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    Hmmm.... I wonder what the problem is then. Ok, thanks for the help, at least now I know it is worth looking into. Didn't want to waste time if it wasn't supposed to work in the first place.

    Windows has the same capability we do. h265 is just decoded in software.

    Unless you have one of the brand new apollo lake / kaby lake systems, I would have to know more and see a debug log.

    Sorry, that was what I was getting at. Is LE supposed to be able to decode h265? Or should I not expect it to work.

    It doesn't contain a hardware h265 decoder so I'm surprised that it worked at all. It will have to software decode everything.

    Would need to see a debug log after trying to play a h265 file

    well, if LE does not handle h265 then there is no need for a debug log? I should just go back to Windows?

    So I took Windows off of my z-box as I only use it as a HTPC and put on LE. But now it will no longer play h265 files. I know the hardware is more than enough as I could do it fine with Windows and I have a crappy little Android box that does it just fine.

    Do I need to change a setting? Or should I just go back to Windows due to driver issues or something?

    I can get my boxes to boot via SD - Mini MX 1G and 2G no problem. However, I have an MXQ Pro for a friend and cannot for the life of me get it to work. I've used toothpick and ADB but it wont take. Has anyone had this problem with this box?

    I have this box and was unable to get it to boot from SD. I had no trouble flashing it to the box, but I lost H.265 support.

    Scratch that.... H.265 is now working again. Not sure what happened. Did a hard reset and a reinstall.

    Lost H265 needs expanding on because kszaq specifically refers to hevc now working at 4k in the very first post on this forum. I'd suggest you have a read of the section on how to report bugs ( with logs etc). I can play H265 on a box with S805. With the correct tone you will find him to be very supportive.

    Can't help you find your Android firmware to reinstall but I have to point out that if you'd installed to SD first and gone down the dual boot route, android would still be there for you. I know it doesn't help but it is the risk free way to follow when you've got android back.

    Yea, I tried the SD card thing first but it didn't work. It just always booted into recovery. So I thought maybe I was supposed to "Install from EXT". I guess not. The H.265 doesn't work in the same way it didn't work on my Pi. It stutters, is glitchy and there is no sound. I have a S905 though. Admittedly, I do not know much about these Android machines. I have like 5 RPI's, but this is my first Android box. I got it just because the RPi's couldn't do H.265. It's just been a LONG day. I could never get the storage to expand to the USB when it was Android and there was too little room for Kodi to play correctly. Then I put on LE and lost the H.265. This new box hasn't been as much fun as I thought it would be! :) I'm ready to flush it down th toilet.

    Ungh... So I finally got this installed only to find out that I lost H.265 support and that was the ONLY reason I bought this device (3 days ago). Does anybody know how I can falsh back to the orriginal software? (Android) So I can get H.265 back? I have NO idea why I mess with things! lol

    Yes, you need to move the files. Have a read of the wiki, there are also a few good guides on the main kodi website if you search. The files are basically pointers - you edit them to point to your kodi data.
    It's way off-topic here, but there is loads of info on the kodi site - as you'd expect... 'How do I move kodi to an sd card?' is a fairly common question.

    Yea, I followed the directions. Doesn't work on my system. Kodi just boots vanilla. I put the text file in the "sd card" directory (a shortcut on my system) and in the "/" path. But Kodi still looks in the normal folder.

    I tried installing LE but it didn't work for me with a USB. When I do the toothpick, it just boots into recovery. If I go to "Apply update from EXT" the USB has no files that show up. I can see the files on my PC... The ones that are supposed to be there, plus a kernal.

    You can stick kodi or spmc folders on an sd card in android by using or files - see the kodi wiki.

    Thanks... So I did that. And nothing changed. Do I need to move the files? Or uninstall Kodi and reinstall? I have no way to back up the Kodi files on this Android device either. I tried the program that is supposed to let you do that.. usbtosd or whatever it is called. But it runs for a while, then says "Not all files were coppied" and NO files were coppied.

    Well, Kodi/SPMC on Android 6.0 on Nvidia Shield TV is pretty good overall and blazingly fast. So there are exceptions.

    Amlogic S905 hardware is already having various revisions, so that's a maze as well. S905 is on the LibreELEC agenda, but work is still ongoing in Alpha stage for only certain S905 boxes.

    I am also out of memory on the Android. It came with 5G but Kodi takes up a LOT of space (with thinbs and such). I uninstalled EVERY app but Kodi and my storage is still full. Can't seem to find a way to expand memory in Android. With LE, I know it will be easy.

    Can this run from a USB? I am not even sure how to run LE from a SD. As of now, I am having trouble with space issues. The box only has 5Gigs and it is already full! So it is running like crap. I would like somehow to use this with a larger USB flash drive, like I did with a Raspberry Pi and USB.

    Two questions:

    1. " Before using my builds I strongly recommend to install original Android firmware to internal memory to make sure you have a proper device tree " I am not sure what this mens? Does it mean to just make sure that you have Android on the device before you start? I just got my box and it has Android on it... Is that enough?

    2. I would love to just try this, but is there a way to go back to the stock Android if for some reason I do not like it?

    I have a MXPro 4k with Amlogic S905 quad core ARM Cortex-A53 I think? :)

    Well, Kodi/SPMC on Android 6.0 on Nvidia Shield TV is pretty good overall and blazingly fast. So there are exceptions.

    Amlogic S905 hardware is already having various revisions, so that's a maze as well. S905 is on the LibreELEC agenda, but work is still ongoing in Alpha stage for only certain S905 boxes.

    It runs fast and the video plays sweet. Just noticing that a LOT of the addons are not available, and I have a lot of crashing issues. Just little differences that are missing and I am having a hard time giving them up. And although it is kind of fun to have Android on it, I suppose it is not really practical and I am not likely to use the Android part of it, other than for just goofing around because it is cool.

    So I just got an Android box (because I have to get all the new stuff) and because I wanted H.265 support, But I am finding that Kodi on Android is not very good.

    1. Is there a way to install Libre onot my device?
    2. If so, will I lose H.265 HEVC support?

    I assume this is all up to the processor. I have the MXpro 4K box. I believe it has an Amlogic S905 quad core ARM Cortex-A53

    thank you