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    I'm having a strange issue where every time I change either the skin or the Kodi version on my Kodi box (Odroid C2), I have to rescan my video library. After I either change the skin or switch Kodi versions, I can browse my video library and it seems like everything is there, but when I go play something, Kodi reports that the file is no longer on the drive. I end up having to clean the library and then rescan my video libary, which is a bit tedious as I have my videos separated into four folders - DVD Movies, DVD TV Shows, Blu-Ray Movies, and Blu-Ray TV Shows.

    I've been noodling around the settings in Kodi, and I've noticed that it's possible to import and export library databases. Could this be the solution to my problem?

    This problem that I'm having, is it a common issue, or should I just reinstall LibreElec?

    I've been running LibreElec on an Odroid C2 for the last few months. For the most part, I've been controlling it via a Logitech Harmony remote that I've gotten working with my Odroid via the Windows MCE Keyboard profile. A few months ago, I tried to use a program called Congruity to change the function of the Live button to get it to toggle subtitles, but to no avail - except with LibreElec 9.0. During the last few months, the function of the "Live" button, depending on the LibreElec version. With LibreElec 8.2.5, it didn't do anything. Then with LibreElec 9.0, it toggled subtitles on and off. With LibreElec 9.1, it brings up Codec Info. Why does the functon of this button keep changing with different versions of LibreElec?

    Specs: 1.5 GHz Quad-core Amlogic ARM Corext A53 CPU, 3 Mali 400 700 MHz GPUs, 2GB DDR3

    Log: Pastebin

    LibreElec Version: 8.2.5

    I'm running LibreElec 8.2.5 on an Odroid C2. Though, I'm not sure if the issue I'm experiencing is specific to either the board, SoC or the OS.

    Whenever I play a 16x9 video, the picture is stretched so that there's letterboxing on the screen (black bars on top and bottom). Yet, when I play a 4x3 video, there's no letterboxing. I'm sure the TV I'm using is 16x9, so I don't know why I'm having this letterboxing issue. I had an issue at first with overscan, but that shouldn't cause this issue, and I've already corrected for the overscan with Kodi's display calibration feature.

    Regarding the length of the log, I would have posted a log with examples from more videos, but I ended up having to provide a log with just one example because otherwise, the Kodi logfile add-on would give me an error message about the log being over a megabyte.

    Update: Turns out I just did a shoddy job during the part of the "video calibration" where you have to adjust the square with the left and right arrow keys to get it "perfectly square". It also turns out that if you want to do a really good job with the calibration, you should have a video playing behind it so you can be extra sure to get everything lined up properly.