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    new oscam is now at the repo for 9.0, 9.1 is following today-ish

    9.0.108 breaks decoding of bbc satback on intelsat 907 :(

    I had to downgrade to 9.0.107.

    Edit:i'm not using it with x86 but with a mecool ki pro (s905d).

    Edit2: it took me a while to realize since yesterday it was raining so I thought it was a signal issue, but today I found out it's oscam.

    If CoreELEC works for you that's absolutely fantastic, I totally get that as a user you only care about the product and not personalities, but we (as a development team) don't want or need others harassing/abusing _our_ members, and interfering with and generally spreading FUD about _our_ project, thank you very much.

    I'm torn because I care about both, but as an outsider and an amlogic user, I see that there are things that don't work in libreelec but do in coreelec. I'm currently using libreelec but planning to switch to coreelec due to the above, however, reading these messages, I'm not sure it's the right thing to do.

    FWIW with the client I had some of the channel icons that didn't correspond to the correct one. They also didn't change when I changed some icons (coming from the epg). Finally deleting the Thubnails directory "fixed" the icons.

    No such problems with the 4.4.17 client that I have on an ubuntu laptop. Unfortunately 4.4.17 isn't available in the libreelec addons repository.

    Enable the external xmltv grabber in tvheadend, then place this in .kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.webgrabplus/ (and make it executable)

    1. #!/bin/bash
    2. curl -d @guide.xml -X POST -m 5 --unix-socket /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.tvheadend42/epggrab/xmltv.sock

    It won't connect to google but curl needs an url, any url, it will just send the data to the tvheadend's socket.

    Edit: found here: HOWTO: Three ways to use xmltv.sock

    Oh, I use an external grabber (webgrabplus) and send data to the fifo once it has run (the webgrabplus package will check for a script to run before the grab and an script to run, well, after, both of them in .kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.webgrabplus)

    I was only confused because it resetted two IPTV channels and it deleted the tv_grab_wg++ I created under .kodi/addons/service.tvheadend/bin. Will this be deleted everytime I update via install from zip?

    I suppose. You should put your own things somewhere else e.g, directly in /storage or a subdirectory of it (which won't be saved when you make a backup) or in .kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.tvheadend42 (which should be preserver in a backup).

    tuep it should pick up the configuration just fine, at least it did in my case.

    Under Configuration/General it says "Configuration Version 24, Last updated from 4.2.5 ~ LibreElec Tvh -addon v8.2.113".

    In "About" it says "HTS Tvheadend 4.3-1749 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v9.0.444".

    The reverse isn't true: when I tried coreelec, it automatically upgraded to 4.2 (?() and that aborted with the configuration from 4.3

    I have a siano dvb-t stick that isn't recognized by the default LE drivers, this is the log

    I tried switching to the "DVB drivers from the latest kernel", those do recognize the dvb-t stick but do not recognize the internal tuner of my mecool ki pro, log here

    I tried Coreelec 9.0.1. With the default drivers it does the same as libreelec, but with the drivers from the latest kernel both adapters work.

    Came across this thread looking for a way to manually edit the pids of a service. That link actually says there is no way to do it.

    In older versions of tvh it was possible to edit the configuration files since they were in clear text, alas that's no more possible since they're now compressed/packed :(

    If I start playing a program that I'm currently recording eventually it will stop and the only thing I can do then is restart kodi.

    The recording directory is nfs mounted, if I play directly the file as a video (i.e. bypassing tvheadend) it works with no problem.

    Also it doesn't seem to happen if I play back a different recording (but I haven't tested this case extensively).

    It's not a feature that I use often, but maybe it's a known issue fixed in a later release?

    I'm using your semi-official build of LE 9.0.0 for S905, an oldish (identified as 9.0.444 in the addons menu, as 4.3-1683 in its menu) tvheadend nightly and the htsp client.

    Edit I just updated to the latest nightly (4.3-1749) and it does the same

    Edit2: not exactly the same, now kodi doesn't lock up (but that may just be random), the playback stops and I cannot play it again, not even after restarting kodi.

    Oh, the "audio" button is the one with the code 0x01 that I mapped to KEY_AUDIO (thinking that it would switch audio tracks), but later I found that it goes to the music menu.

    What KEY_ mapping should I use to switch audio tracks instead? And what mapping to go to the live tv section (KEY_TV doesn't)?

    Other keys that apparently do nothing are:

    • KEY_HOMEPAGE (home button on the remote, code 0x0d)
    • KEY_FAVORITES (fav button, 0x1f))
    • KEY_MENU (menu button, 0x45)
    • KEY_APPSELECT (apps button, 0x58)
    • KEY_WWW (browser button, 0x18)

    "FAV" button for favorite items (e.g. for internet streams or etc) is missing in remote control of KI Pro

    I tried to map all keys in the remote. Some of them don't do what I wold expect (e.g. KEY_TV doesn't show live tv but a list of tv shows) others don't do nothing, but at least it has all the keycodes.

    This is my map:

    There are also some signs of DVB support

    Do you mean for external DVB cards/usb sticks or for the integrated hardware in the 905D (though, If I'm not mistaken, it only includes the frontend and the demod, the tuner is external)?

    Anyway, even if it is the latter, the current code (which, by your "forward porting by kernel backporting" statement I assume that will be recycled) isn't squeezing the same performance from the tuner/frontend/demod (don't know which one is the culprit) as the android driver. At least with the avl6862 in the mecool KI pro I have.