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    If you don't know how you have nothing to do in this thread, nor use Alfa software; so stop polluting this thread !!!

    First learn basics, then come back. This is not a teaching thread!

    As already explained recently, the alpha version meets some needs. There are some of us TMDB members, or old beta testers without whom XMBC would not make so much sense. A little humility and cordiality would be welcome. I feel that this community project is turning into a sectarian project. The biased behavior of some members divides the community, and discourages newcomers from learning. It's a shame, this atmosphere does not serve. Note that this thread is reserved for developers / advanced users. Let's open another CoreElec 8.90.1 thread for the newbies.

    My message will surely be deleted, but I wanted to share that.

    I discovered the structure of this site, and indeed, I just saw that the 4th message of the first page of the thread answered one of my questions. It's not necessarily intuitive. I will persevere.

    I wish long life to CoreElec; independence ; and open community.

    Thank you

    HOW-TO:Modify dirty regions - Official Kodi Wiki

    0 Off The entire viewport is always rendered.1UnionAll dirty regions are grouped into the smallest possible rectangle. This is typically the fastest mode for slower GPUs due to only making one pass.

    2 Cost reductionEach dirty region is presented separately, in as many passes as there are regions.

    3 Whole ScreenThe entire screen is rendered if there are any dirty regions. This, combined with nofliptimeout is a safe default for drivers that clear buffer contents (manifests as blinking or vibrating images). Default

    "Your ideas should be aimed at the Kodi forums, not here, CE/LE is an OS and you are preaching to the wrong choir and if you continue with your antagonistic trolling then I will continue to remove your posts."

    It was my inttention from the start, from where the subject of my question ... what version of Kodi ... We go around in circles. Sorry to be bad on the bottom and the form. However, it is perhaps time that some members here also question the relationship, that can turn the minority beginners... The magnitude of such a benign thing is absurd. Attention to the group effect. A little diplomacy in this world of crude.

    "Any problems should be posted to the Issues page as described on the first post."

    Still sorry. What is the purpose of this topic in this case? I try to understand to avoid committing errors again.


    Nothing makes it difficult to set the luminance of the interface 0-100% in Kodi's parmateter / display (at the choice of the user) ; as is the case in HDR video games.

    "I have no problem if this would be an optional setting in the future..." +1

    This is the subject of my request.


    8.90.1 -> I see 3 bugs :

    Subtitle : Jerks appear when I turn on subtitles.

    Region : The Interface / Region / Fr -> settings return to -> EN (After a long period of inactivity.)

    Framerate : Fall framerate in the animations, when there are lots of covers on the screen. (50fps max -> 30fps moy -> 25fps drop) While the CPU is less than 60%.


    With HDR you can modulate the intensity of the lighting pixel by pixel to Nit near. A skin designer making a dark interface and glowing buttons, for example ; can reduce consumption. In addition, we can imagine in the future, a parameter to adjust the brightness of the Skin, as in video games.

    In my case, I use Kodi only for UHD sources (HDR) (reports and film). So 100% of my content is HDR. It is a shame that the switch interface in SDR every time. Over time, there will be more and more people in my case. It is avangardist to consider an HDR interface, I think, this is only a suggestion.

    Making this an adjustable option in the settings can not be a bad idea.


    In your opinion, is it technically feasible to design an HDR interface ? In order to have better gradations thanks to the Rec2020. As well as a greater contrast and more beautiful colors. On top of that, it would reduce the cutoff number caused by SDR <-> HDR (For those with more HDR content). Finally, this would offer new possibilities to skins designers.

    That would make Kodi, the world's first HDR interface / OS !