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    Just wanted to say thx for this. Working perfectly for me. I'm using Newhosting VPN which isn't on the list but just imported one of their ovpn files using udp and it works perfectly. So once again much thx! :)

    He edited his post. He specifically mentioned famous movie TV series addons. Easy to infer what he was referring to.

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    As librelec officially does not support piracy addons I wouldn't hold my breath on anyone rushing to find a solution.

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    My question would be is it just a prank? Or are they trying to make a point? With all the attention fully loaded kodi boxes are getting lately. The premier league over in the UK targeting them. And amazon announcing there going to be cracking down on them. My guess would be it's an April fools joke but one with a definite point trying to be made.

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    kszaq  wrote:
    This is because of the vq patch I am using. The patch fixes dropping vq over time and stuttering effect that comes after this happens. It also makes seeking and channel switching much quicker. The only downside it what you observed, i.e. a (little) few seconds missing at the beginning of some videos. This can't be improved without significantly modifying Amlogic HW decoding implementation in Kody Jarvis and I've already spent too much time trying to improve this patch. I have decided to leave the patch in current state for all future Jarvis builds because it's the best solution we can have. It's much more different in Krypton and that's where development focus is at.

    From post #592 in this thread.

    I updated my hub, and found that chapter seeking in mkv files with h.264 video no longer works. Playback after the seek will either be stuck completely, or seek to almost the right point (a bit early), but then video will play too fast with complete out-of-sync audio. My test files are mkvs from blurays created with makemkv located on a SMB connected NAS (gigabit network).

    To reproduce: Play mkv file with chapter marks, seek to the next chapter(s) by pressing "up" on the remote. Time-based seeks ("left" and "right") can also trigger the playback issue, but this is not as reproducible.

    I have just downgraded to v011, and the problems with seeking are gone again.

    I can confirm this. On both my Minix U1 running off sd card and Beelink MiniMX running from nand. If I try and do a chapter seek video will simply freeze for me. Stop button will stop the video but then any video I try will be choppy and out-of-sync. After the chapter seek problem i have tried avi mp4 and mkv and all have problems until you do a reboot. I haven't been able to reproduce the problem doing a time seek.

    kszaq, mce remote still not working in new build (works in older builds) only up, down,left,right works now. Any chance for a fix ?

    I have a Mediagate mce remote and it works fine. All the buttons work. That's with my Beelink Minimx III. I've also used it with my Minix U1 and it works fine there as well.

    Thanks for the reply.
    That means it is not specific to the Realtek WiFi fix device tree.
    It may also mean it is not in fact a device tree issue.

    Minix recently updated the firmware on there U1's. From the change log.

    Change log since FW010:
    1.) Fixed an Amlogic bug that is causing system stuck at logo during boot occasionally

    Might have something to do with this.

    Hi kszaq

    just tried with and audio works very nice, HD audio no issues, 24p playback is good, even some h265 files i had issues on android work fine.
    Audio outpu is reported as: ALSA:AML-M8AUDIO,HDMI just for your reference.
    Will test more but for now it looks REALLY good, thank you for all the hard work here, i sure as hell appreciate it.
    If you need something else to test please let me know

    Which device tree did you use please? Thx!