9 / RC1 code and it is consistent and DHCP still fails randomly. Ironically I tried enabling debugging to catch a failure and when I did it worked every time. I'll keep hammering away on it and try to catch a failure with the debug. It isn't a showstopper for me because I typically run in a wired mode but I want to try and help get it fixed.

    On the good and excellent news fronts, the RC1 code fixed Confluence skin dependency and it is working now. I also see a marked performance improvement on my old hardware when I had the new SSD RC1 build in it. Previously running 8.2.5 when I was playing high bit rate MPEG2 video and was reducing the frame rate from 60 fps to 30 fps and doing 720P to 4K upscaling my older NUC couldn't keep up and I would get intermittent screen tearing and video dropouts. This was even with MPEG2 HW decoding enabled in Kodi. With the new RC1 code it played fine and the CPU utilization went from 60% to 25%. I am not sure if I can attribute this to the 64 bit code build, new Intel video drivers or the new video rendering method inside of LibreElec. Either way this is a major improvement.

    Overall testing has been going pretty well with the LibreELEC (Leia) v8.90.007 ALPHA release of software and my NUC 8i7BEH box. The video playback is outstanding with CPU utilization very low and GPU hardware decoding enabled on all supported formats. The video playback quality seems better than 8.2.5 on my older NUC 5I7RYH. High bandwith MPEG2 live streams and simultaneous 4K upscaling put a strain on the old hardware and I occasionally saw pixelation and screen tearing. So far the new hardware and software are easily up to the task. I haven't tried any HEVC content yet but will do so soon. I am seeing a few minor quirks in the software but it is pretty stable. So far my other Kodi add-ons are working fine.

    I am for now but can't go production in the house until the skins are consistent across all devices. Based upon some comments I've seen they plan to fix this skin dependency with the RC1 release. I am just happy that this hardware is supported in the next release. It's quite a step up from my other devices along with having hardware GPU support for HEVC and HDR, as well as HMDI 2.0a to support 4K @60fps.

    Excellent suggestion. I should have thought of that. Anyway, it did work and I was able to boot into LibreELEC. I can't load my favorite skin, Confluence (I know, I am old school). I get an error installing it, can't load dependerncy xbmc.gui 5.14.0 .

    I've been running LibrELEC on an Intel NUC 5I7RYH and NUC 6i5SYH for some time with great success. I bought a newer NUC 8i7BEH and loaded LibrELEC 8.2.5 (which is what I run on the other 2 NUCs) and it won't boot LibrELEC. I get a message "failed to start xorg" and then "Is your GPU supported ?" The NUC8i7BEH has the Iris Plus 655 GPU. Does LibrELEC support this ?