Making Kodi more wife / family friendly, can I do a "playlists" shortcut, with icons?

  • This is maybe like a really normal feature, but I use a custom skin on Kodi called Aura.

    I'm curious if I could add a button up the top so it's like this:

    Movies | TV | Playlists | Settings | Power

    Then like make a custom playlist (I know there's playlist support in Kodi but I dunno how good it is! I never use it!)

    The playlist like "All Disney movies" or

    "All Animated movies" etc?

    "All comedy movies"

    Anyone know if this can be done and how much work it is? I'm /almost positive/ it can probably be done but I'd like to be sure.

    Big bonus points if I can load a custom thumbnail of some sort? Like a picture of Mickey for the Disney Playlist etc?

  • I'm having a play with smart playlists but I'm hitting a stumbling block.

    I'm trying to add

    Genre is Animated

    Genre is Comedy

    Genre is Family

    Genre is Adventure

    I also want

    Movie is newer than 1990.

    The problem is the option for Item must match "one or more of the rules" vs "all of the rules"

    Because if I choose one or more of the rules, I end up with 1990 films that AREN'T Comedy / Family etc, my Scifi depressing stuff :)

    How can I have it choose animation / comedy / family / adenture / onlynewer than 1985?