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    Disable this in CEC option, like Iridium said!

    Some apps send notifications that turn on TV if this options are enabled.

    Go to Settings > System > Input > Peripherals > CEC Adapter

    Disabled Switch source to this device on startup and put in "none" Devices to power on during startup.

    When will Amlogic/arm for 9.0 be updated? I see the others were updated 4 days ago and it's been 3 months since the last update for Amlogic/arm. Any reason for the delay?

    I don't know why Thoradia don't updated. But if the apps you use work with releases you can update they by yourself.

    Radarr/Sonarr example: go to System > Updates > Install latest

    You can see if the apps work with releases or not here: Home · thoradia/ Wiki · GitHub

    Edit: I don't no for sure if all apps that work with releases you can update by yourself, but I know that some you can.

    Hello, guys!

    I have 3 things to suggest for forum.

    1 - When I browse by threads here the site, sometimes I see a "read the forum rules".

    It would not be a good thing to put them in a more easily accessible place.

    Look at the forum's home. Where is forum rules?

    2 - Another good thing I notice is [How to], there some here. Isn't a good thing to create a section for them? For a more easy access (and for organization).

    3 - In other forums that I use there is a way the thread creator marks a response as the best answer, the solution. I think this helps a lot someone who has a problem and is looking for an answer.


    Cheers and thanks for the great work :)

    edjalmo - thanks mate! I realised my mistake and fixed the problem a couple of hours ago :)

    Do know how to get MiniDLNA scan external USB drives?

    Or the command to force-restart service.minidlna ?

    At 62 years of age I'm so lame I'm not even ashamed of it :)

    No problem :)

    I don't use MiniDLNA, but I search and found this: Setup MiniDlna To work with USB drives | Never Stop Learning

    Read the section INSTALL MINIDLNA

    Try edit minidlna.conf

    If this is installed as add-on this file are probably here /.kodi/userdata/addon_data

    In LibreELEC you don´t need sudo.

    Following the tutorial to force-restart it is like this

    1. systemctl service minidlna.service force-reload

    If don't work try open a new thread about this, since this is not a problem with Thoradia repo (just to keep things organized).

    Hi Thoradia,

    I've downloaded the from your repository on Github, but when I tried to "install from zip" on LE 9.01 add-ons page it returns error msg that installing from unofficial sources is disabled :(

    What's the work-around?

    You have to enable unknown sources in Settings > System > Add-ons > Unknown Sources

    But I think you have to install the repository and then install Transmission from the Thoradia repository.

    Link to download repo:

    Transmission settings are on settings of Transmission add-on.

    Hello, guys!

    I figured out someting. For those who want to use multiples apps (aka Radarr, Sonarr, Jackett and Transmission) in a limited hardware (aka RPi) enable swap memory helps a lot!

    Theres a [How To] here explaining how to do this. I recommend!

    Guys, sorry for my noob, but what is Mihouse?

    You guys said RPi version, and I'm using Thoradia in a RPi and Transmission is working normal.

    Is there a guide for setting up a VPN ? Can I specify a VPN only for certain ports or applications? Do I need to add any other repos, or is everything included in this repo? Please help my state is undergoing some heavy reforms and a VPN is the only safe avenue, lastly, is there a fail safe option so if VPN goes down, as do torrents.

    Maybe this things can help you:

    Thoradia Add-ons

    Thoradia Add-ons

    I don't use VPN. Just sharing what I saw since I'm in this thread.

    thoradia I think is a good thing creat a wiki in GitHub, to help people with this issues.

    I think what's causing this bug is library update. I updated the library and noticed a little memory incrementation, but not released.

    Guys, check if this happened with you too. Do library update several times and check memory usage. Remove some movie/tv show, do library update and check memory usage again.

    For the record I'm using Universal Movie Scrape for movie informations.


    Just sharing what I noticed after post this.

    I use kodi as you

    My usage pattern of sleep/resume to activate/deactivate the machine as required, instead of doing a hard power-down/cold-boot, means I'm effectively running one very long Kodi uptime session just split up over many `powered-on` time periods

    but, some times I restart it, because I new thing I installed to test or something like that, and in some sessions this bug don't shows!

    I tried reproduce the bug with youtube add-on, like you said, and not happend! It used 2% of more memory when I watched a trailer, but after released!

    It's hard detect the cause of this! :/

    I'm using LibreELEC in a RPi 3b, and I've learned now about what's swap is!

    So, I will using for sure (since some time my machine freezes [but this is because of some addons that I use ˆˆ])

    What do you recommend for swap size here? I read about 2 x RAM. So If I want this, I'll put SWAPFILESIZE="2000"?

    Thanks for this "How to" :)

    I'm running Transmission via Libreelec on my Pi 3 and I'm struggling, it seems that the web interface for transmission really can't handle when I'm downloading 3ish+ MB /s files, I can often load the web interface but it almost always hangs up and stalls out constantly, making any management nigh impossible.

    I've had a similar problem that corrupted my sd card. Thoradia said this:

    Do not overload the bus and SSD with IO

    Restrict IO to 2-3 Mb/s in Transmission

    Prefer external to SSD

    Maybe you can keep speed limits more high without problem, but I think the question is: you changed Transmission download folder for an external drive or kept default (in sd card)?