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    Ok guys sorted it out

    mount -o remount,rw /flash

    then copy original remote.conf to /storage/flash

    reboot device it will work, mine just got back

    original S905 Remote.Conf


    I am using amlogic s905 MxQ Pro 4K and i have problems with Vol+ and Vol- buttons are not working

    it crash image on PVR when i click on them... anyone else experiencing this problem? I am running LibreElec 8.0.0.c direct on flash Nand of STB.. i also tested it on another STB running from SD card libreelec and the same problema happens vol+ and vol- buttons are not working it simply crashes image

    i tried to upload my original android remote.conf to /etc/amremote folder

    but i cannot i dont have access rights even running root.. any ideas on how i can fix this?

    Hi guys

    not shure if this is the right place to post my querie,

    my box came originally with Android lollipop 5.1 and it had this annoying bootlogo in it..

    i upgraded to libreelec but this initial bootlogo is still there for around 3 or 4 seconds and then Krypton bootlogo kicks in..

    how can i remove this annoying original bootlogo from entertainment box?

    is this possible i have ssh access to the amlogic box but i cannot find any jpeg or gif with that picture unlees its burried somewhere on the bootloader.

    Has anyone got any ideas where i should start looking for?

    You have to use toothpick once after you replaced aml_autoscript.

    hi kszaq

    i have tried the thootpick on mine but did not work any other options?

    i installed in NAND before, then uploaded 0.6 to storage/.update , then rebooted and it updated to 0.6 but after reboot it crashed on Amlogic S905 logo.

    so i tried restore using toothpick inside the A/V hole where it has the reset button behind. waited for 1min pressing and did nothing.

    i am using ott mxq pro stb.

    i also put the update version for the SD card with SD card inserted in the STB, with all scripts inside the sd and correct dtb.img but i cannot get recovery menu to pop up.

    is there any recovery type via USB i can try?

    Hi guys

    Ok so first things first

    I have OTT MXQ Pro 4K model with S905 Amlogic.

    I was running on nand 7.0.5 version ok , but due to issue with power off, on , reboot not working i have decided to upgrade new version in nand

    so i did cd /storage/.update and uploaded the new verfion firmware.img.gz to the box.

    then i did a reboot and i saw new version beeing updated, after it rebooted it crashed on Amlogic S905 Boot logo and nothing else happens.

    I tried recovery using the toothpick on the AV. hole where the recovery button is, but nothing happens i left it for more then 30seconds whilt i powered on the cable also and not recovery is showing up.

    Is there any other solution so i can try to revert it?

    if i install it on a SDcard i have here will i be able to go into recovery mode?

    Anyone else with the same problem on the OTT MXQ pro version?

    Have you manage to do something with this issue?
    I have the same thing on my MXQ Pro Quick Play with build installed on NAND.
    I can't even use KODI in [email protected] Only [email protected] Switching to 1080p makes screen look like from your photo and I have to wait until system restores previous one.
    If I choose video that is in 1080p then it plays in background and there's nothing I can do - no button on remote is working and only thing that can be done is to unplug DC cable. 720p videos works fine.

    Hi yes

    i fixed it using the tip from member of the forum that posted below.
    Hi guys

    is the Reboot function fixed on latest build for the S905?

    i am running previous version and the reboot function still not working it crash the STB and not reboot i have to unplug power cable off and on to turn back again.

    is this fixed on latest version?

    i will try to update tonight and test also

    chromium add-on is for x86_64 hardware only

    Hi Irusak

    thanks for your reply.

    I wonder how the android 5.1 runs netflix plugin natively on the amlogic s905 i have one with android 5.1 running ok, perhaps we could copy some info? or run it in libreelec as external app plugin?

    Copy your favorite image to /flash/oemsplash.png and reboot


    i have done that and it works for around 5 seconds , then right in the end it loads back kodi Jarvis 16.1 splash screen also for another 2 seconds.

    i have tried searching in all Kodi /media or addons folders for this other Splash.png but i cannot find it.

    is it hidden in a specific folder? i am using S805 OTT mxq

    Try turning off "Adjust display refresh rate" under settings/video/playback.

    Hi guys

    i have been away for the last couple of weeks, so an update aparently the issue was on the TVheadend plugin..

    i have uninstalled it, then installed PVR Simple IPTV plugin configured it and i have all my channels working back and i can zap trough them normally the screen issue is gone.

    Aldo i still have one thing that bugs me hehehehe

    the reboot button via the web GUI its not working, i mean it shutdowns the OTT MXQ pro i have to unplug and plug back the Power Mains cable to resolve the issue, is there a solution for this already maybe ?

    also live tv auto start up configured on livetv settings continue last channel on startup foreground its not working i have to go manually each time to live tv to disable and enable live tv , only after that it will download the channel list.

    whilst the same feature on the Amlogic s805 with librelec 7.0.04 is working great.

    sidenote this option "Adjust display refresh rate" under settings/video/playback."

    fixes the Image screen issue i have posted above with my previous picture post.

    Go on System / Live TV / Playback / Press Left Arrow button / Change settings Level to Advanced , this way you will see the advance layout features / Adjust display refresh rate / disable it , switch off .

    I had a initial problem with live tv whilst zapping channels, i tought was the TVheadend plugin, then just now it happened again with the PlexXBMC client plugin whilst watching a movie, so i disabled it and problem disappeard.

    Hi guys

    First of all let me thank you all for the time spent allowing us to be able to use libreelec opensource on our android STB.

    ok so i have bought a OTT TV BOX MXQ PRO S905 amlogic i made a backup of the remote.conf from the original android 5.1

    and i have installed in NAND the LibreElec latest version july 18.

    it installed ok i have ethernet and wifi working but i have a GUI interface issue

    1920 x 1080p not working i can only get screen working on 1280 x 720p

    i am using tvheadend HTSPclient, and when i browse a channel and press OK for fullscreen i get a GUI interface issue not sure if this is common on this firmware version attached is the pic with the issue.

    any ideas or hints on adjustment on the interface will be welcomed.

    Could we get a setting for interface zoom (x1.25, x1.50, x2.00) like in the older plugin below:
    name="chromium", version="6.0.7", provider-name="joseba ( [at] hotmail [dot] com)"

    It really helps with how chromium looks like from "tv watching distance" on a 40" 1080p, etc.


    Hi guys

    i have a OTT MXQ box now installed libreelec on it, and i found this chromium thread , i am interested in finding out if its possible to install it on my STB and if i can run Netflix on it ?

    Has anyone tested it and had any success?

    Any hints or comments are welcomed