"Custom" MCE Button Function Change Between LE Versions

  • I've been running LibreElec on an Odroid C2 for the last few months. For the most part, I've been controlling it via a Logitech Harmony remote that I've gotten working with my Odroid via the Windows MCE Keyboard profile. A few months ago, I tried to use a program called Congruity to change the function of the Live button to get it to toggle subtitles, but to no avail - except with LibreElec 9.0. During the last few months, the function of the "Live" button, depending on the LibreElec version. With LibreElec 8.2.5, it didn't do anything. Then with LibreElec 9.0, it toggled subtitles on and off. With LibreElec 9.1, it brings up Codec Info. Why does the functon of this button keep changing with different versions of LibreElec?

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  • Indeed...

    I have begun upgrading my 'friends/family' systems with LE 9.0.1 and found that the MCE button assignments have been 'fixed' so they match the 'real' MS MCE control layout.

    ALL context menus are now assigned to "DVD Menu", and the "Guide" and "Info" button assignments are 'swapped' (Guide being 'TV Guide', which most users won't need).

    Such that, I created 'my' custom MCE keymap (named "MCE-custom.xml") which contains the following to assign the numpad '8' to video 'info' and the '9' to 'codec info':