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    My suggestion is the same: Check your microSD card.

    Using the GParted tool, like you suggested above?

    Edit: this is a bootable image, don't sound like it's a easy thing to use :/

    Can I copy my entire sd card to another new, and if this problem is with this sd card they will not happen again, right? If yes, how can I do this (since exist hidden partitions/folders)?

    This SD card had total uptime in LibreELEC of 200 days and had no problem until today. The only thing that happened before safe mode was in Sonarr, this monday his the db had corrupted (but I restored one backup and back to normal).

    Hi, thoradia !

    Today my installation boot into safe mode, but fortunately I could make it boot normal again (here).

    But after this Transmission is not starting anymore. systemctl status show this:

    1. ● service.transmission.service - transmission
    2. Loaded: loaded (/storage/.kodi/addons/service.transmission/system.d/service.transmission.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)
    3. Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Wed 2019-11-06 11:45:40 -03; 4h 30min ago
    4. Process: 562 ExecStart=/bin/sh /storage/.kodi/addons/service.transmission/bin/transmission.start Restart=on-failure (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
    5. Warning: Journal has been rotated since unit was started. Log output is incomplete or unavailable.

    Do you know how can I solve this?


    Anyway, I fixed this by uninstalling and install it again.

    Thanks, Iridium !

    I tested the profile.xml you share again and it worked after reboot! :) (I created in .kodi.FAILED folder too). I probably did something wrong in the first time.

    My logs say something to I know what the cause of this?

    For install a repo you need to be in Add-ons > Install from zip file > you probably will get a warning saying that unknown sources is disabled, since is you first time, click in settings and enable it > back and install from zip again > now you find you usb stick and you see your zip file to install.

    Check the Kodi Wiki, you will find a lot of useful things there.

    Hi, thoradia !

    I'm not having any issues with your add-ons (the combo swamp + MemoryHigh + reboot Kodi, automatically, one time per day work like a charm here!), Im here just to ask a question.

    I saw that you recently update Mono to new version and Sonarr too, however I not get this update here. I'm using the last LibreELEC stable release (9.0.2). There's a reason why you not update this add-ons for this version?

    Normally I can update Sonarr by myself, but this release not appear in interface.

    Regards and thanks!

    I do something similar, but just to reboot Kodi. Since I use another programs in background and If I not reboot Kodi will be slowly with the past of days. What I wished is do this, automatically, based on tv power on/off, and just Kodi, not LibreELEC.

    But I think this is impossible.

    In theory you can switch HDMI off and on by using the "tvservice" command with the appropriate options. That would save energy. I was playing around with that command a couple of month ago, but I was not successful to switch HDMI on after switching it off. Maybe it's working with the current LE version.

    Or you could buy another RPi, and run one of them headless (Raspbian) for your CRON services. Install a power button on the other one, where you run LE.

    I found this, but how I can do this automatically for when I turn tv on?

    You second idea is good, and I think (not sure) that I can turn Kodi (and LibreELEC, I think) on/off automatically by CEC options. But for the moment I will not buy another RPi,

    Thanks Iridium , I thought that will be the answer.

    Small savings *could* be made by turning HDMI off when not in use and turn off LED's. Better savings could be made by turning WIFI and BT - especially if not used.

    When you say turning HDMI off you're talking about what? And how can I turn LED's off?

    The BT is already disabled, since I don't use it. Internet is needed for this apps in background, so can't disabler WIFI.

    Hi all!

    Maybe this is a silly question, but my RPi 3b runs on 24/7 and I'm thinking if exist something I can do to save energy when I'm not watching anything.

    I have to keep it on 24/7 because I run some softwares in background that run as cron job.

    There is something that can turn Kodi on/off by TV using CEC? Because I just will need Kodi when TV will be on, but when Kodi is off this other softwares needs to keep runing.

    (I know that will depend of this softwares I use too, but consider the scenario with LIbreELEC with Kodi running and LibreELEC with Kodi not running)

    If this are not possible do you have another ideas?

    I imagine that when I'm not watching anything the LibreELEC already save energy, but I'm think if this idea will save more.

    And please tell me if it's a stupid idea ^^