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    Did you tried package above? Because most build things are done automatically and user doesn't need to cover it.

    it failed at needing libsodium-dev hmmm :/ now its now a matter of i guess adding this in before continuing. (soled that matter)

    -snip- seems despite passing the correct make arg im guessing its breaking when compiling in the source root directory (hence why in the github readme they tell you to use a build folder)

    1. hi, where can I download this special version,for pi 4(LibreELEC-RR 9.x [ Emulationstation | Retroarch | Pegasus | DolphinQT | Moonlight | Chrome | Spotify ])
    2. thanks
    3. Greetings from Italy

    he doesn't have a Pi4 yet (so no way to test builds) + Firmware and underlying Raspbian buster development dust has yet to settle. it's going to be awhile before 5schatten has a Pi4 build. (not to mention Cores for RetroArch haveto be rebuild too to support the Pi4, seen by if you try MagicSeb's image, any core you download from RetroArch's updater, will fail to launch. (as is some working cores crash after a few hours, cause massive memory leaks, cause kernel panics/segfaults..) its best to wait.. if you need emulation on the Pi4, the stock Rasbpian Buster +Mednafen should do.

    under linux instructions i has this small requirement
    GitHub - diasurgical/devilutionX: Diablo build for modern operating systems

    1. mkdir build
    2. cd build
    3. cmake ..
    4. make -j$(nproc)

    thats the last thing im hung on how to set in the template ohh and the -DBINARY_RELEASE=ON this tells it to make teh release binary as by default it builds the Debug version requiring ASam

    i havent put in the SHA256(havent calculated it) and im not certain if cmake/g++ need to be added to the package (as its a compile dependency not a execution dependency)

    i think i have it mostly figured out, and trying to make a package for "DevilutionX" but. how do i define a location to extract the source archive, have it make a build directory , change to the build director then tell cmake to grab from the previous directory (source folder) then pas this Make Arg. ? "make -j$(nproc)" (sorry im just new to things and slowly learning. )

    Sofar just about 2 hours no crash *yet* (and i was outside lastnight w/ the neighbor for lil over 2 hours) going to let it idle for another hour more n see if it crashes then try w/ a game that hasnt been patched for MSU-1 Audio if it does, and see if its the MSU-1 functionality causing it.

    edit: at 9:32pm EDT, Retroarch suddently dropped to bash prompt leaving the Pi 4 unresponsive requiring a power cycle.

    That's not the point. You should be able to compile most cores without platform flags but then you'll end up without optimisations & generic armv platforms which probably explains the slow performance.

    i replied before i saw your edited post on it, likely explains why RA has its issues atm, (if you download any new core or update over it'll fail to launch the core, or if you leave it as-is, it will after a few hours lead to a memory leak and cause a OOM crash. )

    as for the abysmal performance atm with Composite out enabled, looks like one of thier engineers "Jamesh" was able to replicate and make a fix for it and it'll be pushed within the comming few days.

    and if it matters for anything for gathering info for the Pi 4 for yourself, seems the MicroHDMI port closest to the USB-C port for power is the default display out when only 1 HDMI display is used.

    as i just put in the main LibreElec bug report thier alpha build image for the Pi 4 seems to have an issue "Crashing" on boot atleast under what i see on my config of the 4GB Model and over composite out (the 4's haveto specifically have a second line added in the config.txt for later ref 5schatten because of the new clock changes, enabling it reduces slightly system performance of how it hasto be precisly controlled)

    that extra line being is "enable_tvout" 0 for disable (default) 1 for enable

    as for raspbian buster which is a huge WIP it seems, the raspi-config tool atm only allows 256mb to be set for GPU where i see someone mention you could set as much as 512MB manually. if i come across more info or get to play w/ more stable Rpi4 offical libre builds i'll report back, (and again i'm willing to be a guinea pig for test builds) (im actually itching to see if Emteria Android gets support as the newer Videocore GPU and extra Ram would make Android a easier experience on the Pi since OpenGApps made it a Nightmare!)

    and something to note thats going around on the official raspberry pi forums. when 4k HDMI support is enabled, temps rise dramatically, if you make any builds, early ones should have it disabled w/ some way to notify the user "Enabling 4k support will cause higher temps and could cause overheating without adequate cooling, are you sure you want to enable?"

    for the longest i've been using 5schatten 's Reborn Remix for my Rpi3B and 3B+ over the composite out (w/ the annoying issue of overscan adjustments resetting but i think thats something with Kodi rather his end, it stoped once but reared after an update)

    i've had my Rpi4 for a few days now, and giving up on getting Kodi to run under Raspbian Buster(extremely slow and unresponsive, alot of things graphically break, which i hope get addressed in teh coming months as i hope im not going to be regret being an early adopter for once) searched to see if there was an LibreElec test build up allready. to my surprise you amazing devs allready got a alpha out.

    now w/ so early an build, i'd half expect it given it looks to work "Somewhat better" for those over HDMI, i didnt think enabling the composite out would be any harm. (i use my 3B/3B+ in a "Retro Room the 3B+ as a media center and emulation box, and 3B purely as an "Mini Amiga" emulator) over to a 22' CRT TV (hence the use of the output) + im waiting for my Micro HDMI Cable to arrive from amazon on monday (Thanks amazon for messing up a Prime order and delaying it by 4 days >_>)

    but after the initial boot and partition resize and Reboot, after it displays the splash screen, a few moments later the activity flashes rapidly (and seems no further activity) and a loud screeching high pitch tone is being played over the audio lines, this i can only assume is an crash.

    its late.. 2 weeks late (me and the months of December and for that matter November and december) dont exactly mix. (i've been told i should seek help in at that time of the year again in diagnosing SADs, but happy new year 5schatten

    I've been busy w/ my sort of "Personal Hell" both inner and outer since real late November,so i didnt really monitor for Updates. I went unchecked till December 31st, (new years eve when the Depression began to lift and i could ENJOY things once more) but the build i have in my Download history doesn't match your RC change logs... (so i hope it wasn't a broken-pulled build) the Filename is "LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-9.0-RR-201852-44f803a.img.gz" which seems to place this between RC3 builds "201851-1acbb17" and "201852-52323f1"

    i made sure to go thru the builds i didn't recognize for any that indicated to delete something before updating. the only one i couldn't seem to do is for "RC4 201901-c30d584" and this change/deletion request: "completely reworked mupen64plus standalone -> superseeded by m64p -> delete your old mupen64plus config dir before you update!" (simply i couldn't find the folder (so i guess i should be good either way.

    (Would be nice if there was a script like in the old days of XBMC on the Xbox that could check for updates and display whats new,but for here, it'd pull from Google Drive download to the Update directory , Display whats new , if anything is marked "Delete before updating" it would delete then restart. sounds too much work to make it to save a few moments of "Get up off laze-arse, check forums, read change logs for if an update Requires configs to be deleted, copy update over, Update")

    but either way i hope the month of December treated you fairly and that sofar 2019 is starting off well for you!