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    OK, I won't go there then. I just reluctantly switched to coreelec to see the state of the integrated dvb and I have to say it works (though I think it's because they don't use the upstream kernel but the 4.19 bsp, but then I had to select the media_build dvb drivers instead of the default ones).


    I have an AP and a repeater (both with the same essid) and a raspberry pi zero w running libreelec that seems to prefer the repeater. I'd like to force it to connect to the main AP, using the BSSID, searching for "connman bssid" I could find nothing useful.

    in fact I could find a mailing list message written in 2014 where a connman developer says that nobody should care about this useless details since wpa_supplicant will connect to the best AP, but maybe things have changed since then and it is now possible to lock connman to a specific BSSID?

    NB: LE does not support update of legacy OS installs to the LE10 codebase, a clean install is required. If the Amlogic 3.14 kernel is detected during update we abort, and if you manually override the compat check the box will (guaranteed 100%) end up in a broken boot state.

    I hope that at least the configuration of the various plugins can be copied over (I'd hate to have to reconfigure oscam/pcsc/tvheadend from scratch).

    BTW, what's the status of the availink drivers? I see some progress in their github but they seem to be using a different distribution as a test bed.

    I have a better mapping for the mecool ki pro remote, attached.

    I mapped every key and It follows the layout of the remote (top to bottom, left to right), so it's easier to see the key associated to each function (Edit: er, the function associated to each key).

    Since, AFAIK, there's no browser function in kodi, I mapped the browser button to KEY_NUMERIC_STAR which I configured to restart kodi.

    Which is not an issue in coreelec.

    Well, I actually tried coreelec on this box and never really pursued it because I couldn't get tvheadend, oscam, pcsc and webgrabplus working (i.e. the things I need to work).

    I didn't try very hard and I don't remember the specifics, maybe it was my fault (I'm using a self compiled tvheadend but I hoped the one in coreeelec was newer) but anyway, this image works.

    Ok, I found a way to restart kodi with a remote key.

    First I mapped an unused key (the lower lef "browser" key) to something that kodi recognizes (I used KEY_NUMERIC_STAR that kodi maps to star, at the same time I found the good code for the "dtv" key which is KEY_TUNER), then I created the file .kodi/userdata/keymaps/restart.xml with this content


    Let's see if it works when it's actually needed.

    Since this is the only libreelec with more or less working dvb drivers for my mecool ki/k1 pro I'm still using it.

    I have a small problem though (not new but lately it has been nagging me): from time to time (well, quite often actually) when I switch the tv to the hdmi port where the box is connected, the screen is black.

    There is a signal, kodi is still working (I hear the audio feedback if I press some key on the remote) but the screen is black. I have to ssh into the box and restart kodi, but that is not wife friendly.
    I tried to disable the screensaver, using google earth as a screensaver (thinking it would keep the screen active) but nothing worked.

    Any idea? Maybe I could bind a remote key to "systemctl restart kodi"? How?

    I have Mecool K1 Pro S905D device. So this version is will work with dvb tvh on my device? Or still in alpha stage? If still in alpha stage when will we see some beta or working (with dvb and addons) less buggy versions?

    No, it seems there's no real effort to mainline the dvb drivers so it will either take a lot of time or never work at all. I might be wrong (and I hope to be).

    1. I'm not interested in" opinions " about which system is better or worse. Want to discuss it - create your own theme.

    2. I'm not interested in advertising other systems. Want to discuss it - create your own theme.

    3. I'm not going to persuade anyone to use any system. Everyone decides what to use.

    Uh? Fran's message didn't say any of the above. It only complained that this image doesn't work for him. I agree it didn't express it in a "correct" way, but still it didn't say any of the things you mention.

    I got Fran 's message by mail before it was deleted. I understand it can be annoying to read messages that appear to be repetitive and inflammatory.

    I think it's more due to a non native speaker having problems expressing himself, but in any case it's not spam and removing it as such only reinforces the view expressed in said message.

    the folder 9.0 contains builds for LE 9.0 (currently 9.0.x)

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but could you kick the build system to build a newer tvh for 9.0?

    Otherwise, is there an easy way to just cross-compile it without building the whole distribution?