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    Will the RK3399 based NanoPC-T4 get official LE support? I'm really looking into this. I don't care if it takes time to start getting builds on this, but I want to make sure that I didn't waste my money. I had two choices NanoPC-T4 or ROCKPro64 (sadly for me the latter is getting LE builds already lol).

    How did you flash these images? On SDCard or on the eMMMC?

    I know how to flash images through eFlasher from SDCard to eMMC. Is it like this or?

    Hello there,

    At the start I'll would like give my thanks to everyone here who is giving us the LibreELEC.

    I wanted to ask what is the status for the NanoPC-T4. It is almost the same as with ROCKPro64 and yet there is nothing on T4.

    Can the ROCKPro64 Build be used on NanoPC-T4?

    Really looking for support for this board and also others which are under RK3399.


    Edit 1: I have this board in hand and I can help you test LE Builds.