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    I have LE 9.0.2 Generic/x86_64 and Thoradia repo ver.9.0, how can install last version 9.1 to upgrade sonarr/bazarr/etc


    This is to be done automatically!

    Checking GitHub page I can see a 9.1 version for Generic/x86_64. I don't know why you don't get this update.

    I assume that automatically updates of add-on is enabled, right?!

    thoradia can you look at this?

    Meanwhile you can update Sonarr/Radarr in their own interfaces by going to System > Updates > Install latest

    I think Bazarr has a similar path to update.

    You are correct Iridium , but I assumed (and he said) that the filenames and the folders was named correct, because I had this problem before (and with RARBG files too). With Use video tags enabled Kodi use tags presents in the file instead of the filename, and this files have this tags (you can see this tags using a software like MediaInfo).

    With my issue, logs showed the name of the tag instead of the filename.

    I had one similar problem with this recently.

    My problem was that the Use video tags was enabled. With this option enabled Kodi use information that exists of the media info of the file (if it exist) and not the filename.

    I disabled, updated library and the movies was added again.

    For disabled (if yours are enabled) you need go to Settings > Media > (enable advanced mode) > Videos > Use video tags

    As far as I know RPi can't play x265, 10bits or 4k files.

    Here a guy said that it can play x265 if is 720p, but I never test.

    I have a similar issue with termometer icon when I use anothers skins than default's Kodi.

    For what I noticed this is because this other skins use more CPU, which makes RPi to heat!

    But from what I read the quality of sd card and power supply influence this too.

    Disable this in CEC option, like Iridium said!

    Some apps send notifications that turn on TV if this options are enabled.

    Go to Settings > System > Input > Peripherals > CEC Adapter

    Disabled Switch source to this device on startup and put in "none" Devices to power on during startup.

    When will Amlogic/arm for 9.0 be updated? I see the others were updated 4 days ago and it's been 3 months since the last update for Amlogic/arm. Any reason for the delay?

    I don't know why Thoradia don't updated. But if the apps you use work with releases you can update they by yourself.

    Radarr/Sonarr example: go to System > Updates > Install latest

    You can see if the apps work with releases or not here: Home · thoradia/ Wiki · GitHub

    Edit: I don't no for sure if all apps that work with releases you can update by yourself, but I know that some you can.

    Hello, guys!

    I have 3 things to suggest for forum.

    1 - When I browse by threads here the site, sometimes I see a "read the forum rules".

    It would not be a good thing to put them in a more easily accessible place.

    Look at the forum's home. Where is forum rules?

    2 - Another good thing I notice is [How to], there some here. Isn't a good thing to create a section for them? For a more easy access (and for organization).

    3 - In other forums that I use there is a way the thread creator marks a response as the best answer, the solution. I think this helps a lot someone who has a problem and is looking for an answer.


    Cheers and thanks for the great work :)

    edjalmo - thanks mate! I realised my mistake and fixed the problem a couple of hours ago :)

    Do know how to get MiniDLNA scan external USB drives?

    Or the command to force-restart service.minidlna ?

    At 62 years of age I'm so lame I'm not even ashamed of it :)

    No problem :)

    I don't use MiniDLNA, but I search and found this: Setup MiniDlna To work with USB drives | Never Stop Learning

    Read the section INSTALL MINIDLNA

    Try edit minidlna.conf

    If this is installed as add-on this file are probably here /.kodi/userdata/addon_data

    In LibreELEC you don´t need sudo.

    Following the tutorial to force-restart it is like this

    1. systemctl service minidlna.service force-reload

    If don't work try open a new thread about this, since this is not a problem with Thoradia repo (just to keep things organized).

    Hi Thoradia,

    I've downloaded the from your repository on Github, but when I tried to "install from zip" on LE 9.01 add-ons page it returns error msg that installing from unofficial sources is disabled :(

    What's the work-around?

    You have to enable unknown sources in Settings > System > Add-ons > Unknown Sources

    But I think you have to install the repository and then install Transmission from the Thoradia repository.

    Link to download repo:

    Transmission settings are on settings of Transmission add-on.

    Hello, guys!

    I figured out someting. For those who want to use multiples apps (aka Radarr, Sonarr, Jackett and Transmission) in a limited hardware (aka RPi) enable swap memory helps a lot!

    Theres a [How To] here explaining how to do this. I recommend!

    Guys, sorry for my noob, but what is Mihouse?

    You guys said RPi version, and I'm using Thoradia in a RPi and Transmission is working normal.

    Is there a guide for setting up a VPN ? Can I specify a VPN only for certain ports or applications? Do I need to add any other repos, or is everything included in this repo? Please help my state is undergoing some heavy reforms and a VPN is the only safe avenue, lastly, is there a fail safe option so if VPN goes down, as do torrents.

    Maybe this things can help you:

    Thoradia Add-ons

    Thoradia Add-ons

    I don't use VPN. Just sharing what I saw since I'm in this thread.

    thoradia I think is a good thing creat a wiki in GitHub, to help people with this issues.

    I think what's causing this bug is library update. I updated the library and noticed a little memory incrementation, but not released.

    Guys, check if this happened with you too. Do library update several times and check memory usage. Remove some movie/tv show, do library update and check memory usage again.

    For the record I'm using Universal Movie Scrape for movie informations.


    Just sharing what I noticed after post this.

    I use kodi as you

    My usage pattern of sleep/resume to activate/deactivate the machine as required, instead of doing a hard power-down/cold-boot, means I'm effectively running one very long Kodi uptime session just split up over many `powered-on` time periods

    but, some times I restart it, because I new thing I installed to test or something like that, and in some sessions this bug don't shows!

    I tried reproduce the bug with youtube add-on, like you said, and not happend! It used 2% of more memory when I watched a trailer, but after released!

    It's hard detect the cause of this! :/