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    I had problems with the ps4 pad too but the solution is easy, with a keyboard and pad disabled, you go to input 1, go to bind all and connect the DS4, and do the assistant with the corresponding keys, I think there is a failure with the L2 and you will have to do it manually, but once done the configuration is saved and it is totally usable

    This is the reason why setting the mount as services is a better solution.

    Anyways, try putting just the mount line at the very bottom, before "#hacky way to get samba on boot"

    I tried using this

    Same result, mounted at first time, I can see the roms through file manager in kodi/filezilla in windows in /storage/roms path, but ES can't

    i have managed to mount my roms on my nas drive following these instructions on the lakka forum (asked the same question on there couple of years back and it still work on this build)

    Remote storage of roms - Lakka - Libretro Forums

    Buffffff I got it Finally!!!!

    The truth is that I have renamed several folders to be clearer, so the unit where I have all the roms is called "Ngo" and the "roms" folder is that of the roms. So trying, trying and trying again, I used this in file that works:

     (sleep 5;
      mount -t cifs -o username="Normandy Server",password=***,rw // /storage/roms/;

    The IP instead the name of the server, - Ngo (Name of the Hard Disk) - roms (the roms). And in Libreelec I used the default roms folder. Now, File Manager in Kodi and in system info, appear a new mount:

    And now when restarting the box, I have in /storage/roms/ everything that I have in my drive appears in D:\roms or \\NORMANDYSERVER\Ngo\roms

    what is the problem now? Seems that ES doesn't recognize that in /storage/roms/ , there are roms ;(

    Danfozzy85 Do I need to do anything more? editing es_systems.cfg?

    I tried again, but there is no way. :D

    I changed the directories if it was not in a correct way, the share is called roms and then a directory called roms, in Kodi, no problem


    I put that new path NORMANDYROMS/roms/roms/... in autostart, in es_systems file... but not lucky

    In /mnt or /var/media there is nothing to see, so...

    All my videos scraped with sselph scraper play fine and have sound aswell

    me too

    I will try tomorrow, ^^

    I think I leave it, there's no way to find the server roms ...

    Searching in google, I found the repository of "bite your idols" the addon Gamestarter, but I think it is only valid for rPi and when I started ES with the s905 it does not work. niabi if you want check it... GitHub - bite-your-idols/Gamestarter: Retrogaming kodi add-on repository for LibreELEC

    The good thing that I saw is that it allowed to choose the route of the roms through the kodi file manager, but as I said, it is not functional for the amlogic and I couldn't test, but I saw the roms and I can see them through the file manager.

    I tried the route that the "Gamestarted" uses in es_systems.cfg with SX05re, but doesn't work XD

    Maybe with Pegasus frontend will be easier?

    DarzLir can you show me your full .mount file?

    the storage-normandyroms.mount that I created?

    and the other that I tried

    If I put "//NORMANDYSERVER/roms in windows doesn't exist, with the \\ yes.

    This is what i meant, there are parts you have write rights to change things and on some you havent ... so you can only test the code i send you by ssh your box and copy it into the shell, but if you reboot your box, you must do it again,

    Wow, it looks like it's going to be a good headache


    to the mounting problem i found these. But i ve not tested yet. But i will, cause i have my roms also on a linux Network Server. This is a string for the FSTAB - so its stays connected after a reboot. Hope this helps IF cifs is installad on libreelec :o

    //192.168.X.X/roms /media/roms/ cifs defaults,noauto,nofail,username=youruser,passwd=yourpassword,x-systemd.automount, 0 0

    hmmm etc/fstab?

    editing says that

    Read 0 lines (Warning: No write permission) ]

    So is impossible to edit via ssh at least