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    kszaq, thanks again for working on this build. I finally got a chance to test the 8.0.1a build yesterday. I had streaming music on most of the day yesterday and it ran flawlessly. I played some files last night with PleXBMC via ethernet from my laptop and they ran perfectly with no random freezes or reboots. i haven't tried streaming a video yet, but everything else is running really well.

    I tried booting LE via a USB stick and had no success. I decided to try the SD one last time after trying the USB stick and LE booted. This was on version alpha 3. Once up and running I had no ethernet and KODI was crashing and rebooting quite often. I updated to alpha 4, ethernet is now working. KODI is still crashing, but less often. I was able to run through a 25 minute video without crashing. Alpha 3 would crash numerous times during the same video. So things are looking better. Note that the speed with LE on the GT1 is much improved. My external drive files load up almost immediately.
    Thanks again Kszaq. Another cup of coffee coming soon.

    I'm excited about the LE development for the S912, but I haven't been able to get the SD card to boot. I have a Beelink GT1 running Superceleron's V8B rom, which is excellent, but does not run some addons (VPN) that LE does. I have tried every method as listed on page 1 with no success. They all boot into TWRP, which is installed with the V8B rom. There is no update app as part of this rom.
    What I am looking for is the original Beelink recovery for the GT1, or another boot method that will allow the SD card to run. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

    I did a clean install of 8.0.0c and set things up. 8.0 runs faster, everything seems to work well and the audio sync is now fixed for me. Sync issues continue with 7.03.012 when I boot to that version of LE.
    Thanks Kszaq, great work. Another coffee on the way.

    I was hoping LE 8.0 might resolve an issue with music file playback on my Beelink M18 and all my other Android boxes. I cannot get LE 8.0 and in the past 7.0 (Kszaq versions) to playback an entire folder of music. If I play the first song inside a file LE will not play the next song. I have checked/unchecked "Play Next Song Automatically", checked and unchecked "Queue songs on selection" and it makes no difference. I have pushed play on the folder - nothing happens in LE 8. If I push enter the folder opens and then whichever song I select plays, but not the next song.
    I use a Logitech K400+, a Rii Mini i8+ and the original remote which does not have a play button - just an OK button. I have tested with all. I connect a hard drive with songs stored on it in folders to either the M18 USB or directly to my laptop which is connected via Ethernet to the box.
    This is pretty frustrating. If anyone can offer some help I would appreciate it.

    Solved: I tried something - I use Aeon Nox for my skin. I edited the Aeon Nox main menu/submenu under music, created a link to the USB hard drive via common and then files. This doesn't create a direct link to the hard drive, but creates one to files in the sub menu under music. The link goes to files, then the hard drive and then the files on the hard drive. When I click play on a folder LE now plays the contents of the folder. It works, but...

    I am traveling and have my Beelink M18 with me running version "H". The TV in the condo we are renting has a single HDMI and no audio out in a suitable format. Its old and the speakers are lousy. I am switching the HDMI from the pvr for TV to the M18 when using KODI. The audio works through the TV speakers when the HDMI is connected to the M18.
    I have a ghetto blaster with me that has audio in via mini stereo jack. I have been using a mini stereo jack to connect from the AV port on the M18 to the aux jack on the ghetto blaster. The connection has been problematic. Sometimes the audio works and sometimes not. I don't see any connection settings that I can change to output from the AV jack to something like a ghetto blaster. I have rebooted, plugged in the jack with the box plugged in, with the box off, with it not plugged in. Nothing seems to help connect. When it does it seems to be random. I have used a couple different cables which doesn't help.
    Couple questions, is there a setting I am missing - I'm currently using the HDMI out adapter in KODI? Is it possible there is a bug/problem with AV out on the box or in LE version H?
    Help is appreciated,

    Solved - no issue with Libreelec.

    here you go (attached or: MEGA)
    of course rename to remote.conf.
    read the file as there are comments within to explain the mappings.

    i think the method described/linked in my previous post using dmesg and debug will help you get the harmony sorted. its nice to have codecinfo and play/pause. thx for kszaq and others for the info.

    Thanks for your help with this. Its going to be a few days before I can try this out, as I am packing for a move.

    Some feedback on the 32 bit rom:
    - Its iffy whether or not I get a freeze on boot. I either get stuck on the Google screen, LE boot screen, or I get right into LE. Pulling the power cord and rebooting seems to work.
    - The audio is still out of sync. Mine is set to .325s for all sources in LE. Offset is consistent whether playing local files (via router/ethernet - PLEX) or streaming off the 720P HD.
    - a side benefit - I have never been able to get KODI to play more than 1 file at a time from a folder. I've tried all the suggestions - push play on the folder - all this did was open the folder, I don't want to set up a million playlists, etc. Bingo, this build somehow solved that - pushing play on the folder, or on a file from the folder plays the entire content of the folder in order..
    Everything else is working really well so far.
    Thanks a ton for your hard ongoing work on this project.

    Could someone please upload a remote.conf for a Beelink M18 running Kszaq's LE. For some reason the one I found in Android in my M18 does not work with LE. I used Alex's for some time but that link has gone dead.

    We did resolve it. It's Norton time now :D

    But I don't get it: you do know what was the problem (was harmless one). And that forum (and whole site) is safe to use. Just ignore Norton's warning like normal users do (click yes, ignore, continue, ...).

    I can't easily ignore the warning, as every page/action on the site gets the warning. There is no way for me to make a rule locally on my system so that the warning is ignored.
    I don't know what the problem was, only that you say it was harmless and fixed.
    That being said, there is a process for the website owner to follow to resolve the issue. I gave you the link and it has to be cleared by someone from Libreelec. I can't do it on LE's behalf.

    The resolution is pretty simple: Ditch the Symantec crapware.

    I'm guessing you aren't a moderator, so I'll ask you to save your sarcastic comments for a different post.
    I'm looking to help and get help from a moderator.

    Whatever you feel should be done by 3., It has not asked anyone to sell any service to monitor them and is thus not required to do anything to help.
    This is solely between Norton and its customers and if they are not happy with the service they shall quit.

    This post is directed to a moderator so that they can help resolve an issue.
    Your comments don't help, nor does it seem like you understand the issue.
    Please move on.

    There are 3 parts here :
    1. A customer who paid a company for a service
    2. A company which is paid to deliver a service
    3. A website which is not paid and do no pay for a service

    I fail to understand why 3. has to contact 2. to have 1. happy, unless 1. or 2. have paid 3. in the process...


    Well, let me address your points.
    2 has been paid for and provides a service. 2 has identified 3's website as dangerous.
    1 has identified this for 3 and asked for some help to resolve the problem. As this problem will impact more than one customer 3 should be concerned and try to address the issue. 1 cannot address the concern on 3's behalf.
    This is why 3 should contact 1. The resolution looks pretty simple, but again, 2 cannot represent 3 in this matter.