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    I have LibreELEC 8.1.5 (I had video decoding issues with the most recent version I tried) running on a Liva X2. I also have a ColorMunki Photo. I just created an ICC profile for my television, and I would like to use it with my aforementioned Kodi box. The text when you enable color management claims to support "display profiles or 3D LUTs " (I thought an ICC profile was a 3D LUT?). I don't know if display profiles means ICC or something else, but the only type of file I am given the option to provide is a 3D LUT. The Color Management Mode setting is greyed-out. I am not permitted to select a file with the .ICC file extension.

    I have done due diligence searching the internet, and am now quite confused. Can I use an ICC profile with LibreELEC? Can I convert an ICC profile into a supported 3D LUT?


    My HTPC is a LIVA X2. Up until yesterday it worked perfectly. However, last night I upgraded the LibreELEC version to V9.0.2 and I began having serious video stuttering issues.

    I watched a Bluray direct rip no problem, then I tried to watch a DVD direct rip and it was hanging on several frames per second. I tried several files (including ones that I had watched before on that machine), and they all suffered from the same issue. I have tried changing many settings, but only two appear to have any effect:

    1. Setting MPEG-2 not to use hardware acceleration. Because of the low-powered CPU, the framerate becomes so choppy that it's hard to tell if the original issue is still present.
    2. Setting the de-interlacing method to "deinterlace". This is watchable, but it does still show the occasional held frame (particularly when there is a lot of motion).

    The above lead me to believe that this is a hardware acceleration issue, but beyond that I don't really know. I'd be perfectly happy to go back to the previous version (I believe I was on 8.2), but I really don't want to reinitialize my library.


    I would provide a Kodi debug log as asked. Why use .M3U8 instead of .M3U ? I thought .M3U8 was used mainly for streaming.

    Sorry, I misunderstood how the log system works:

    M3U8 is the format my Fiio X3II likes. It didn't occur to me that Kodi would take issue with that. Changing it to an M3U works perfectly, thanks! It's not exactly convenient (since now I have to have both) but at least it works.

    Your computer's make and model ?

    Wired or wireless network ?

    NAS or Windows Server ?

    Samba / SMB Paths ?

    Liva X2




    The exact same thing happens run from regular from my desktop with the folder stored on a local drive though.

    Provide a Kodi debug log. If it objects to something there will be a log entry.

    I have event logging on and there is still nothing in any of the log screens. I don't think this is a bug, I get the impression that it just doesn't know what to do with the playlist.

    I have a relative Shuffle.M3U8 playlist on a network drive, created using Foobar2000. It works fine in every single piece of software EXCEPT Kodi. I had to use the general file manager to find it at all. I tried making it a favourite and playing it from the dashboard, but it failed to play (it closed what was currently playing and just did nothing).

    My playlist is formatted as follows:

    Etcetera etcetera. The playlist lives in the root music folder, so as I said those paths are relative. This doesn't seem like it should be complicated. Is it?

    P.S. Why does the profanity filter block the word "c0urt"?

    Read this also:

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    Well that answers that then. Danke.

    I recently installed LibreELEC on my LIVA X2 and I'm very happy with it. However, I couldn't possibly continue to use it if I am unable to watch my vast library of two HD-DVDs. Yesterday I plugged the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive into it and found that I could play DVDs from it without issue. However, when I tried to watch titles from an HD-DVD it would either do nothing or load for ages and then just display a slightly distorted green screen.

    I did find some forum posts elsewhere suggesting Kodi can play HD-DVD on Windows devices with AnyDVD installed, but can Libre? In all seriousness it isn't really important, but if it can be done I'd like to. There is no better way to watch The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift.