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    Thanks for the explanation! Did cost me about two hours to learn this :/

    You have to use setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart unknown - otherwise serial_ir probably won't work (I'm puzzled why loading it seemed to work, I'd expected to see an error).

    I'm so glad I finally found this post! In the past (10 years ago or so) you had to use setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart none, but now the correct parameter is unknown. The annoying thing is that the systemlog will tell you the wrong parameter when trying to load serial_ir. And the module still will load without prior correct setserial!

    I experience the same problem as this thread every help is appreciated.

    The WiFI controller isnt found when installing the newest build (bluetooth works well) .

    This mini pc is relatively new so it's strange that the WiFi drivers are not supported in LibreELEC.

    Indeed. I can confirm that this is also the case with latest pre-9.0. Never noticed it since I'm using wired network.

    Which kind of testings? mostly everything can be done via systemd

    If it's just for skinning for example you don't need to restart Kodi or reboot. You can easily setup some button which does ReloadSkin() and you are done.

    Just to give an example: When you install channel logos, kodi will pick them only after a restart. Of course rebooting is no big deal, but it's unnecessary.

    I simply wonder why this particular information is treated as a secret. I found several people asking for it and the answer always was something along the lines "you do not need to know that because it is not needed". This is disturbing. Even a simple "this will not work because the systemd unit files do not work as you expect" would be helpful.

    But never mind. The source is available and some day I might be bored enough to look it up myself :)

    I know self-follow-ups are lame, but this error message gave me another idea: I just re-installed the latest milhouse build and explicitly tried to set the audio output. With the newer kernel, I have two more options and guess what: One of them is working just fine (it is HDMI#2 which did not exist with kernel 4.11.12).

    Just for completeness and in case somebody else also is running into this issue: Older kernels had an incomplete implementation for this sound chip and it was working just by luck. With newer kernels one needs to explicitly choose the device; however you will get distorted sound and not be able to control volume correctly. This can be fixed with this asound.conf.

    As soon as this patch is in the kernel, the sound driver can be persuaded to behave just like the older, incomplete one, so you can simply use the default sound device. Just add options snd_hdmi_lpe_audio single_port=1 to some configuration file in ~/.config/modprobe.d.

    However I have to admit that my vero4k seems to run much more stable and seems to provide a better, smoother picture than this Z83 mini PC.

    systemctl restart kodi

    I run that from a shortcut on my phone using ssh button (android app).

    Well, this is again via ssh only.

    If you want it in the kodi exit menu take a look at DialogButtonMenu.xml for the skin you use.

    Hmm, I tried it with various skins, so I assume it is disabled on some lower level...

    Or add via favourites to work in any skin. You'll need (I think) to write a simple script to execute the command, and link to that script.

    Sounds more like a hackish workaround :)

    I really love how OSMC is doing this: It allows to just quit kodi (like on a desktop) and then it will be restarted.

    Of course I do not know if the systemd files on libreELEC are suitable for this. And I'm mainly curious. After all, fully rebooting the box only takes some more seconds, so this is not really a high priority issue. I just would like to know how this is done :)

    Peace, love and chocolate. LOTS of chocolate!

    I installed some LE interface skin, with all it dependencies. How to clean uninstall skin?

    First switch to some other skin. Then go to addons/user addons and delete the one you want to get rid of (under look & feel/skins). After that you can go to settings/addons and find out via manage dependencies which additional addons are no longer needed and can be removed as well.

    Note that you cannot de-install the default skin that came with libreELEC but only ones you installed yourself as addon.

    What would be the general purpose to simply exit Kodi? To get a commandline?

    To get a clean, well-defined state after doing changes for testing. A complete reboot of the box is overkill in most cases.

    To achieve that I would consider using SSH.

    Requires a second machine. Of course this is what I'm currently doing: Kill kodi (it will get restarted automagically anyway).

    I am running Libreelec on Intel NUC (I5 x64). Flash partition size is 240MB and it is 98% Full.

    Is it possible to Increase flash partition size? I don't mind re-installing with new settings and then restoring the DB.

    You seem to be running an older version of libreELEC. With current ones the flash partition is 512 MB. So since you do not mind re-installing, simply do a fresh install of 8.2.3 and restore your settings.

    I have some other very strange issues not related to the plugin i think. I looks like vdr on the Wetek binds to local loopback - but also that is somehow weird - i'd like to connect to the SVDR-Port (6419) - and fail even on the localhost. ANd i can see the (mysql)-Connection on the Database - but it seems it originates from - rather than the ip of the box.

    Check .kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.multimedia.vdr-addon/config/svdrphosts.conf

    It should contain at least the line You can also add which will allow access from anywhere.

    And how does the output of ifconfig look?

    Thx - there is a little bit more to do - but you pointed me in the right direction:

    vdr.start needs to be tweaked - as well as settings.xml and strings.po and .... (The ressources - stuff)

    I have the plugin - i have the correct setup - but sth stil is wrong - how can i follow the vdr - logging? (messages, syslog, user.log?)

    Ah of course you are right. Sorry for forgetting to mention this. So far I never added a plugin, only modified existing ones.

    As for the logging: If you do not want to enable global debug logging in kodi, you can set the log level of vdr in the vdr.start script (line 54) and examine it in the system logs via "journalctl -x"

    8.2.3 didn't help much :-(

    Yes, I'm also seeing it with 8.2.3. Maybe you could bring this to the kodi forum as it is not a libreELEC specific problem. I also got it with OSMC when I was still using it. It is a very nasty issue as I still do not understand what is triggering it (maybe some race in kodi code or one of the libraries used). I tried a lot of things such as using different skins, removing all unneeded addons, but did not succeed getting rid of these (almost) daily crashes.

    What puzzles me most: There are so many kodi/libreELEC users and it seems nobody else is affected by this problem. In fact you are the only one besides me I'm aware of. This is why I'm so glad I'm no longer alone, as the kodi people probably must assume it is me who is doing something wrong, which is quite understandable. Of course chances are others are also affected but do not notice it because they are not checking their logfiles and the crashes seem to happen only when the system is idle. I only know it is not defective hardware as it happens on several different devices even with different architectures.