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    I'm using LibreELEC in a RPi 3b, and I've learned now about what's swap is!

    So, I will using for sure (since some time my machine freezes [but this is because of some addons that I use ˆˆ])

    What do you recommend for swap size here? I read about 2 x RAM. So If I want this, I'll put SWAPFILESIZE="2000"?

    Thanks for this "How to" :)

    I'm running Transmission via Libreelec on my Pi 3 and I'm struggling, it seems that the web interface for transmission really can't handle when I'm downloading 3ish+ MB /s files, I can often load the web interface but it almost always hangs up and stalls out constantly, making any management nigh impossible.

    I've had a similar problem that corrupted my sd card. Thoradia said this:

    Do not overload the bus and SSD with IO

    Restrict IO to 2-3 Mb/s in Transmission

    Prefer external to SSD

    Maybe you can keep speed limits more high without problem, but I think the question is: you changed Transmission download folder for an external drive or kept default (in sd card)?

    Hello guys!

    When I turn on my Raspberry Pi the kodi.bin process use something like 16% of memory (without playing anything). Pass some time this process increase more memory.
    Today, 4 days after I turn it on, kodi.bin are using 31.4% of memory. In this way with more 3 or 4 days my Raspberry will freeze because have no memory available.

    My question is: this is normal? I'm talking about the memory usage without playing anything. There's a way I can get around this?

    My logs bellow (but without debug enabled).




    Weird, in my raspberry memory usage is opposite and don't freezes. But is supposed to you check memory too when navigate library, since freezes in that point too. And you can delete some movie of the library and scan it again to reproduce this situation (you don't need to download another).

    Right! Aways check the memory usage when you do a scan!

    Usually alternative skins use more memory, because have more functions.

    I use a Raspberry too. I tried use anothers skins but aways return to stock, because it use less memory, and I prefer priorize memory for anothers add-ons I use.

    This is really weird!

    I think I'm not the best person to help you, but I will try.

    If you reboot LibreELEC and do this things after it will freeze too?

    You use a lot of add-ons?

    Try check the memory usage with top command (you also can press the m key 3 times to see the memory usage bar) before and during the library scan to see what process are using more memory.

    In my experience LibreELEC freeze when it have no memory available. So, I think some process of your configuration are using a lot of memory.

    No YouTube was just an example, id love to be able to use a lot of the USA/Canada addons on kodi via this method. when I use openvpn manager it messes up my live tv. This seemed like the perfect solution, Also if someone's watching an addon via openvpn manager it blocks me from being able to stream to my phone from outside the house.

    Got it! You only want to use in some addons!

    Maybe thoradia can help you or maybe this is a question to ask in General Support, since, I think, you have to find in every addon where put Connection\Interface=thoradia-vpn.

    Or maybe I'm completely wrong, since I do not know anything about vpn ˆˆ

    So if I'm understanding this correct, I cant use this with transmission or youtube because there isn't a /config folder for them?

    I've never used vpn, but sound like this.

    Do you just want to use vpn in the youtube addon?

    If it is because of blocking content in your country, changing the location in the own settings of the youtube addon would not solve?

    In my experience routers that provide isolation between wired and wireless devices in this way cause more problems than they solve. It can prevent all kinds of things from working, including app control of wired devices. Another related problem is that device discovery fails to work properly if multicast packets can't get from one part of the network to another. Unless you really need to restrict things in this way I would start with a better router.


    My router is this ONU AN5506-04-FA. Is provided by internet provider. I don't want to buy another because people here (in my house) will question for what I need 2 routers... that this will only spend more energy ^^.

    Please explain the network configuration in more detail. Which device is connected to which, and what is the function of the LE/HTPC box?

    I use Sonarr, Radarr and Transmission in my LibreELEC. To manager them I use my PC and smartphone.

    Raspberry Pi 3b (LibreELEC), my PC and smartphone are connected in wireless network.

    My router separate the wireless network from wired network, so If I put LibreELEC in wired I can't access it (using SSH) by my PC or smartphone, the same for the services described (that are connected in wireless).

    I want to put Transmission in wired network, but keep Radarr and Sonarr in wireless, for I can access it by my smartphone.

    This is possible?