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    Hi, Jack Ma ([email protected]) added new wifi/bt drivers here:

    But it seems the previous existing folder located into ./rkbin/firmware/rockchip is no longer exists in that new version. This folder included the file "dptx.bin" (Type-C DisplayPort Driver).

    So, when I try to compile the master code including this new change, I get an error because it's missing. Now I changed manually the builder to avoid taking this missing file, but I wonder if this is really needed to get the system working properly.

    Jack Ma, did you remove it for some reason?


    I've got some docments from rockchip official site,and i will try it late. thank your reply.

    Hi all, I was the one I tried LibreElec alpha version for rock960 board into my rockpi board.

    The performance seems good, though video it's getting freeze sometimes as well as no eth nor wifi are available/recognised.

    I had used a USB wifi device to get network.

    Waiting for someone who enlight me about whether it's feasible install additional drivers in LibreElec to take advantage from GHz feature over integrated WiFi chipset.